Shut the Front Door

Ever notice how Mayor Eric Hogue shuts down people speaking at the Council meetings when he doesn't agree with them?  Several times he asked the President of the Collin County Humane Society to wrap it up.  Shut the front door.  Really?  

Honestly, I wanted to hear what she was proposing.  If she is so insistent in putting this facility in Wylie, then I would like to hear the architectural plans.  I want to hear how they will reduce noise, how they will care for the animals, where the parking will be, I want to hear it all.  Rather, Mayor Hogue was concerned that there were a lot of people who wanted to speak. You know, that just bothers the bejeezus out of me.  That tone and attitude is incredibly rude toward everyone involved.

Is Wylie a city of people who are in bed by 9pm?  Is council so scared to be out late dealing with matters of the agenda that they have to push everything along, even calling on their trusty 3 minute timer so that nobody gets an ounce more out of them than they are willing to give?  I just find this all so incredibly rude.  If a meeting goes until 1 am, get over it.  It's your JOB.

I'm sorry that the early bird crowd wishes to slip into the jam jams and head to beddie bye, but the rest of us would like to hear all of the information that was being presented.  Just because it was clear from the start that council was going to vote 'no' on this whole shebang, and just because the CCHS had already decided to pull their application doesn't mean the presenters need to be rushed on out the door.  

Mark my words, this issue will come back and I hope that Mayor Hogue will allow the presenters the time they deserve to fully educate the citizens on the planned facility and I hope they allow the citizens to have their say without pushing them to unwittingly chose a 'spokesperson' and then telling them that if they chose one they can't speak, clearly in order to save time. That's dirty.  Oh, but that's Wylie leadership at its finest.