The Tax Rape

You gotta wonder what is going on in the minds of those who set our tax rate.  Do they laugh like some evil Russian character that plays the protagonist in movies? Bwahahahaha, they laugh as they think, “Let’s watch them not only bend over from the pain and agony but cry a little too.”  Now think of all the people who live in Wylie, nearly 43K who just accept our tax rate as it is without giving it a second thought.  I wonder do they know just how unproportionately high it truly is?   If they did know, would they care?  You betcha. 

Someone brought the numbers to me today that are just sitting out there on the internet for the taking, but I would guess the average citizen doesn’t really go out searching for them.  I mean, would you?  To be honest, most of the citizens don’t really feel the total impact unless their house is paid off or in our case they have only a home improvement loan and don’t have an escrow account.  You see, if you have a mortgage on your home then it is pretty likely you have an escrow account and both your taxes and your homeowners insurance are paid out of that.  Most taxpayers don’t feel the full brunt of a large tax bill because it is buried in their monthly mortgage payment.   Imagine a 3000+ square foot home in Woodbridge with a $7K annual tax bill?  A decent portion of that goes to the city.  Personally, we had to cough up $4300 this year for our total tax assessment.

What got me writing this blog post tonight is the list from Collin County Central Appraisal District of the 2011 tax rates which lists all the cities in Collin County along with their rates.  When I tally all of the city tax rates and divide them by the number of cities counted, I get a median tax rate of .522897. Now compare that to Wylie’s rate of .8989.  We pay on average .38 cents per $100 valuation of our homes more than anyone else in all of Collin County.  That's nearly $600 a year more than anyone else based upon our average home value.  Just look around at Wylie as compared to the other cities in Collin County and you will probably agree that the difference is abysmally unjustified. 

I have heard Mayor Eric Hogue state before that the rate should actually be higher as if we should get down on our knees and bow and scrape before him.  Yeah, he beats himself on the back that the City Council and City Manager were successful in keeping it at .8989 rather than raising it.  What?  Does he think he is doing Wylieites some sort of favor in holding the tax rate where it is?  We got slammed with numerous tax increases in the mid 2000s in the heyday as Wylie was built up but when the building nearly came to a halt in 2009, do you think our tax rate went down commensurately?  Well of course not.  For 3 years our economy has been at a near standstill and though we have been lucky enough to get some new retail tax revune in here despite, the rate remains the same. 

At budget time you see a group of about 4 Council bobbleheads nodding in unison that everything is hunky dory when in reality everything is inky stinky.  What gives these boobs the right to tell us we should be happy for all of the services we receive with our tax dollars when our services are inadequate at best?  Oh I see, not only does our City Council want a blank check from us, they want to spend it on whatever whim strikes them and they don’t want us there questioning them about it either.    

We receive services from a grossly understaffed police department which is a ridiculously 16 officers short.  We only have 3 fire stations when we should have 4.  We have a Rec Center with insufficient equipment that some of my friends have to supplement their workouts at other gyms in order to get the weights and equipment they need.  We have no tangible trail or bicycle system.  Oh, we have a massive City Hall and some roads and lights that aren’t timed so you get to stop at a bunch of them on your way in and out of Wylie to do your shopping and eating and working.  These are services?

It seems that 4 people on council are truly happy with all of this and they want you to vote their pal Nathan Scott in too, but I have to ask what are we really getting?  To be honest I think we are getting raped every time we open up our tax statements because there are several fiduciarily irresponsible people sitting in the Council Chambers voting on matter of our taxes and they appear to be wholly deficient in any budgetary or financial document knowledge and I can only guestimate they are getting snookered by staff.  Frankly, I don’t believe some of them even look at the budget, let alone know what it says.  What’s more, if you have ever looked at the budget it is nothing more than a convoluted piece of paper with mass sums of revenue and expenses on it.  I guess the numbers look perty on that matte 20lb. white paper so their heads bobble up and down in unison, "Yeah, what she said."
I don’t know about you but I don’t want another simpleton sitting up there on council.  I don’t want another person voted in who touts some sort of stellar resume but in reality it is nothing more than a well primped fake.  It is time to vote in candidates who realize and accept the enormity of this budget and over-tax crisis we are in in Wylie and who have an actual working knowledge of how to cut spending and right-size a budget.  We need people on Council who are willing to step up to the plate and work to correct the imbalanced tax rate as compared to what our neighbors in Collin County are paying.  It’s time to stop accepting the stale excuses that Wylie is growing and needs an infrastructure that costs money.  So did Murphy, Sachse, Allen, Celina, Prosper, Frisco, McKinney and others and our rate is completely out of proportion with theirs.  It’s time to tell Mayor and council to shove their .8989 rate where the sun doesn’t shine and come back to us with something that is actually reasonable.  While I’m at it, since Wylie is 2nd highest in Collin County in their School tax rate to Prosper, we need to tell the school board and superintendent to shove it as well.

It’s time to vote these pinheads out and keep their pinhead pals from making it on to council because they tout a financial background but don’t hold a bachelor's degree in finance, because they show unstable employment records with 15 jobs in 10 years, and can’t even pay their automobile insurance, rent and child support without some court document forcing them to do so, such as in the case of Nathan Scott. 

It is time to stop allowing a handful of people to rape us annually with a ridiculously ill proportioned tax rate.  These are only some of the reasons why I am supporting Catherine Butschek because she has a Master’s of Business Administration from UTD and because she runs several businesses including financial advising here locally in Wylie.  This is an individual who can help the City Manager and various departments reduce the tax burden on Wylie’s citizens when her opponent wants to keep things status quo so as not to end the blank check.  We must send a clear and strong message to the Wylie City Council that the blank check has been officially voided.