Queen of Mean

Heavens to Betsy I cannot stand going to that rag, the Wylie View and reading the nonsense that takes place there.  I avoid it like the plague because it's nothing more than a playground for internet bullies.  However I heard today that there was some sort of silliness and misinformation being spread on there and that Alicia White, wife of City Councilman Rick White, the Administrator of that board was tossing good names of good people under the bus yesterday.  In light of this, I decided it might be time for a Befuddled Award to be granted.

Yesterday from the Wylie Spew http://forums.wylieview.com/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=85503
and its head spewstress Alicia White:

by Alicia on Fri Apr 27, 2012 8:32 am
A lot of people are asking why I am supporting Nathan Scott and Gilbert Tamez for Wylie city council. I have many reasons and here is one:

In September last year, Councilman Bennie Jones, along with Diane Culver and David Goss, opposed the city manager’s request to give city employees a one-time 2% salary incentive. Just recently the school board trustees passed a one-time 3% salary incentive for WISD employees. Bennie Jones didn’t speak out against this request in any form; he didn’t go to the meeting nor write a letter of opposition. I don’t understand why he would oppose providing city employees this incentive but be okay with WISD giving a larger incentive. Imagine how the city employees must feel about this imbalance.

Actually, I found it interesting that there was NO citizen opposition on this motion. Not even city council members Diane Culver or David Goss. The irony here is that Goss’ wife, Barbara who is a WISD trustee, voted in favor of the incentive. I applaud her for not making the same mistake as her husband.

I also have to wonder where council candidate Catherine Butschek was. She didn’t speak out against this incentive, and she should have since her platform is to lower property taxes. The thing is, school taxes are almost twice as high as the city taxes! Why wasn’t Catherine speaking out in opposition against the WISD incentive? Why isn’t she at school board meetings opposing WISD for giving employee salary increases when our city employees are going on four years without any salary increase? If Catherine wants to lower taxes, she should be fair. She needs to pay attention to WISD’s spending as well.

I am disappointed that I cannot support Catherine because she supported Rick wholeheartedly when he ran for council. I am so thankful for her and Matthew’s assistance; however, I feel I must share my thoughts. I kept silent last year about a candidate and I regret it to this day.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions feel free to PM me.
Nathan Scott and Gilbert Tamez for Wylie City Council 2012!

Can I just start off by saying that Catherine Butschek is not running for Wylie ISD, she is running for Wylie City Council.  For some reason people keep claiming that the City has something to do with the school district.  It doesn't.  Um, hello?  Her opinion as a candidate is irrelevant with regard to any decisions the ISD makes because there is no apples to apples comparison between the two.

I highlighted the pertinent information in Alicia's diatribe because it shows the lengths that woman will go to in order to get more puppets on the Wylie City Council.  Again, the woman who claims to be factual and ethical is spreading misinformation to the intellectually corrupt and morally bankrupt Wylie View crowd, who favor her as their special queen of mean.  If she had actually looked back at the meeting minutes from the vote on the 2% bonus last year, she would have noticed that the vote was 7/0 FOR the bonus to the City of Wylie employees.  She would have seen that Councilmembers Culver, Goss, and Jones all voted in support of the bonus. Why does she want people to believe they voted against it?

She would rather you not know that and spread her lies in order to get two more puppets on council.  Well of course she would support Nathan Scott and Gilbert Tamez because they are puppets in the land of the Good Old Boys just like her own husband.  All one need do is look at the list of Good Old Boys supporting each other.

So what's with the misinformation she is spreading? Doesn’t she talk to her husband?  I mean, is there no communication in the White household whatsoever?  One might think that if there were any semblance of communication between, he might have corrected her on this matter.  Well, then again, if you have ever been on the receiving end of her verbal slaps, I suppose there is no correcting a hothead in the moment.  Then again communication might be difficult with her as I watched her head disappear before the second her mouth opened, as happened when she started yelling at the workshop on the employee bonuses last year.  Her ilk clapped and looked on behind her.  Gee, I guess I can see now why she is supporting Nathan Scott, the hothead who yelled and lost his temper at the Candidate Forum last Thursday.  You know, two peas in a pod sort of thing. 

Of course the Queen of Mean doesn’t stop there.  Oh no.  She has to toss Wylie ISD Trustee Barbara Goss under the bus too.  Alicia’s point was wrong about Councilman David Goss’ vote.  Alicia’s point was wrong about Councilman Bennie Jones’ vote.  Alicia’s point was wrong about Councilwoman Diane Culver’s vote.  Which makes whatever point she was attempting to make when she ultimately smeared the beautiful and intelligent Barbara Goss invariably null and void as well.  So what the hell was the purpose of Alicia White’s post on the Wylie Spew again? 

Oh yes, to spread misinformation rather than the truth and when she was called out on it she has refused to write a correction.  Would that were someone else on the WV, she would have ridiculed them for not posting a correction. Rather, she gets a pass.  

Alicia would have been better served to go have a looksee at those Council minutes and see just how that vote went down before she piped up with false information.  You see, this is precisely the reason I give my readers links and copies of text, so they can verify the information themselves rather than take my word as factual. If someone gives me data that proves I was wrong, then I will post a correction as in the case of the early voting schedule.  If I tell the readers something I heard as rumor or something I feel, I state it that way too so they can decide for themselves what they think about it.  There is more than one way to verify something and I have always found that when people talk, they tell things to more than one person, so if I heard it, there is a good chance someone else did too.  You would think the woman would have learned to check her facts by now. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Is it any wonder that misinformation is being spread and fine people are being tossed under the bus from a group of people who think that those who are currently running our city and have run it in the past are squeaky clean?  That's is about as akin to saying, "I did not inhale" and, "I did not have sex with that woman."  As usual, Alicia White has turned off handfuls of people with a ridiculous rant, thus a Befuddled Award has been granted.