No Winners Here

Does anyone remember all the heroin deaths in Plano some years back?  Remember how Plano was labeled the heroin capital of Texas and how they received national press coverage?  Things like that can happen when a city is growing.  I get that.

That was only one incident and it did not take very long to clean that identification up.  Now Wylie has their own albatross and I do not see this cross being removed from the citizen's backs very soon.  

We are the Sick and Twisted Capital of North Texas.  The laundry lists includes: Wide Awake Wylie with the saloons and illicit shit that took place here.  Then there was White Wylie where anyone with a different skin color was terrorized.  We had our own little axe murderess who didn't even receive any press coverage from the Wylie News.  Go figure.  We had a mayor who wrote a letter on City of Wylie letterhead asking for leniency in the sentencing phase of a convicted child sex offender, and he did it at the behest of his buddy, and he took the fall for it, and he didn't even drag the drama king down with him though he should have.  We have a very visible city employee who had a DWI, and was given the excuse, all from the Grand Poobah himself none other than Mayor Eric Hogue.  Yup, this person was able to keep their $180K a year job with the City of Wylie.  We had a WISD teacher/City Council member spend a whopping $200 on a piece of paper stating he had a degree and he had it back-dated to the 70s.  He then applied to teach science and coach girls soccer in WISD...and got the job.  Without a Code of Conduct, the Council hunkered down and looked the other way. Merrill Young chose not to seek reelection and was moved to a non-teaching job.  We had 5 teenage boys beat a man to death, nearly severing his spinal cord with the multiple strikes of a hammer to his head and kicks of their feet.  We had an insane Grandma drop her grandson off at the park and leave that little Wylie's Angel to die, alone, cold, hungry, ill, and being bit by bugs.  We had a police officer accused of child pornography, and in the process photos residing on his home computer were brought to light of his glock and badge which could be seen in illicit photos with two City employees.  What?  Was she humping his gun?  My God!  We have to bury a sweet 15 year old boy this week, because he was shot by a 14 year old boy and that boy and his friend debased that sweet boy's body by tossing him out the window like a piece of rubbish and then they attempted to stuff his body down a storm drain.  Now we have a man running for City Council that was arrested for striking his wife in the face, on the head, and twisting her arm, who has had to be chased down from job to job the last 10 years in order to collect child support for his first child that, by the way, had to have paternity established because he obviously claimed his sperm did not impregnate that woman.  On top of this, rather than him addressing the issues, he has his wife write a letter to the editor of the Wylie News which incriminates him further.  In her letter she states that he only twisted her arm and did not hit her.  Who is telling the truth?  Her, or the court documents that state he struck her on the face and head causing bodily injury?

Wylie has more than one proverbial albatross around it's neck and I believe it starts with the City leaders who lead by example and leave poor vision after poor vision with citizens consisting of lies, cheating, gossip, and deceit.  It's time to start picking them off one by one until none of the bastards remain.  It's time to keep off those who are being thrust upon the citizens by these very same City Council people by refusing to vote for them.  

Someone wise told me something yesterday.  They were talking to their doctor and the doctor made the following statement that is just so apropos.  The doctor said, "Everybody is fucked up.  Those that handle it the best, win." 

Right now, I don't see anyone winning.