Um Hello, Anybody Home?

I realize I shouldn’t be amazed at the absolute stupidity of people.  I know, I know, we see news stories all the time of dumb criminals, like the one who fell through the roof as he climbed along the air vents and got stuck by his pants hanging upside down in the store he was about to rob.  I know we get emails of the infamous Darwin Award Recipient list like the guy who took his kid trick or treating dressed as a pack of Camel cigarettes while he was dressed as a bottle of Jack Daniels.  These are all people we just kind of look at and shake our heads and say, “Bless their little hearts.” which is really Southern-speak for, “What a bunch of flaming idiots.” 

I couldn’t believe what I saw taking place this week in Wylie.  I saw Nathan Scott campaign signs going up on the properties of empty homes for sale.  OK, so you are thinking, “So what’s the problem?  He got the endorsement of the Collin County Realtors Political Action Committee.”  Well let’s just think this through a teensy bit shall we?

There is nobody living in the house.  This means the people who owned it either ran screaming from all the nut jobs that have recently starred in the news, or they moved on to a bigger and better city that actually has quality people running, it thus leaving Wylie to fend for its pitiful self.  Meanwhile, the most controversial candidate for Wylie City Council that we have had in a long time is stabbing his campaign signs in the yards of homes where there is nobody living there to support him through votes.  Um, hello? Is there any cranial activity taking place?  I mean really, is there any real synapse building between the right and left lobes?  Jesus, Mary, and Joseph that is funny as hell. 

So Nathan Scott’s campaign consists of locking arms with Gilbert Tamez, the kiss of campaign death himself who ran 3 hugely unsuccessful campaigns in the past, and having his wife write a Letter to the Editor of the Wylie News incriminating his past indiscretions to all of Wylie in some twisted walk of shame that was supposed to help his campaign, having the Good Old Boys and Girls of Wylie, who according to everyone I talk to wants them OUT, OUT, OUT of Wylie’s leadership permanently, write letters of support to the Wylie News, and finally commandeering some fictitious support from empty homes.  Yup, it’s a comedy of errors folks.