Muddy Creek 5K Run

I had an awesome time at the Muddy Creek 5K Run/1M Walk today.  I was so pleased to see one of Wylie’s finest there who always brings a special little smile to my face.  I was happy to see Mayor Hogue and Mr. Raymond Cooper there.  I was thrilled at how well John Onufrieczuk put together this event.  Everyone had an awesome time and the candidates were able to get some face time with the community members.

As promised, I was there and I walked the 1 mile race though I realized that I could have run it.  My running is progressing and off and on as the mood strikes me I add a third block to my path.  I guess I need to get out there and measure it because I think I'm running pretty darn close to a mile now.  Perhaps next year I will be prepared for the 5K, um, er, well then again, perhaps not.

What an excellent event and I hope that anyone who did not participate will consider doing so next year.  Thank you John, you're the BEST!