The Red Twighlight

I am truly heartbroken tonight because a monumental reign has ended.  My beloved Red Byboth is not seeking re-election for seat #2 on the Wylie City Council. 

Oh sure, I have had a love hate relationship with the Mayor Pro Tem over the years.   I disliked him when I watched him vote out of spite, making me want to slap those red cheeks and make them even redder.   I disliked him when he couldn’t hold his temper during meetings and could be heard cussing.  Obviously I won’t play coy and pretend the cussing bothered me, it’s just that it shouldn’t be done when an individual is representing the city as an elected official.  Yelling at people and talking snotty to them is also not appropriate as an elected official and there has been some of that over the years.  Despite that, he is the sweetest, sugary sweet thing when you get to know him.  He is all mushy inside like a warm, chocolaty pots de crème laced with a little cayenne pepper, making him a little spicy hot. Yes, I liked me some Red up there on council, and I cannot imagine what the world will be like without his iron fist and colorful gummy bear insides. 

When May comes to pass, no longer will I get to see those sweet ruddy red cheeks.  No longer will I get to see that handlebar mustache grow in and out throughout the year.  No longer will I get to see that perennial Wylie cowboy sitting up on the raised council dias.  Red has ended his era.

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Mrs. Engstrom,

Thank you for the question.  Here is the email that Mrs. Ehrlich sent me.  Councilman Byboth was not present at 5:04 PM today.

Councilman Goss

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Subject: May 12, 2012 General Election Candidates
The following are a list of candidates for the May 12th Wylie General Election in no particular order.  Drawing for places on the ballot will be held tomorrow at 10:00 am in our office.

Place 2
Nathan Scott
Catherine Butschek

Place 4
Bennie Jones
Gilbert Tamez Sr.

Carole Ehrlich TRMC, CMC
City Secretary
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This man has done a lot for the City of Wylie over the past decade.  The Rodeo and Red are synonymous.  If ever someone needs to move, he's the man to call.  You can always count on him if you need something.  He has been a great friend and supporter to many a Wylie folk and I suspect he will continue to be for yet another decade.  

Over the past year, Red has poked and prodded me and actually, I’ve become a better person for it.  He makes me think.  He makes me have to work at explaining the reason I have drawn conclusions over certain topics.  He has pushed me and I have become better at expressing myself in a one on one.  I have drawn a lot of strength over the past year from him though I never told him so, that is until tonight.  As I said to him tonight, he is smart and quick witted and that is very difficult to match unless one is on their game.  Red, my game will be a little slower without you, but I wish you well come May.