The Humane Society Hoo Ha

All this hoo ha about the proposed Collin County Humane Society animal shelter has caused people to come unglued as if they have their rollers wound a tad too tightly.  A quick trip to the CCHS website shows their pleas to get people, even those who don't live in Wylie, to write letters en masse to the Wylie City Council.  No offense to their cause meant, but would I were a council member I would promptly delete anything that came in from someone not living next to the proposed zoning change.  WTF does Joe Blow from Fairview need to say about the zoning when his nice cushy house will not be affected?  Jeezus the stupidity abounds.

After all this hoopla, I come to find out from several different individuals that the application for the property on Brown St. has been pulled and that Mr. HE-RO on council has miraculously located another facility near the current Wylie Animal Shelter where it is already zoned for commercial. 

Before anyone rejoices however, I would be wary of who stands to benefit from the exchange of hands on this piece of property. A quick check of the Collin County Central Appraisal District may prove interesting as to who the past and present owners are.  Yes, my suspicious mind is at it again, especially when we have Realtor and Councilwoman Kathy Spillyards involved, and WEDC Boardmember and Inwood Bank President Marvin Fuller making not too sound lending promises to the CCHS, and a yet unnamed council member assisting in finding a new piece of property that looks mighty precarious, my first inclination is to look for some back door deal.  Perhaps that is the Detroit coming out in me though. You know it's hard to put that thing away.

I'm just sorry the CCHS has been snookered by this cast of questionable characters because their worthy and worthwhile cause is being smeared. Stay tuned.