Extraneous Excrement

I cannot believe the utter fluster cuck that just took place with the Wylie City Council meeting tonight.  I mean, could anything be more contrived by the extraneous excrement bullies, AKA Wylie’s Good Old Boys, on council? 

It seems our Mayor decided now would be a fine time to go float his boat in Las Vegas with WEDC Executive Director Sam Satterwhite. Wow, a party made in heaven. Um, not.

In Mayor’s stead, he left the bumbling, stumbling, stuttering Councilman Rick White at the helm with what appears to be a staunch edict to table the vote on a new Mayor Pro Tem.  Well at least it would appear that way to the casual observer.  Sheesh, does Mayor Hogue really think the public is THAT stupid to think he didn’t lean on the leanable to table the thing tonight? 

I find this whole ridiculous drama trauma game to be nothing more than a power play by our Mayor from the glittering Sin City as he attempts to make some sort of orchestral maneuvers under the cover of what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.  Interesting.

If you recall, this time last year Mayor was out in Vegas too but our council didn’t cry wee, wee, wee all the way home and beg to have the vote tabled.  Oh no.  They didn’t seem to have any trouble voting in Red Byboth for the umpteen millionth time.  This year, heavens to Betsy, oh but my no, if there is even the most minute chance that one of the conservative councilmembers might get nominated, these weak as water councilmembers push to table the vote. Um, and we voted these nincompoops in office cuz why? Oh we is so smart.

It’s no surprise to anyone when I say that Councilman Rick White, my favorite little ball-less wonder, started off bidding with a move to table the vote.

Next up on the block was Councilman David Goss who was hacked down expeditiously for the Mayor Pro Tem post by Mayor’s palsy walsies. Then Councilwoman Spillyards was on the block and she was chopped in half with a 3/3 split.

Finally after several games of Round Robin, mini mayor me Nathan Scott made a motion to table it yet again until, in all the newbie wisdom he was capable of mustering, he rather emphatically stated, “Mayor could come back and make a responsible decision.”  Responsible?  Can I just insert a huge eye-ball rolley smiley right here? 

Seriously, what I read out of his mouth was, “OMG, I don’t know what to say without the mayor’s hand up my rump working the mouthpiece.  I need the mayor here to help me make a decision!!!”  Well tough titties Junior, you wanted to get elected, you got elected.  Why did you run for city council if you are incapable of making a decision on your own?  I mean, is there any cognizant activity going on upstairs when Mayor Hogue isn’t around to coach you? 

Thankfully Councilman Goss made a Point of Order which was seconded by Councilwoman Kathy Spillyards and ninny nanny boy was made to make a revised motion.  What a moron.

Councilman Jones, Councilwoman Culver, and Councilman Goss all took their turns at admonishing the White reject in charge for being afraid to allow them to move forward with a vote. Finally the meeting concluded with a new Mayor Pro Tem in Kathy Spillyards. 

Are any of these shenanigans any big surprise?  No not at all.  This is the most dysfunctional piece of crap council I have ever had the displeasure of watching bungle their way through a meeting.  In my best New York accent, "These are leaders?"

Honestly, these councilmembers are the most collectively obstructive bunch of people and guess who we have to blame for the marshmallow peep show of brainiacs we have in City Hall?  None other than Mayor Eric Hogue.  Boy oh boy I hope he is mighty proud of himself for the absolute abject failure of municipal meatheads he is in charge of preening and pruning.  Namely, Councilman White and mini mayor me Nathan Scott.

Hold on tight my friends as we are about to watch the complete decay of what little dignity and camaraderie there might have been up on City Hall.  We can thank Mayor Eric Hogue for causing a rift on this council greater than the Mariana Trench. I sure hope every lie and game to get Nathan Scott on council was well worth it because the real losers now are the citizens.

I firmly believe once we vote this fence post posturing divisive mayor out of office, we will finally reach the tipping point to some real growth and prosperity in this city.  With him sitting at the helm, we will have nothing but the childish antics of a handful of powerful bullies who only wish to advance themselves.