The Players

The good old boy system in Wylie only loves you when you’re a player.  If you like to drink, brag, chortle, press others, and allow yourself to be branded, you’re in.  If you actually think for yourself and take it or leave it, you are no longer welcome into the fold.  It’s pretty cut and dried.

This disenfranchising and archaic system must be dismantled one by one because Wylie has grown far too large to support such a secret handshake society.  No longer can citizens abide by back door deals and secret meetings around the grand old liquor cabinet.  No longer can business be done by exchanging blank, ominous looking envelopes, bulging with cash.  We cannot have people pulled aside, called, harassed, and threatened. That is the stuff those old John Wayne Westerns are made of, not Wylie, Texas home to population 43K+ and growing.  Those are such antiquated methods of coercing compliance that the modern day taxpayer cannot even fathom it ever took place.  Well it did.

Yes the time has come to dismantle that system one by one and as citizens, we cannot allow the same old dysfunctional beings to be slipped on to Council as a means of keeping that secret society alive.  We must be savvy shoppers in this new economy.  We must thank those before us who worked to bring what we have to enjoy now, and we must happily send them on their way.  Term limits would be a great start.

This society of good old bullies is why I even got involved in local politics.  I was sick to death of hearing the stories and thinking nothing could be done to give Wide Awake Wylie a brighter outlook.  All it took was one Council meeting and I was hooked.  The dawn of a new era is near and I could sense it.

Out with the old and in with the new holds far more meaning this election season than in any past.  The shift started with fiscally conservative Councilman David Goss who made it to seat #1.  I find that so apropos, because he was our first.  Like the proverbial first love, he will never be forgotten.  Although he has hit nothing but opposition from the other council members over the years, he remains resolute.  Next, Councilman Bennie Jones was provided the election honor.  Jones brought with him a whole new way of doing things.  A devout independent, he is no follower of the good old boy mantra, rather he marches to the beat of his own drum.  Last year Councilwoman Diane Culver made the grade.  She came to the race with vim and vigor and a heart and mind of fiscally conservative values.  She was bestowed the honor despite a difficult fight to get there. 

This is the year that may finally cause Wylie’s conservatives to celebrate.  This is the year we may be able to push another thinking, fiscal conservative on council.  It will be a difficult fight to be sure, because the old tide that remains in Wylie won’t like that idea much.  They will do everything in their power to support anyone but Council Candidate Catherine Butschek, even if their argument against her is illogical.  Even some of my old time city friends make silly jokes about her surname but I ignore it because they don’t know her.  They don’t know the Catherine I met.  They don’t know that she supports them more than they give her credit for.  Those friends of mine are the ones who help perpetuate Wylie’s regression.  I refuse to do that. 

Conversely I look to the race between Councilman Bennie Jones and Council Candidate Gilbert Tamez.  This is Tamez’s 4th attempt at City Council, the first 3 failed.  Though I like him, I had heard he was put up to it because the good old boys thought it would be funny to push a minority against a minority in the race.  How dumb is that?  I noticed on my drive to work that the property on 544 owned by Mayor Pro Tem Red Byboth has a couple political signs posted on his tennis court fence.  One is in favor of State Representative Jodie Laubenberg, a staunch Republican and conservative and the other is for Wylie City Council Candidate Gilbert Tamez, a staunch Democrat and liberal.  Could he have picked two more polar opposites to support?  Truly bizarre and erratic selections to be sure.  Despite the bi-polar support from Byboth, I cannot take it out on Mr. Tamez because he is a nice and kind man and I truly appreciate him, though he is far too fiscally liberal for my taste.  Though Councilman Jones has some liberal leaning tendencies, he has equally as many conservative tendencies and I can handle that.  

Don't you see how the old dogs in Wylie would like nothing more than to take back 'their' Council and put more of the same on such as Gilbert Tamez and Nathan Scott?  Can you imagine Mayor Hogue's terror when he heard that Red Byboth did not make it to file his packet on time, because he showed up at 5:02 pm to do it and there were witnesses in the parking lot watching? Can you imagine Mayor, Spillyards, White, and Mindy Manson and her minions crapping sideways when they found out that Catherine Butschek may just win because it appears Nathan Scott has a couple little, well how shall I put this delicately, past legal issues?

It is with great pride that I announce here tonight that I am giving 100% support to Wylie City Council Candidate Catherine Butschek and Wylie City Councilman Bennie Jones.