A New Movement

Holy bobcat skat and flaming schizballs!  I just opened up my Collin County Central Appraisal District notice to see that the City of Wylie’s policies and practices have lowered my home appraisal by $9K. I suppose I cannot be too upset because they rose a bit last year.  At least my home value is higher than the average value of $141K still.  Well there’s that.

Conversely, I heard that the property values in Wylie rose by 3% and most of that was for the commercial property, and residential remained relatively flat.  I suppose I cannot complain too much since I have been asking the City of Wylie for a reduction in taxes and all.  Little did I know they would devalue my property so much that my general outgo would drop like a slippery bar of soap in a shower of prisoners. 

The best thing our city leaders can do is actually lower our taxes.  In lowering them, it helps drive up our property values, which in turn will be a draw for those new businesses that everyone covets so.  That in time will bring in additional tax revenue and all will be well in the world of Wylie.   It is a known fact that property values decrease as property tax increases.  Why?  The explanation is ridiculously simple and just basic economics stuff.  Higher taxes mean home buyers have less money available to pay their mortgage and the less dollars pursuing the same amount of property causes property prices to decrease. Would our city leaders wise up, they could bring those property values back up over the next 4 years with measured property tax decreases.  Thus this 3% increase is really good news, provided it is used wisely. Our City Council voting to lower our property tax by $.01 cent would be a great start.

I wonder, pray tell, what great designs will our City staff and Mayor have on that additional 3% of property taxes that will be coming in?  Spending it frivolously in the next budget, no less.  It seems to be their modus operandi, or modi operandus as the ever cerebral Brad Pitt once called it. 

From my calculations, that increase will be, um, let’s see, just about enough to pay cash for a quint or enough police staff to finally ease the burden on our officers, and we do hire some mighty cute ones at that, by the way.  Hubba hubba.

Of course I jest, but isn’t it amazing how brilliant fate is?  Ask and ye shall receive, oh, but it won’t go toward any of that thanks to our Good Old Boy peeps with the perennial hole in their pockets running the show. Wow, I am full of clich├ęs and colloquialisms tonight, aren’t I?  OK, I’ll stop, but they are so fitting I couldn’t help myself.

The truth of the matter is, if the city would begin lowering our property taxes and take this windfall and do the right and proper things with it in the budget, uh and I don’t mean handing it out to non-profits and paying for electricity and maintenance on empty buildings or other super massive black holes, they might really be able to handle all of the citizens requests of them. 

You see, this is the very first year that our City Council has ever had people like me nosing around and telling them what they should and shouldn’t do in an extremely public manner.  There are handfuls of us that are watching their every move now, thanks to one big-mouth Detroit gal and her fantastically savvy  blog readers. 

It seems people are becoming more educated about what is really going on and our City Council and staff are faced with some ardent observers, like me and the readers of this blog.  Like people who are coming out on the Wylie View and arguing against the dingbats on there that are merely spouting off the same old rhetoric that Alicia White, Earl Newsom and gang want them to hear.  People are texting me and asking who to vote for.  Like the Tea Party who has been given the low down on the candidates and they are keeping that information on the down low until they go vote.  Like word of mouth between the bible study groups and others. 

I have made more friends in Wylie than I ever thought possible thanks in part to my blog and the fact that I am helping to open people’s eyes.  I won’t take credit as the only one as others have been fighting the good fight, but I will take credit as the snarkiest one; the one willing to put everything on the line because it is the right thing to do.  For this I have been rewarded with some awesome supporters who cheer me on in writing this blog and to whom I am forever grateful.

The fact is, a movement has started and it isn’t even a Tea Party movement or a Conservative movement, or a Republican movement; no it doesn’t belong to any one group.  It is a movement of a bunch of us every day average citizens who don’t’ necessarily agree on everything, except there is one very important thing we do agree on.  We agree that our city leaders can do a better job than they have been and that they should be held to a higher standard than they have been in the past.  This is the true movement spreading across Wylie, though it will be blamed on the poor Tea Party people or perhaps the Barbara Bush Republican Women’s Group, or even the Red Hatters.  You see there is always someone that has to be blamed because those very leaders cannot fathom that the cause of this movement was the very thing they have always had control over.  The cause was their behavior. 

This movement has taken hold and people are abuzz about it.  It won’t matter if the Nathan Scott’s of the world have their seat bought and paid for by the blood, sweat, and tears of the outgoing councilman or even the Mayor or any past city Good Old Boy.  I predict this movement is going to steamroll right over them and force them to behave or get out of our way, because we are mad as hell and we aren’t going to take it anymore.  Now there is the ultimate colloquial phrase.  It’s time to take back our City.