Bondage à Trois

I realize I have been hitting the Wylie City Council race pretty hard.  Let's not forget that WISD is bringing a bond back to citizens again.  As I am continuing to ponder how it is SB100 got us into the position of having to separate our school board and city elections, I have to point out the resounding noise about the bonds that I have been hearing from citizens.

The thought is that WISD so desperately wants this bond to pass, they are holding the elections at the Administrative building only and the 8-5 early voting is virtually non-existent for anyone gainfully employed, uh which is most of the conservatives in Wylie.

This leaves us with the option of having to go down to the Admin Bldg. to vote on May 12th, Election Day, as opposed to the ficticious May 15th day the Wylie News pulled out of their asses in Wednesday's advertisement of the Candidate Forum.  Can anyone actually believe anything written in the Wylie News anymore? 

This whole voting fluster cuck is part and parcel to all that is wrong with politics in Wylie. The ISD sets up voting shop in a building that the citizens can only really access on election day, making it absolutely miserable to the point that they know many voters who might normally early vote won't bother.  The teachers and administration who live in Wylie will run, not walk to the polls and the bond will pass.  Nice work.

This leaves me with ever so joyful thoughts of what is to come.  Despite that, there are only three good things that have come out of WISD and they are Goss, Goff, and Westhora.  Goss and Goff are up for re-election in November.

What I can say about the WISD race come November, another special little gift from SB100 the Texas gift that keeps on giving like a bad case of indigestion, is that the two seats up for re-election will be supported by me fullheartedly.  Just so it is no surprise, I will put all my forces behind Barbara Goss and Lance Goff in their bid for their seats. Of everyone on that board, those two (along with Westhora who just made it on last year) are the only ones with any horse sense at all. 

Yes, let it be known that in the future TXunz sights will be set on removing Stacy Gooch from her seat when her time comes.  I have never been a fan of hers, as she is one of the bobble heads that remain on that board from the Fuller days.  I doubt she much cares for me either.  However I feel totally redeemed because from everyone I have talked to, she is not highly thought of. 

In the meantime, let us not forget the bond is back and it still has educational as well as sports requests comingled in it.  Good, bad, or indifferent citizens need not shy away from making the trip down to the Admin. Bldg. on May 12th and making our voices heard for bazillionth time.