Wylie is Big Leggy

I went out briefly today and to be honest, it should have been no surprise that as I drove past the property on 544 owned by Wylie Mayor Pro Tem Red Byboth on my outing, I saw City Council campaign signs for Nathan Scott in his yard.  To be honest, all I could think was, “It figures.”  I mean, he has made his disdain of Scott's opponent,Catherine Butschek, rather evident to me, and from what I hear around the water cooler, to everyone he talks to as well.  So to top off a stellar stint on Wylie City Council, Byboth’s legacy will not be all the goodness he brought to the city through fundraisers and endless work on the Wylie Championship Rodeo, rather he would like to be remembered on his way out as having tossed his support behind a man who was arrested for family violence and caused bodily harm to his wife’s face, head, and arm.  Really?

Well that ranks right up there with the unfortunate legacy left by his pal former Mayor John Mondy , who wrote the letter of shame on City of Wylie stationery asking for leniency in the sentencing of a convicted child sex offender.  Oh and it fits right up there in the Befuddled Hall of Shame with the legacy left by former Councilman and former WISD teacher Merrill Young, also one of his pals, who was convicted of buying a degree from a degree mill and parading around town pretending to be a science teacher.  Nice legacy guys. 

Perhaps I’m a bit naïve but I honestly thought of Red Byboth as a man who would rather kick the crap out of any man who raised a hand to a woman.  So I am stymied as to this strange and grievous support from Byboth, especially when he has a State Representative Jodie Laubenberg sign displayed so prominently with his Nathan Scott and Gilbert Tamez signs.  I wonder how the ultra-conservative Laubenberg Republican camp would feel about that?  You know, her sign is right there on his property displayed with an avowed lifelong Democrat named Tamez, and also with Scott, who walked around yesterday’s Muddy Creek 5K Run sporting, you guessed it, a wife beater under his white button up shirt.  Dear God, the irony would be so fantastically funny if it wasn’t such a sickening and disgusting statement on how the old timers in Wylie continue to thrust completely dysfunctional candidates into the system in order to get their special interest mission accomplished.  Is it any wonder why Wylie is caught up in the limelight?

To highlight this star attraction that Wylie holds, we have 5 teenagers on trial for bludgeoning a man to death because he yelled at them to slow down when they were speeding, and we now have two 14 year olds in jail for the murder of a 15 year old cherub faced track star from Wylie East.  It’s no wonder we have these heinous crimes in Wylie being committed by our youth…..just take a look at the idiots running the City who lead by example.

Yup, Wylie is big leggy and we have uber-cool City leaders to boot, and quite literally they need to get the boot.