Nathan Scott Interview

My interview with Nathan Scott who is running for Wylie City Council seat #2. 

The platform from his website:

Why did you decide to run?  
My nature is not to sit on the “sidelines” and watch things take shape without getting involved.  I want to be a part of the process in shaping our community so that my children, our children are able to grow up in a city we are all proud of and support.
If elected, what do you think you bring to the table? 
I believe my experience in private and institutional wealth management will help in all financial related items as well as any bond packages that might be needed for future growth opportunities within Wylie.  My past experience in construction contract bids at a municipal/state level for projects should also prove helpful when we are called on to vote or review these types of items.  One of the qualities I think is crucial in a councilperson’s role is utilizing their experience and combining that with a servant’s mentality that what I will be doing is for the people of Wylie.
What do you think is the most important “next thing” council will need to handle? 
The leaders of Wylie have some difficult decisions ahead of us as we grow and maintain our city’s standards.  The growth of Wylie and influx of new business and development are on many citizens’ minds right now.  Improving and maintaining our quality of schools and the relationship between new housing, multi-family housing and development of a diversified tax base are all continuing items for discussion, planning and mindful execution.  Wylie is a warm, welcoming community that offers people a chance to live in a small-town atmosphere with all the amenities of a large city.
My question and answer session with him:

Why are you running for city council?
To bring a vision of business growth, to help the city do great things, I have a love of community and Wylie is great.  I look at my 2 boys, so sweet and have a bright outlook, I want them to grow up in a place that will nurture them into becoming great Americans.  If they want to create a future business, I would like it so that they will not have some big corporation that will put them out of business. Wylie has a unique thing established and I want to keep that.
My side note:  He told me he had money down on a property in Southlake.  He said Southlake has it going on and he wishes for Wylie to be just like that.  
Why are you running for Red’s seat, why not Bennies?
Bennie is like the littlest kid on the playground.  He isn’t doing anything to make me angry so I will just leave him alone.  He is bringing with him the Dallas city council and all the dirty and unethical outlook.  I don’t want to pick on him.  I spoke with people complimentary of Red and his service of the city council and also service to private citizens but then they always pause and ask what if he does not run.  Who will step in?  They said give us another alternative. 
My side note:  In my opinion, it appeared that he was afraid to address a possible race issue.  It seems to me that he doesn’t want to pick on the black guy and appear racist. He really could not quite justify why he would run for Red Byboth's seat when he had nothing positive to say about Bennie Jones.
What support do you already have?
He told me he would rather not say, but then he mentioned a political figure, some sporting event members, Brenda B. and Doug G. on his website, Avon store owner downtown Wylie, Earl Newsome, Carter Porter.

My side note:  As of today, only two people are listed on his website as supporters and he only lists first name and first initial of last name: Brenda B. and Doug G.  Let me guess who Brenda B is.  Lame.
How will you manage your WASA duties with your council duties to avoid a conflict of interest?
Willing to recuse self should votes come up where WASA is involved.  Totally supports WASA and their request for funds from the city to match the private donor’s $20K. 

My side note:  According to Scott, this donor wishes to remain anonymous but will only give the money if the city matches it.  If not, they will not accept outside donors to match.  We have found out since my meeting with Scott that this is not true, in fact the donor will accept any matching donation.  If Scott is the Treasurer for WASA, why wouldn't he know this?
Who did you vote for in the last election?
I did vote in the last presidential race but would rather not state who.  I know that answering that will make one side or the other angry.

My side note:  Seemed like he won’t stand with any conviction over a past decision made.  Rather he would hide it so as not to lose votes.

What are your future political aspirations?
None. I intend to be a councilman for a long time.
So you don’t agree with any term limits then?
We need to use the system already in place to handle this.  The citizens vote. 

My side note: I translate that to mean he does not support term limits.
How do you plan to get people to vote?
Grass roots, a link on my website for people to register to vote, walking the neighborhood and asking people to vote.  However I respect their opinion to abstain but I advise them to be careful what issues you decide to stay out of.
What do you think of the code of ethics?
I cannot weigh in on a process underway but we must be mindful.  Since they put a lot of thought into it and it is an important issue to some of the city council people, then as a citizen I need to continue to support them.  It should be used to avoid past occurrences and keep the riff raff out.

