Timid Timers


I just popped into the City of Wylie’s website to see what was on the agenda for Tuesday.  I discovered the agenda is about as useful a piece of paper as a square or two of my Charmin.

I can’t believe they are going to discuss the following issue:
Discussion regarding a timer for citizen comments, public hearings and agenda item
comments. (M. Manson, City Manager)

Seriously?  I know why this issue has come up.  It is because of the last meeting during public input for the discussion on whether to provide WASA, a non-profit organization, $13K in taxpayer funds in order for them to get a matching donation.  Seems a few people talked too long. Well, perhaps only one.

I know, I know, it’s a pain in the ass when you are sitting in the audience and someone goes a little long.  However I cannot help but think this is really an attempt to slap Mr. Matthew Butschek around for his remarks against the city giving money to a non-profit.  After all, it was Mayor Eric Hogue who began yelling at Councilwoman Diane Culver during the meeting when she questioned the exclusionary tactic of handing the old City library over to the seniors. 

When I have addressed council in the past, I always make sure that I have written down what I wish to say and practiced it a few times in front of a clock.  I am careful to be respectful of the 3 minute rule.  Personally, I have never gone over my 3 minutes and am proud of that fact.  I understand and agree that Mr. Butschek routinely goes over his 3 minutes, but a timer?  Really?  So you mean to tell me that now among the other tasks City Secretary Carol Ehrlich has to deal with during meetings she gets to add babysitting the clock?  I mean, that is just about as stupid as imposing standardized dress at the schools as a way to deal with the fact that nobody enforced the existing dress code. 

Can someone man up on that city council and just stop the citizen when they get to their 3 minutes?  Clearly not everyone is cognizant of the time.  Do we really need a buzzer or a time clock?  I can tell you that if this timer starts to piss me off, I’m going to come unglued and you will have to ask Chief Duscio or Lt. Atkison to peel me off the metal rafters.  I am certain that I am not the only one who feels this way about such a trivial thing.  Especially when council has allowed their ‘friends’ such as various WASA members to step up there and drone on about their Elvis impersonators for more than 3 minutes.  Nobody complained then, but because it is clear that council members have a serious disdain for Mr. Butschek, a timer must now be brought in.  Wow. Scratching head.

Might I suggest a cheaper version, so the taxpayers don’t have to pay for a freaking timer.  Grow the hell up and just verbally stop the person, you bunch of fricking wussies.  I mean really, how hard is it?