Stark Contrasts

Good Old Boys vs. the conservatives of Wylie.
The old company I used to work for vs. the new company I am working for.
Supporting an irresponsible candidate vs. supporting the Code of Ethics.
City leaders who behave like children vs. students of Wylie High who behave like adults.

My day has been filled with stark contrasts but the most poignant and most dramatic was the fact that about 100 students from Wylie East High School showed up for the Rosary at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church tonight and behaved as the most mature, caring, intelligent, and poised people I have had the pleasure to witness.  Student after student filed in and paid their respects to Nahum Martinez and also to his grieving family; consoling, despite needing to be consoled themselves.  I witnessed the ultimate act of sacrifice. 

Sitting in stark contrast to this event only moments before I left for it, I received a childish phone call from a city leader who called me a name and yelled at me for my blog post a few nights ago and told me to ‘have fun’ at the Rosary.  OK, that is just sick.

I want to congratulate the students of Wylie East High School for their outstanding behavior tonight and every day since this tragic and senseless shooting of their classmate took place. 

In stark contrast, I hope that the jackass who called me learns a little something about rational behavior under fire.