Befuddled Candidate Candor

I wanted to give a little AHMO action to the candidate’s campaigns so far as we are nearing the middle of our campaign season.  As usual, I have some opinions about it all.  Did anyone actually have any doubt about that?

Some members of the community believe AHMO stands for Annihilate, Humiliate, Mutilate, Obliterate and I have witnessed the T-shirts to prove it.  Yet others say AHMO means phonetically, “Ahmo kick your butt.”  According to the Wylie Boosters Club, it is the latter that would be correct.

Well golly gee willikers, those are ever so pleasant words our kids are uttering but either way, it’s all sort of the same meaning, isn’t it?

So AHMO gonna kick around the campaigns a little and see what crawls out from under the campaign signs that are plastered all around town.

Councilman Bennie Jones
First, we have incumbent Councilman Bennie Jones running for Wylie City Council place 4.  I have to say, of all the campaign signs I’ve seen, his are the most pleasing on the eyes.  Now I’m not just saying that because Councilman Jones has lost a few pounds and is looking mighty fine these days.  No actually, the blue is not obnoxious and with a name like Jones, it’s just short and sweet. 

Jones has done an excellent job reaching out to citizens as I see his campaign signs all over the place; in citizen yards as well as on the right of ways.  Clearly he has a lot of support.

His motto is “Focused on our Future” and I truly believe he is.  With every vote he makes, we may not always agree but I know he has read his packet and comes to the meetings well prepared.  He is absolutely a professional through and through.  Jones asks tough questions and is always available to the citizens.  It is clear he cares and he is always willing to listen with an open mind.  I find him quite amiable, calm, and highly ethical.  So the fact that former Councilman Carter Porter wrote a nasty Letter to the Editor in the Wylie News last year claiming that Councilman Jones was on the take, was an inflammatory and unethical smashing of sour grapes after the loss of Carter Porter’s Council seat.

I have to laugh, I talked to one current council member who was complaining about Jones’ signs claiming he put his picture on there and that must have cost a pretty penny.  Jones’ photo is only photoshopped in on his website.  Still, I have to laugh at the pettiness that surrounds certain people in Wylie. Like how dare him put his photo on his signs.  What are we, 12?

You can locate Councilman Jones’ website at:

Gilbert Tamez
I have to say of all the signs out there, Mr. Tamez’s signs are probably the ugliest color.  I think the turquois was an attempt to catch the eye but the text is not all that pleasing. 

I have yet to see many Tamez signs in people’s yards but he does have some good sized ones in the public right of ways. Tamez will have his small group of followers because this is like the half-millionth time he has run.

His motto is Supporting the Citizens of Wylie.  That is probably more true than not.  He is a perennial supporter but I don’t see him much in the take charge, leader role.  He wimped out at the P&Z meeting when he was the deciding vote on the Human Society and he caved without providing any backup reasons why he supported it other than ‘why not’.  Sheesh, at least come out with the balls swinging free.

Alright, I just have put it out there even though it doesn’t make a hill of beans in his abilities.  Tamez is just not the snappiest dresser and I would like to see him ditch the Hawaiian print shirts in favor of something a little more conservative but still, he is not a conservative so I guess you know where I am going with this one.  Something I do love about Mr. Tamez is that he seems to be able to laugh at himself along with others because a quick glance at his website cracks me up every time I see his neon pink beard at an event he attended. Tamez doesn’t mind playing the funny old coot.  Good, bad, or indifferent what you see is what you get with Tamez.  A colorful character in a support role.

You may find Gilbert Tamez’s website at:

Catherine Butschek
Ms. Butschek is running for place 2 and because she used one of my favorite colors, I just have to say I love her red signs but really, the text is not all that pleasing.  What to do, however; it’s not like she has a short and sweet name to write home about.  Of course when one is running for office it’s best to put the easiest name out there to remember.  Thus Catherine was the obvious choice because I honestly don’t know if anyone but me can pronounce that last name. Then again, my maiden name was Danielczak so I have the upper hand there. 

Her motto is The Conservative One and I thought that was probably the best motto I have seen yet.  Just state it like it is. No bones about it, no hiding behind anything, her motto says it all.

Ms. Butschek has done a great job getting her campaign signs around town, I see them in yards and in the public right of ways.  She has both large and small and seems to be garnering quite a bit of support.

She told me a funny story when she first started to campaign.  She was passing out fliers and when the woman saw The Conservative One on her flier, she backed away as if she had some sort of incurable disease and said, “No, no, no.”  Gotta love the simpletons. 

You can locate her website at:

Nathan Scott
Nathan Scott’s yard signs are probably the most non-descript.  White background, with text and a star with skid marks.  I can only surmise he didn’t have the funds to go all out and pop for a couple biguns because his tiny signs are, well, just dwarfed by the weeds and the big kids signs around them. 

Mr. Scott has done a piss poor job of reaching out to the community members and his signs are really only in the right of ways for the most part.  There are a couple businesses who put his signs up and I am thinking a boycott might be in order for those of us who think that not paying child support and being arrested for striking your wife are admirable qualities that deserve our business.  What irks me about businesses such as the WAG Wylie Art Gallery and Cox Fine Floors putting candidate signs up is that they are speaking on behalf of all of their members and customers.  Personally, I think it is a bad policy no matter who you support.

Mr. Scott should have been schooled in the fine art of sign placement because he rudely put his signs flanking his opponent’s signs, not keeping in form with good campaign sign etiquette.  Evidently his signs are incapable of standing alone.

His motto is Keeping Wylie Wide Awake.  Now, I don’t know about you, but if you have ever been downtown in Wylie after hours, there aint nothing going on but a Gospel sing song on Friday night and some country music folks on Saturday at the old Opry.  So did he actually do some research on where that name came from?  Did he just pick something out of the air because he heard it before?  Hells, he would have done better with the Onion Capital of the World.  Like everyone knows in the 40s and 50s the downtown area was crawling with swingers and drunks hanging out after hours and any respectable person was at home and tucked safely in bed.  Yeah, it was a good way to make some extra cash.  Does he really want that again? 

On top of everything, on Scott’s website he has listed his endorsements and I offer up the following quote from Carter Porter, you remember, the one who claims certain Wylie City Council members are “feathering their personal nests.”   I tell you, this endorsement shows the ethical nature of his supporters because that letter Porter wrote to the Wylie News was wrought with Libelous accusations and highly unethical.  Evidently Porter has been living with those lies so long it has rubbed off on his good judgment:
"Nathan has the professional experience and knowledge we need in this community to lead Wylie into the future.  He's got my vote." 
        Carter Porter, Wylie Citizen, Fmr City Councilman

You can find Nathan Scott’s website at: