WASA Matta You, Hey

When I first contacted WASA about asking for their financials, which they have refused to turn over to me on unfounded grounds (and that will be dealt with at the State level), I mentioned that I would be happy to make a donation to them.  I have thought that stance through a bit and honestly, I don’t feel comfortable handing them my money at the moment.  I am concerned at what WASA really stands for and I would really prefer to give money directly to the seniors and circumvent WASA altogether.

The more I study WASA, the more I see them as a small steering committee.  A non-profit 501(c)(3) designed to take anyone at any age into membership and solicit funds.  Inadvertently they also appear to help thrust people onto city council too.  You see how that works?  If they are successful in getting a candidate on city council, that is one person under their wing that will push for their issues. Recusing oneself from votes doesn’t mean that conversations have not taken place prior.  It’s not like it hasn’t been done before by council members.  Sounds a bit like a Political Action Committee, doesn’t it?

WASA is in the business to collect members and funds and even though they are asking the city for funds greater than $10K, they are still refusing to open their records to a public request.   Wouldn’t you think that if you were asking the city for money, you would want the utmost of transparency?  Wouldn’t you pay the utmost detail to attention and attempt to get everyone on board with the idea of fundraising?  Would you purposely close your books and deny the documents presented to you which clearly show you are required to show your books?  Personally, I think a formal investigation into their business practices should be undertaken. 

That said, do I think they should be handed taxpayer funds when they won’t let a taxpayer look at their books?  Hells no.  Will they be handed their precious $13K in taxpayer dollars by our ever fiscally irresponsible city council?  Yes, of course they will because as usual, the majority sitting up there don’t have a clue how to say the word ‘No’.  Like those silly bobble-heads you see on car dashboards, their heads bobble up and down in a unison approval to their personal city pets.  It’s a disgusting spectacle to watch 4 people gang up and make their collective will the ‘law’ in Wylie just cuz they can, oh and it’s always the same damn four people. 

I am concerned that the city has handed exclusive use of this old library to the seniors because WASA seems to have a stranglehold on the whole thing and the shenanigans of harassing council at every meeting to give them funds, give them support, give them a building, give them something, anything.  It will continue on.  Will this $13K council is sure to approve 5/7 on Tuesday going to shut them the hell up?  Oh hells no.  Rest assured, same time next year they will be back asking for next year’s budgeted contingency funds and Linda Bantz will stand up there and say they ‘found’ money yet again.  I don’t feel bad for WASA, I feel bad for the seniors who are getting a bad rap from a group of what appear to be bullies.  WASA’s reach has the ability to control who is even defined as a senior at the new center.  They hope to expand the senior center to include 55+ individuals.  What is to stop them from welcoming the Garland, Mesquite or even Sachse seniors?  Will Wylie’s taxpayers be paying for a building that not only welcomes Wylie’s seniors but also other community seniors?  Horrors. 

For all the good the seniors and WASA can do, there is a flip side to that coin and I am hard pressed to turn my coins over to them at the moment until some of these questions are answered.