Spend Fest Never Ends

After viewing the Wylie City Council work session on our 2012/2013 budget last night, I have to say I found it much more entertaining and palatable while sitting in my sofa with a Mojito in hand.  At least I could yell out at the TV screen and call Mayor Eric Hogue and Mayor Pro Tem Red Byboth my favorite little pet names for them. “Big F, little f, what begins with F?”

Of course Mayor verbally vomited numerous things he thinks we should be making expenditures on.  They addressed the possibility of a 4th fire station, which to be honest should not even be a consideration at this juncture since we are not growing anywhere the same rate we were 4 years ago.  At 200 or less housing starts this year and last, I would say this is really a mute point at the moment, but NO!  Your Mayor and his minion Mindy Manson wish to spend, spend, spend.

 Not only is the City in need of another Quint, the huge fire truck that costs roughly $750,000 in order to outfit this 4th fire station, we also are in need of another because the current ones are getting old.  According to Chief Corbin, the quint is supposed to last us 10 years and we are asking it to last much longer. Well if they knew this was coming 5 years ago why didn’t they start saving for it?  Rather, they would like to put forth a bond for the people to approve and increase our taxes to that dreaded .92 cent tax rate Mayor keeps repeating, because it is the only thread he can hold on to without looking like a Jack.

I heard Mayor say that he is getting calls on the alleys, and that people are complaining about the water tower needing paint.  Of course he went into employee raises again, stating that we are about to lose some employees; the usual scare tactic.

According to our fine Mayor he said, “We told taxpayers they would be paying .92 in 2005 and they voted for it.” Sheesh, is that the largest nanny nanny boo boo he could possibly have mustered tonight?   Is he really proud that Wylie is the highest taxed city in North Texas and is he really intimating that we should be taxed even higher just because in 2005 nobody expected this downturn?  Clearly our mayor doesn’t care that we are and he even rubs it in the citizens noses that we really should have higher taxes so they can continue on in their spend fest.  Well yes, of course, he needs to spout off all the complaints in order to give himself permission for his future crappy vote that in the end will only hurt the taxpayers.

Yup, he sets the stage for what is to come in the budget discussions.  The Media Hogue sits on the picket and will go any way the majority goes and as you know that will be keeping taxes the same so they can continue on in their playground of spending.  He arrogantly states the 2005 .92 cent vote thing yet nobody in 2005 predicted this downturn would happen.  More importantly, he neglects to state that nobody expected that tax rate to remain in place indefinitely either as it was only a means to get the improvements done for our growth. By the way, that tax rate was recommended to us by our nice City marketing campaign and our City Council.  The people merely did what our Council had suggested we should do.  See how Mayor shuffles it off on to the taxpayers and accepts no blame for snookering us?

As I watched last night, I Notice Mayor played the usual devil’s advocate.  He wants everyone to think he represents their thoughts and that way when it comes down to the vote he can get away with voting whichever way the majority votes.  What a turd.  I don't give a rats bum if the water tower is peeling, we cannot afford frivolous expenditures but those types of expenditures seem to be the only things in Mayor’s sights.  The man is so narrow sighted, he can’t see for looking. 

Have you driven down Plano's streets?  They are not fixing them and they are terrible.  In fact, when the downturn occurred, I recall reading an article in the Plano Star Courier about all of the nice amenities that Plano was going to cut and patching the streets was one of them.  Duh. It's called cutting spending, which is something 4 members of our current Wylie City Council are unwilling to do.

Thank God THIS council will not be voting on the next budget because you will see more of the same; a 4 on 3 slap fest where the Gang of Four enforce their will of spending and taxing on the 3 conservatives on Council who think it’s high time to cut spending and right size our budget.

Someone asked me, is .01 cent really worth it?  You bet.  Everybody seems to forget the little guy.  It would go a long way as a good will gesture to the taxpayers, no matter how little it is.  It MUST be the beginning of the downward trend in our taxes or people will begin moving out as their property continues to be devalued by this Council.  We went from a median home value of $153K to $141K in a year.  They cannot continue this spend fest.

Remember who wishes to lower your taxes when you go vote.