Surely we cannot be the only family in Wylie to have a Senior graduating from Wylie High School and a Senior graduating from Wylie East High School, can we?  Yes, my son will be graduating from WHS on June 2nd at 2:30 pm and his cousin will be graduating from WEHS at 6 pm. 

It seems there is a bit of a conflict however and it is drama the seniors, who should be celebrating, could most certainly do without.  My niece has been told that she must be on the school bus headed for her graduation at a specific time, which would precipitate her missing her cousin’s graduation earlier in the day.  Conflict? Yes, let me rephrase.  My niece was told she MUST be on the bus.  Scary.

The whole day seems pretty cut and dried, my niece and her family will make their way to the Allen Event Center for my son’s commencement ceremony and we will all stay for hers.  As an Honors student, I’m sure she can be trusted to meet the bus as it arrives because she will already be there.  Sure, it will be a long day for all of us, but I wouldn’t miss it for anything.  I bet my niece wouldn’t want to miss her cousin’s graduation for anything either.

I realize this is the first graduating class from Wylie East High School, but are we really the only family that is affected by this strange twist of fate?  Surely we will not be the only family in the future.  Letters have been sent to the principal of WEHS and I suspect he will have to make an exception regarding the bus edict, because I am pretty certain he doesn't want to hear from me about the matter. 

Yes, the first born grandchild will graduate first in the day and the second born grandchild will graduate second.  Somehow the stars were aligned when the graduation schedule was conceived and what better karma could anyone starting their new lives ask for?