How not to win votes and influence people...

Don’t overuse the phrase, “I’m a professional.” Especially when you are without a job and have a history of not paying your child support, not paying your rent resulting in an eviction, not paying your automobile insurance or your automobile inspection resulting in tickets. One might ask, professional what?

Don’t have your wife write a Letter to the Editor at the news affirming the fact you are a loser. It just makes it look as if you coerced the poor woman into writing it especially when there were inconsistencies in it as opposed to the court and police documents.  

Don't drag your wife and family into your campaign mess because when you interviewed with the blogger you stated that she wanted to be as uninvolved as possible when I suggested she come along to a meeting, now suddenly she finds herself in the limelight writing letters that had to be absolutely humiliating to her. Ya think?

Don’t put your campaign signs in front of other candidate’s signs.  It screams uncouth.

Don’t stare down the blogger at a Wylie City Council meeting.  You won’t ever win that battle and I may just come sit next to you for giggles.    

Don’t run parallel campaigns with another candidate, no matter how bff you are. It's just so Nathan Scott and Gilbert Tamez, or should I say Cheech and Chong.

Don’t toss money all around town when you are unemployed.  It looks as if someone other than you is attempting to pay your way on Council and I would bet the money doesn’t show up on the finance report filed last Thursday either.

Don't have your picture taken with Mayor Eric Hogue because it gives the appearance that he is one of your largest supporters.  DOH!  Perhaps that's what you wanted?

Don’t get your elderly WASA pals, also known as We Aint Sexy Anymore, to write letters to the editor on your behalf.  The bumbling, stumbling niceties only show further ignorance regarding child support and family violence.  Then again, the letters come from a group of Wylie’s Good Old Boys and their Good Old Wifies and perhaps that sort of behavior was acceptable back in the day.  It’s not now.

Still,  I have a difficult time believing the Old Bitties and Mr. Batty think it’s OK not to pay your child support or your rent and to strike your wife and be arrested and then run for Wylie City Council on hope and change when it is clear The Good Old Boy Club don't want flipping change, and if you get elected there is no hope for any of us. 

Don't look to only the old-schoolers in Wylie, you know the ones, the Good Old Boys and girls who were former Wylie City Councilmembers, former Mayors and their wives, former candidates, and long time board and commission members who are still on Council to draw upon as your only form of support.  The newer Wylie inhabitants are unimpressed with the way things were done in the past and those people writing you letters to the editor are not winning you any votes.

Do provide voters with full disclosure of your background rather than attempt to hide it and shuffle it off, later when it comes out, as insignificant.  It is significant because the way you handled it was also irresponsible.  The voters had the right to know. People would have been less shocked and horrified had you made the disclosure upon filing and also made a statement at the same time as to how you have changed.  That would have actually been the mature and responsible response.  There is no change in your behavior if the veil of secrecy is being hidden behind.