Thanking My Readers

I want to thank my readers. 

Those who have been with me a long time know why I started this blog.  For those new readers, the title about sums it up.  Sometimes I feel like I am just an opinionated girl with a big mouth and a bad case of ADHD, but other times I feel like I truly have something to say and a lot of readers validate me by telling me they appreciate what I do. 

I know not everyone will agree with me all of the time; what a boring world that would be. I know I use some colorful language and imagery at times, but it would be very monotonous for me if I didn't have something to giggle over as I write sometimes.   However when all is said and done, I do appreciate the support.  From all of the comments I have received from people who are not directly involved in the City of Wylie, I get the resounding, "You know, you make a lot of sense."  There is no better affirmation for me to continue writing this blog because it takes an inordinate amount of my personal time and I am thankful to have a family that supports my endeavors.  So too I am happy to have community members support me as well.  

As I have passed the 20K mark in pageviews, I want to say thank you.