Conservative Conundrum

You know, I have been accused of slamming Wylie's conservatives in sort of a conservative on conservative virtual conundrum.  Well that's choice. 

I suppose that would make sense if you were a City leader on the receiving end of my Befuddled Hall of Shame and were attempting to pass yourself off as a conservative like so many try.  You would think they would have figured it out by now that I’m just too damn smart for those tricks.

Sometimes people think that if they walk like a duck and quack like a duck long enough, that others will think they are a duck.  I don't assess people on such a shallow level.  I take a deeper look and delve into their past behavior and in the case of our Wylie City Council members I take a look at their past voting record. One or two votes with the heart I totally get and does not a liberal make.  Continued votes that sabotage any chance of tax cuts and spending cuts are another thing altogether.    

Even if Mayor Eric Hogue, Councilman Rick White, Mayor Pro Tem Red Byboth, and Councilwoman Kathy Spillyards were wearing Dorothy's ruby red slippers and clicking their heels repeating, "I am a conservative, I am a conservative, I am a conservative."  It wouldn't make it so.  Why?  Because they continually vote to spend without an equal reduction and they continually support liberal candidates. 

Case in point; just how many times does Gilbert Tamez need to be put in the campaign for City Council?  I mean, why bother taking those turquois signs down?  I think we should give them some Malibu lighting at night just for mood.  Didn't we vote no on him at least 3 other times?  Kind of like those damn bonds we keep voting down.  Need I remind anyone of the Same Bond signs that were all over the City last go around with the WISD bondage à trois.   

Our City leaders have proven themselves to be nothing more than a bunch of RINOs sitting in the Council Chambers voting to spend, spend, spend.  Our debt is ridiculous, with more coming should we build that promised 4th Firehouse.  I think I’m going to have some T-Shirts made up with Rhinoceroses on them and hand them out at Council meetings.  Let me know your size next time you see me, will you?

When was the last time your tax statement went down in the City of Wylie?  You will be hard pressed to find tax breaks, yet we have more homes than we ever have and we have more businesses than we ever have and our tax revenue is off the charts compared to say, ten years ago.  Now consider what they spend it on?  A Recreation Center which was designed to run in the red indefinitely, handing a building over to the seniors and it sits empty for over a year now with no revenue coming in to pay for that building, passing out funds to non-profits without requesting their financials, wanting to spend rainy day funds knowing full well that they want to bring on a 4th Fire Station and have to pay for it somehow, voting in low-income housing that will do nothing for our home values.  These are the makings of true bleeding heart liberals, not the conservatives they are pimping themselves as.

As I pulled the Republican and Democrat primary votes for the last election, I saw all the Council member names except one on the Republican Primary list.  So let me get this straight.  They vote Republican at the national level and expect fiscal responsibility out of Washington DC but they don't live that locally? Really?  Doesn't that cause them a serious case of cognitive dissonance runs or at least a nose bleed or two? 

According to an advisor, it seems that Alicia White, administrator of the Wylie View and wife of Wylie Councilman Rick White is supporting both Nathan Scott and Gilbert Tamez in her tagline on the Wylie View.  You know, that virtual rag where the dimwits gather to pat each other on the head as they drool.  Go figure Councilman Rick White and his wife would be supporting two liberals.  RINO at its finest.

The Wylie Chamber of Commerce Connection Magazine, the one I usually just throw away because the writing is so boring, has a half page advertisement with Nathan Scott and Gilbert Tamez side by side.  I’m surprised there isn’t a photo of the two of them hugging.  I cannot believe the mild mannered Gilbert has aligned himself with the wife hitting Nathan.  This alone makes it obvious the two liberals are clinging to each other for dual support.  

Meanwhile, their campaign signs litter the yards of all the RINOs in Wylie. Yup, Carter Porter and Red Byboth voted in the Republican Primary in 2008 too.  I know Red is sporting Scott signs and since Carter wrote that nifty note pledging eternal love and companionship to wife striker Scott on his website, I would bet I could find one down Carter’s street too. 

This is precisely the crap I am talking about.  Either they are conservatives or they are liberals and what I see are a bunch of wolves in sheep's clothing running the city.  

So the good old boys in Wylie can continue to complain that a conservative is bashing a conservative, but I'll pit my conservative values against theirs any day and you won’t catch me having to wear ruby red slippers in order to prove it to myself either.