Why is it when I hear myself say Q&A, that Rolling Stone's song T&A comes to mind?  Yes, I'm sure it's because I am some sort of twisted.  Well we all knew that already.

I will be posting the Q&A answers from Councilman Bennie Jones and Council Candidate Catherine Butschek, so stay tuned.  I have a bit more research to do on the two, but I will have posts compiled in the next couple days. 

In all fairness, I did shoot off an email to Council Candidate Gilbert Tamez because he has yet to contact me regading my offer.  Guess he will pretend he doesn't read my blog so I will give him the opportunity to say no, or perhaps a surprising yes via email.  I suppose it is up to him whether he wants to be heard by me or not.

I am not all that concerned that I have already posted Nathan Scott's answers.  The questions I am asking should really be no great surprise to anyone. I will tailor some of my questions directly to the candidate, however so they should expect some surprises when they meet with me. 

Happy T&A! Oh sheesh I did it again.  Dang.