Rumor Mill or Fact?

Be careful what you believe. You know, having this blog has put me in a very precarious position at times.  People tell me all manner of things.  To be honest, I attempt to vet what I can, but much of it is personal perception and there is simply no way to vet or even refute those ‘feelings’ when they are handed to me.   How does one prove that what someone felt at the time something happened 5 years ago is right or wrong?  You simply cannot.  Much of what I write about is my own gut, my own observations, and my own knowledge of the human condition which is wrought with selfishness, finger-pointing, and gossip.  People simply cannot stop themselves from dipping their toe in the drama.
When I post something as factual, I do attempt to provide links.  As an example, I provided the links to Nathan Scott’s pattern of irresponsible behavior.  I gave readers every opportunity to go out and seek the legal information themselves rather than take my word as the gospel.  Since I am the blogger of choice at the moment, I also write my opinion about these matters.  My opinion about Mr. Scott remains that he is far too liberal for Wylie’s needs.  He has no desire to provide citizens with a tax break, he is ready to sign on the dotted line for bonds, and will ultimately spend and tax his way out of it.  On top of that, he is Treasurer for WASA and will be bringing this special interest group along for the council ride.  The totality of those issues is incomprehensible when coupled with his past legal issues.  The citizens want the spending stopped and our taxes lowered.  I hear that theme nearly everywhere I go.  The fact that Mr. Scott struck his wife and had to be tracked down from job to job in Denton County to pay his child support for a child his wife claims they have nothing to do with disgusts me and merely adds to the reasons that I will support Catherine Butschek for City Council.  I’m sick of absolute white trash sitting on council; we do not need any more. If some people out there think that the arrest in Collin County and judgment for child support in Denton County are no big deal, then it is fairly likely we do not run in the same circles because in the book of TXun, those two incidents are deplorable.
Though Wylie obviously has larger fish to fry, the focus at the moment seems to be on this Human Society Shelter proposed for Brown Street and the rumors abound.  Would I be happy were I one of those homeowners?  Hells no but I realize it is a very necessary group providing a very necessary service.
I have very strong ties to Operation Kindness, SPCA, and animal shelters because of my own experiences with them.  Knowing what I know now, I will never buy an AKC animal again.  In fact, I gave a speech on what the AKC does to perpetuate inbreeding and the continuation of diseases and things such as hip dysplasia in certain breeds.  Rather, I will adopt my animals and give them a loving home and from the extra dog biscuit poundage my little chubby Bichon Frise girls are carrying around, they are more than well cared for.  Yup, I adopted them from Second Chance SPCA, a wonderful shelter in Plano, and from the Plano Animal Shelter who also does a phenomenal job of caring for the animals. They are anything but perfect, one runs screaming under the sofa when anyone comes in the house because she was abused and the other has stomach problems, but they are happy and I have provided them with a nice cushy home.  I want to see all animals adopted and cared for in the same manner.  Sadly, the need exists.
It doesn’t really matter what my opinion on where this building is being placed is as I don’t have a dog in the battle that is about to unleash tomorrow night at City Hall.  It will not affect me one way or the other.  I can say I have reviewed the drawings and the building looks to be quite beautiful.  Keeping in the same vein as the Fire station #3 Taj Mahal it will be attractive.  I am sickened that we even need such a building but people continue to remain ignorant on the spay and neuter of their pets and they continue to be irresponsible and breed them like the world is going to end tomorrow.  When I gave that speech on no-kill shelters many years ago, the statistics in Dallas County alone were 70K animals being put to death annually.  I shudder to think what that number is now.
I am rather annoyed that our nice quiet meeting tomorrow is now going to blow into some wretched event with finger pointing and rumors and in the end, all I see are the sweet eyes of 80-140 dogs and cats that have no home and may be euthanized because of it.  I’ve heard rumors that there will be standing room only at this meeting and those are not the only rumors being spread. 
I have heard the rumors on this Human Society deal and frankly, I am astounded at what this has become.  I have heard rumors that a council member is telling homeowners that the animals will get out and eat their children.  That’s just plain dumb.  I have heard rumors that the Human Society representatives claim a council member they met with huffed and puffed through the meeting.  That’s just plain stupid.  I have heard that council members are fighting and arguing like, well, cats and dogs over this situation.  That’s just plain ignorant.  I have heard that Mayor Eric Hogue wants to keep someone from voting on the issue tomorrow night. That’s just plain retarded. I have heard that people from all manner of surrounding cities are going to be attending the meeting to speak in favor of the building.  That’s just plain criminal.   What in God’s name is going on here?  Don’t we have bigger fish to fry in Wylie?  Do I give a rat’s patootie what people from other cities think, this issue belongs to those 6 homeowners who live directly across the street and the City Council members. 
So what is going on with all of this drama in the city?  Well, as usual I do have a bit of an opinion about it.  You know, I sort of chuckled when I heard Mayor Eric Hogue refer to election time as the Silly Season.  In Wylie, that statement has turned out to be more true than not.  More rumors abound from the Good Old Boys that the conservative voices in the City are really the Good Old Boys. Now that’s an oxymoron.  Rumors are being spread that should Catherine Butschek get elected that there will be a new 4 on 3 in council.  Part of me just laughs at that notion because the only fear of that would be coming from those who are about to lose control of the stranglehold they have had on the citizen’s wallets for the last 12 years.  Imagine how they will feel when the spending fun-fest comes to a rather abrupt end?  Non-profit groups like WASA, Wylie’s Agonizing Silly Asses would not have been handed $13K of our taxpayer money without providing their financials and being properly vetted.  Is that really so wrong?  The idea of it!  How dare the possibility of a council comprised of Jones, Culver, Goss, and Butschek make WASA turn over financials prior to handing them the $13K that Hogue, Spillyards, & White were only too happy to give away.  I fail to see how adding Butschek to the mix is going to cause a 4 on 3 vote moving forward.  Anyone who has actually talked to Catherine Butschek will see right away that she is not going to do what the others do just because they say so.  Mrs. Butschek is her own woman, and a highly educated one at that.
I believe all of these rumors swirling about the city are being fed from a handful of people who so relish the blank check they were given in the past that they cannot accept that Wylie is no longer home to only 8000 citizens and that those antiquated practices will kill this city.  Let me state that again for emphasis:  Those practices of spending and taxing will KILL THIS CITY, the prosperity will end and the city will end up like Lancaster, DeSoto, Garland, and Mesquite.  Is that what citizens want?
Be careful about taking the rumors being spread about in Wylie as factual.  It seems everyone wants to spread them and nobody wishes to provide the cold hard proof.