Since this Senior Center and WASAs request for funds from the city taxpayers seem to be synonymous with each other, I have felt the unrequited need to investigate the matter a little further for my readers.

I sent a letter to WASA asking for copies of their books and records because Mayor Pro Tem let the cat out of the bag when he stated something to the effect of WASA having $75K should this whole fund request thingy is put to bed in their favor.  When I queried Red about his statement, he claimed he didn’t know and just took a stab in the dark.  Hmmmmmm…….

Many of us wondered where the $75K number came from. That doesn’t just happen on accident, especially when WASA had a donor offering up $20K and they needed to match it.  I don’t know about you but with my Michigan math, $20K + $20K does not = $75K or even the $50K as was bounced around the council chambers last week. 
So where did that fuzzy math come from?  Stick with me and you will see in my next blog post.

I sent a request to WASA using the following text found at:

Sec. 22.353.  AVAILABILITY OF FINANCIAL INFORMATION FOR PUBLIC INSPECTION.  (a)  A corporation shall keep records, books, and annual reports of the corporation's financial activity at the corporation's registered or principal office in this state for at least three years after the close of the fiscal year.

(b)  The corporation shall make the records, books, and reports available to the public for inspection and copying at the corporation's registered or principal office during regular business hours.  The corporation may charge a reasonable fee for preparing a copy of a record or report.

Acts 2003, 78th Leg., ch. 182, Sec. 1, eff. Jan. 1, 2006.

The day before yesterday I received a phone call from Nathan Scott, you know the one, the new Treasurer of WASA and also the one running for Wylie City Council, and he told me he had the copies from their bank and he would run them by my house, offering to put them in my mailbox.  I told him that was a Federal offense and told him rather to put them under my doormat.

 Yesterday I receive a call from Mr. Scott telling me he “just got out of a meeting with some people” involved with non-profits and they told him that WASA is exempt since they are a private non-profit.

Ehhrhh, wrong answer.  I promptly returned home and pulled up the following section further to the document listed above:

22.354 do not apply to:

(1)  a corporation that solicits funds only from members of the corporation;

(2)  a corporation that does not intend to solicit and receive and 
does not actually raise or receive during a fiscal year contributions 
in an amount exceeding $10,000 from a source other than its own 

There are more bullets but I won’t waste my time as they are not pertinent to the discussion.

Mr. Scott then replied back today in what I can only read as a snotty and sarcastic reply dripping with some sort of cadence to thinking he is superior in some way:

1)  You noted below that "(2)  a corporation that does not intend to 
solicit and receive and does not actually raise or receive during a 
fiscal year contributions in an amount exceeding $10,000 from a source 
other than its own membership;" and yes we have solicited up to 
$13,000 currently from the City of Wylie.  Please use this email as a 
confirmation of the amount, $13,000.00, the solicitation of and the 
acknowledgment of our intent to receive $13,000.00 from the City of 
Wylie to be used towards the renovation and completion of the Senior 
Center. You may also find this information from the City Council 
website by referencing the City of Wylie City Council Meeting Minutes 
reports that can be found on www.wylietexas.gov, for the specifics. 

Really?  Did he read the same document I did?  Apparently not since he chose not to read the subtitle: EXEMPTIONS FROM CERTAIN REQUIREMENTS RELATING TO  FINANCIAL RECORDS AND ANNUAL REPORTS.  Can I just give Mr. Scott a big-ass DOH! here?  

Seriously?  Is there a reason for all of the games with WASA?  Oh, because city leaders don’t want me or anyone in their business.  The former mayors don’t want me in their business.  Big effing deal, past and present city leaders don’t like me.  For every city leader who doesn’t like me, one secretly does.  The point is, would you were asking the city for money, wouldn’t you open your books and provide citizens with total transparency?  Or would you hide everything and tell the citizen to feck off and add a few nanny, nanny, boo, boo words along with it?  Um, I’ll take Total Transparency for $13K, Alex.  Sad thing is WASA, or Nathan Scott is refusing to.

Can I just state here, what the hell kind of response is this I got from Nathan Scott?  Did he just twists words so that WASA can get out of providing a citizen with this information?  Did this actually take place by a man who is running for city council?  Did this really happen or is this a dream ESPECIALLY since the topic of providing taxpayer funds to a non-profit is in such hot debate at the moment?  Even that awful Newspaper Man wrote about it in today’s Wylie News Editorials. 

From what I can surmise, either Wylie City Council Candidate Nathan Scott cannot read, or he purposely lied to me by pretending not to read what was really requested.  So which is it? 

THIS is the man WASA has charged with being their Treasurer.  THIS is a man running for city council that we may have to entrust our hard-earned taxes to.  THIS is a man who is likely to garner the support of Mayor Eric Hogue, Councilwoman Kathy Spillyards, Councilman Rick White, and Mayor Pro Tem Red Byboth because they sure as hell won’t put their support behind Catherine Butschek.  THIS is a potential big-ass problem for Wylie. 

I had attempted to give Nathan Scott a fair shake once he contacted me and answered my questions.  If you recall, he put me off and already left a bad impression.  However this smoke and mirrors, sleight of hand, horse and pony show absolutely reeks of same ole’, same ole’ good ole’ boy useless donkey wang that has been hanging around Wylie for years now.  Nathan Scott’s bad impression has now slid downhill to horrible impression.  In fact, this man has just morphed WASA into WASABI, Wise-Assed Snotty Annoying Bratty Irritant.

Is there anyone who is not a puppet for the liberal think tank in Wylie that will not simply bobble-head their way through council meetings without uttering, “Ya, what Mayor said?”  I am really starting to wonder.

Actually there is another alternative that I have not considered until now.  What comes to mind is Catherine Butschek who is running against Nathan Scott for seat 2.  Since Mr. Scott has left a bad taste in my mouth like I sucked on a head of garlic that was soaked in vinegar for a month, I think it is necessary at this time to look elsewhere for something that holds even the slightest semblance of conservatism.  I will be contacting Ms. Butschek post haste and asking her to meet and answer my questions so that I can post her answers here.  I don’t know about you but I am hoping she can do better because too much WASABI really burns, both on the way in and out.