Little Man Syndrome

I cannot believe what I have been told this week.  I have received texts, calls, and emails all week long from people telling me that Nathan Scott has been pestering and even harassing voters and library patrons at early voting. I heard he has even changed his campaign promises now stating that he will lower our taxes.  I guess he is changing his stance because Mayor Eric Hogue thought it would be all sorts of cutsie to put it on the agenda in April of all things, to head off Catherine Butschek's campaign platform of lower taxes in favor of Nathan Scott's liberal jargon platform. Hogue did this under the guise of the budget needing additional time and scrutiny this year.  That was just plain stupid considering there are 2 seats up for election and the people who vote on the budget in September may not be the same people who sounded off on it at the last City Council meeting.  I don't give a rat's ass what Mayor Pro Tem Red Byboth thinks about next year's budget as he won't be voting on it, yet Mayor was sure to ask his opinion at the last meeting.  See how slimy our City leaders behave in order to get what they want?

I bet Nathan Scott's new campaign stance is making the Alicia White's and Earl Newsom's uber happy with him.  Interestingly, lower taxes is not what he said in the candidate forum or when I interviewed him.  His supporters don't want lower taxes either so I wonder how they feel about this change of heart now that they have probably early voted for the guy.  In fact his supporters, like Scott, want a bond to pay for the 4th fire station and quint which will increase our taxes.  Funny how the man is an instant chameleon when it suits him.  Will citizens be getting more of the same two-faced attitude from him should he win the council seat?

Not only that, what normal person of sound mind is going to want to vote for a man who is verbally accosting people outside the library?  You heard right.  He was verbally accosting the other candidate in front of prospective voters.  In fact, he was even yelling at and heckling potential voters who are talking to his opponent. I was told that he verbally accosted two women on Monday because one is supporting his opponent.  I believe he has some anger management issues that have not been fully addressed, especially since he blew up in a fit of anger during the closing statements at the Candidate Forum.  At this point I just pity the man, bless his little heart.

I chose not to post in my blog about this earlier in the week when the reports first started to come out.  Personally, my creep factor and the hair on the back of my neck stands up when I meet someone so intent on sliming me as I go about my business, like the slime in Ghost Busters.  I am convinced that others are as anti-social as I am and truly don't want to be bothered as they make their way in to vote or select library books.  I am convinced that if he did stop people and attempt to chat them up that they felt the ewwwww yucky factor just as I have in talking with him.  

I let him go on about his antics all week knowing that it would be a turnoff to voters.  Thanks to his behavior, I believe he has turned quite a few people toward his opponent.  Even if she should not win, he has touched a lot of people who are now concerned with him and will begin watching as our City Council moves forward.  These folks will be potential blog readers who will ultimately join the movement to oust our City of the ilk that has been running it, and the group shun will begin as this new movement starts putting our City leaders in their proper place in the cosmic order of all things City related.  

I find Nathan Scott's behavior to be such an iconoclastic tragedy, because the man has put his wife and family through unbelievable scrutiny that no man with any sense of pride, or values of civility would generally do.  In my opinion, he has dishonored his wife and children by putting himself front and center in the campaign, knowing full well his background would come out and his wife would have to justify his crappy past behavior in order to save face.  In fact, that crappy behavior is no longer in the past but from what I am being told, he is replaying it over and over again to prospective voters as they enter the library during early voting.  He accosted my in-laws, friends, and even tea party acquaintances.  Evidently it makes no difference to him who he puts off with his heckling, pestering, and change in platform.  

This is a man who stated in a public forum that he voted in the last presidential election, but yet according to the voting records in Collin County he has never voted since March 2008 and in all actuality, some of his more ardent community leader supporters haven't voted either.  I don’t know why I am surprised at Nathan Scott’s infantile behavior at the polls, it is part and parcel of the ilk running our City at the moment.