My side note: I find that statement horrifying.  He seems to have no real conviction about ethics yet has no trouble labeling in his mind what a riff raff is?
How do you feel about the last budget with regard to the 2% bonus vs. the 2% raise and using the contingency fund vs. using the rainy day fund?
Looking at a bonus which is one time versus a raise which is forever.  Inflation kills people. Do I want fellow citizens to get a raise? Yes. Talent commensurate to receiving raises.  If Mindy quits, we will have to recruit and that will involve bonuses and increased pay is likely and there are costs involved in new hires.  Chasing talent is not what we should be doing.  Mindy does a good job.
My side note: Clearly he is supporting hearsay and cheer leading for someone I didn't even ask about. Sounds like he has an agenda he wishes to press. 
Did you answer my question?
Bonus now, raise ify, we can talk about it later when the economy picks up.

Did you read the budget?
I looked it over but did not study it. 

My side note:  Red flag here because anyone who wishes to run bringing his financial background should already have studied it and know what is in that budget.
How do you feel about funding the quint needed for the 4th fire station?
We called them when our son was choking. They provide an impressive service and my wife feels good knowing 4 trained professionals were standing in our living room. I like that their response times are above and beyond.  So we would have to look at the cost benefit analysis and it’s not a bad time to do a bond in this market. Low interest rate environment. When the Feds become concerned about inflation, and that will surely come the cost of bonds will go up. If we do bonds now they will sit there 30-40 years.  The system is imperfect.
Will you work to lower our taxes and if so, how?
He said he wants to add quality policemen but they will not work for $40K, which is the equivalent of one KFC sales tax.  I don’t see it in a growing community to lower and be mindful and keep services, education, etc. at the same level.

My side note:  I interpret this to mean he will not vote to lower taxes anytime soon.
If you are elected, what will you take on as your pet project?
The senior center is close to my heart but not all of my focus.  I will look to helping Parks and Rec because I love coaching football and I support them.  When a community starts losing their outlets, they start losing the community.  We also need to be mindful of more opportunities for art and music.  Like the renaissance.  Encouraging kids and people who support those efforts.  There are huge bonuses because they create a well-rounded person and we need well rounded people in the community.
My personal assessment:  Mr. Scott is fairly young and a bit full of himself.  I’m afraid he’s a little green for the seat.  He kept talking about the schools and how he would like to influence.  He was a bit reminiscent of Gerald Dunn last year.  He is very pro WEDC and supportive of their board.  He was very slick in a sort of used car salesman way.  I am concerned that he has no college degree and though he has 15 years of experience in a sales sort of capacity as a financial advisor selling his company’s services, he does not have the degree to back him up in an actual financial planner capacity.  It means he is not a certified financial planner and the two positions should not be confused. 

He keeps addressing the issue of looking to Wylie for business.  He claims he will not use his seat to earn new clients for his business but he is already a member of the Chamber of Commerce and deeply entrenched in that task within Wylie.  
I had made a comment to him that he has not sat through a full meeting yet and he said he left early because he received a text that his wife threw her back out.  I mentioned to him that if he sits on council he will not be able to just walk out so easily.  It left me feeling concerned because I felt like he lied.  I’ve watched him walk out of two meetings and I heard from someone else that he has used that wife/back issue for the first meeting and he just used it on me for the 2nd meeting. 
All in all, my assessment of Nathan Scott is that he is a liberal.  He supports the fact the City of Wylie handed a building over to the seniors for their use, he supports the idea of the City of Wylie giving taxpayer funds to WASA where he sits as Treasurer for this Non-Profit 501(c)(3).  He thinks nothing of bringing more bonds to the citizens of Wylie and he has no plans to help reduce the tax burden on citizens.  He has not even studied the budget.  Give, give, give.  These are all liberal ideologies.