No News is Worse News

I have to say, something is ghastly awry in Wylie this week.  On a search for the Wylie News, can you believe not a one was to be found?  Nope, none at the little gas station on Country Club at Parker Rd, none at the 7-11 at Country Club and Brown, none at the Wal-Mart, none at the gas station in downtown Wylie, and none at the Albertsons.  It seems the newspapers have somehow miraculously flown off the shelves. 

Now since I am an astute little lady, I can only surmise that one of two scenarios occurred.  Either the talk of the town of Nathan Scott’s background is causing a run on the newspaper stands and they were raked clean by people who heard Mrs. Scott wrote an incriminating Letter to the Editor, or one of Nathan Scott’s supporters shouted, “Holy Shizballs!” and ran around town buying armloads of them so as to hide the evidence. 

I would be more inclined to believe this last scenario since my trust level of Wylie community members has really waned since certain council members purposely voted, out of spite to my letter to them, to reinstate a woman to P&Z who had verbally attacked me after a meeting.  Quite frankly she did not deserve to keep her seat for such poor behavior.  My trust level has waned since Pastor Eric Hogue told me out of one side of his mayoral face after that incident, that he didn’t like her attitude and thought she should be removed, but yet then voted to reinstate her out of the other side of his face just to spite me. 

Nope, I have no trust of the two-faced individuals sitting in the Council Chamber month after month behaving like juveniles.  My money is on the fact that the incriminatory letter written by Mrs. Scott proved to be such an albatross hanging around Nathan Scott’s neck, that some poor supporting sack spent their hard earned cash to buy up all the newspapers in a continued attempt to hide this information away for safe keeping. 

Only in Wylie, folks.  Only in Wylie.