Recap Slap

As readers, surely you knew this would be coming and if you didn’t, you haven’t been reading my blog long enough to know I have a, well, a slight twisted side. Here is my personal assessment of this election cycle and the candidates in a little recap slap.

Bennie Jones vs. Gilbert Tamez – Up in Smoke part deux
Picture Bennie Jones, hear his deep chocolatey voice in your head, speaking sweet nothings in your ear and now imagine a little smooth jazz mood music, Kenny G playing in the background ( Yes, Mr. Cool Cat Jones is in the house.

Now picture Gilbert Tamez, hear his goofy and giggly voice and imagine Speedy Gonzalez shouting, "¡Andale! ¡Andale! ¡Arriba! ¡Arriba!" "Hola, pussycat!” (Look out Warner Bros. here comes Gilbert Tamez

Now let us examine the votes for Bennie vs. Gilbert because I am of the perception that the voting groups in Wylie were fairly divided.

*Teacher vote was fairly evenly divided
*Good Old Boys vs. Bennie supporters were evenly dispersed but Bennie simply had more supporters
*Seniors and WASA crowd were neutralized by the conservative Tea Party vote
*Walk ups were fairly evenly divided as they put an equal amount of time in their campaign efforts

I think it was a clean and fair race and though Gilbert had a good showing Bennie was able to pull it off.  Congratulations to Councilman Bennie Jones for holding on to his seat.

Catherine Butschek vs. Nathan Scott – Mom Meets Punkazz Kid
Now close your eyes and picture Catherine Butschek and her motherly walk and talk.  I see her shocking black, curly hair and I think of Delores Adamczyk.  Yup, everyone knows a Delores, she’s getting up there in age yet her hair never changes.  God love Delores, she’s actually near 80 and still has jet black hair.  Now Catherine is a fairly heighty woman and so I imagine her in her younger 70s days looking a bit like this, ( with her husband Matthew singing the duet.

Now picture Nathan Scott and imagine a rather plump Charlie Sheen.  He thinks he is all sorts of hot, but in reality he is all sorts of not.  The moment he opens his mouth his head disappears and all I can hear playing in the background is Boyz in the Hood by Dynamite Hack ( - language warning) Nuf said.

When examining the votes for Catherine vs. Nathan, I am of the opinion that it came down to two factors out of the four:

*Teachers vote swayed more to the side of Nathan Scott because he has little ones in school and because I heard over and over again from teachers that they were pissed about Catherine putting her children in private school.  To be honest, the money is the same whether they teach 23 students in their class or 22 because 1 left for private school.  In the end it really comes down to personal preference and whether someone can afford private school or not which is why I always find that to be a jealousy thing, but I guess I can see why teachers might feel slighted.  Those who voted for Catherine were appalled at Nathan Scott’s lack of ethics when it came to him being chased for years by the Denton County Court systtem to pay his child support.
*Good old boys were heavily on the side of Nathan Scott but I believe they were neutralized by the conservative members of the community who all came together from every race, creed, socioeconomic level, and political party and who all agreed it was inappropriate to put someone on council who is an absolute ethical nightmare.
*Seniors and WASA crowd were neutralized by the conservative Tea Party vote
*Walk ups is what killed Catherine.  Not to be ugly here, but side by side, Nathan’s pudgy cheeks, toothy grin, and little rotund physique in a sweater vest were oh so cutesy next to mom.  You get the idea:  male vs. female, young vs. old.  The fact is Nathan Scott, because he is lacking employment, was able to plunk his butt cheeks down at the library doorstep and campaign his tiny, heart out, making up any story the voters wanted to hear.  He even told my father-in-law, “Call me and I’ll tell you how to vote.”  To which my father-in-law replied, “I bet you will.” 
The simple fact is, Nathan Scott worked his literal and figurative chubby cheeks off and my congratulations go out to him for working as hard as he did and winning.

Now the fun begins and I am certain there will be plenty of fodder from the ethical nightmare called Nathan Scott to keep me busy blogging for at least 3 years, so stay tuned.