I don't know about you but personally I simply cannot wait for election season to be over.  Every street corner is littered with signs.  Candidates like Nathan Scott and Gilbert Tamez don't think their campaigns are strong enough to stand alone so the two are now walking and campaigning in lockstep like the freaking Bobsey Twins. Organizations like the Collin County Realtors Political Action Committee who haven't supported a conservative candidate in Wylie in years give money and endorsement to the most ridiculously liberal candidates. 

Last year Carter Porter was given $500 and Mayor Eric Hogue who wasn't even campaigning because he had no candidate was given $1000.  This year they chose to support the man who was chased by Denton County Court through 15 jobs in 10 years to pay his child support through garnishment orders, Nathan Scott.  Yup, they are giving $500 to him as a reward for striking his wife on the head and in the face and twisting her arm.  Yup, he is being handed money even though he had an eviction notice and small claims against him in Denton County for nonpayment of rent.  Yes, the man who was caught last year driving without auto insurance and a valid inspection sticker.  I don't know why they even bother interviewing them anymore.   

I used to think Wylie was headed for disillusionment. I didn't know disillusionment was already upon us.

Yes, the idiocy abounds in Wylie politics and the campaign will not end soon enough for me.