I just woke up from a nap to find that nothing has changed in the world of Wylie yet again.  Today we have exchanged one loud-mouthed, obnoxious pud whacker for another.  According to our wonderful and yet oh so accurate Wylie News:

 Unofficial Election results:
Wylie Council, Place 1 – Nathan Scott, 572; Catherine Butschek, 385.

Wylie Council, Place 2 – Bennie Jones, 508; Gilbert Tamez Sr., 437.

Wylie ISD Bond – For 861; Against 297

Well that would be all fine and wonderful had Nathan Scott actually won Place 1, but he was actually running for Place 4.  Place 1 is held by Councilman David Goss and I cannot help but wonder if that erroneous place number was some sort of Freudian Slip? I’m sure it will be corrected just as soon as they find out I made fun of them yet again.

Nothing ventured nothing gained and had Catherine Butschek not attempted to run for our Council, Nathan Scott’s seditious background would have never come to light and the people running our city with titles such as Mayor and Councilman and Councilwoman would never have been exposed for the low-lives they are that would support such a sinister character for office.  In fact, we can thank the informant who let us all in on Nathan Scott’s dirty little secrets because we now have a good basis to observe and judge the pond-scum currently running our city that would support such a piece of garbage for office.  But as I said, nothing has changed.  As soon as Scott becomes installed on Council at the next meeting and Mayor Eric Hogue places his hand permanently up his backside to move the mouthpiece as he does with his puppet Rick White, we should begin to see a kinder, simpler Scott.   Oh the Gang of Four won’t be able to make him Mayor Pro Tem just yet, but I would bet your bottom dollar they name either White or Spillyards for the title.  Heaven forbid they allow a conservative to hold that role. 

As I stated in a blog post last week, Catherine Butschek pissed off a lot of old school Wylie folks and those were the people who were bussed to the polls by the WASA crowd during early voting.  I wonder, how many didn’t know about Scott’s wife-beating past arrest?  I wonder, did all the old grey hairs think that his not paying child support was just Jim Dandy?   Do they think it was OK for him to run from job to job, in fact 15 jobs over 10 years in order to get away with not paying for his kid?  I wonder how they will feel about their votes when they find out they were snookered by the likes of a greasy used car salesman?

Speaking of snookered, I wonder how people will feel about their vote for Nathan Scott when they find out he jimmied the votes by stating he would lower their taxes.  The chameleon changed all manner of colors during his stint outside the library doors during early voting since he didn’t have a job to go to like the rest of us tax-paying citizens.  Oh, and speaking of voting, he lied about even voting at all, stating in the candidate forum that he voted in the last presidential election but his name is nowhere to be found on the voter list of civically responsible people. 

So how does someone like Pastor Kris Segrest of the First Baptist Church, who also happens to sit on the Executive Board of WASA with his pal Nathan Scott, preach to people about honoring their brother at the ‘Give WASA taxpayer money or else’ council meeting, when he has never himself voted as of March 2008 either. What an honor to his brothers.  He talks about honoring his brother when he was part of the rather abrupt removal of Demond Dawkins, President of ViewPoint Bank who was serving in the capacity of Treasurer of WASA before they hastily decided to bring in Nathan Scott, a man with a criminal past. 

Take a look at the voter record I posted a few blog posts back and witness hypocrisy at its finest.  Pastor Segrest doesn’t feel it necessary to vote as his civic duty.  Is his lack of voting something like turning the other cheek?  Oh I see, it’s OK if the guy he supports behind the scenes has lied in public and it’s OK for him not to rebuke that behavior.  Oh yes, perhaps it is more like turning a blind eye.  So let me get this straight, Segrest seems to wield some ridiculous magical power over the voting population of the FBC.  I have been told that whoever the fine pastor supports is how the FBC members will vote.  I’m wondering if this is the practice is supporting someone without really supporting them, kind of like what our fine mayor does when he claims he isn’t supporting anyone in public, yet somehow the sheeple do follow.

Indeed, it will be interesting to pull this voting record from Collin County just to have a looksee at who came out to vote this go around that hasn’t voted since March 2008.  It should make for some very interesting reading.  Already we have about 300 people who did not vote this time last year.  Did people suddenly become constitutionally responsible or were the pud whackers beating the bushes hard?

In fact, let’s do some quick analysis right now.  In the 2008 primary election, here are some of the people who voted in the Republican Primary or the Democrat Primary:

Republican                                                   Democrat
Former Councilman Earl Newsom                      Former Mayor Jim & Lois Swartz
Former Mayor John Mondy                                 Councilman Bennie Jones
Former Mayor Bill and Elizabeth Martin                       Gilbert Tamez
Councilwoman Kathy Spillyards                          Planning & Zoning David Dahl
Former Councilman JC Worley                            Parks & Rec Robert Diaz
Former Councilman Merrill Young
Councilman David & Trustee Barbara Goss
Mayor Eric and Tammy Hogue
Former Councilman Red Byboth
City Manager Mindy Manson
WASA Don Hallum
Dr. Al Draper
Former Councilman Carter Porter

You just have to wonder, how do our council members vote for a Republican, thereby denouncing the liberal ways of Obama and come to Wylie and vote like flaming liberals to bring in every low-income  housing project they can and to give taxpayer funds away to their pals.  How do they look at themselves in the mirror every morning?  Do they get up and repeat the mantra, “I’m a Republican, I’m a Republican, I’m a Republican?”  I mean at least with WASA’s former Mayor Jim Swartz, we know he’s a flaming-butt liberal and he votes and behaves like one too, with his damned hand out asking for money all the time. 

At Nathan Scott’s congratulatory party at Napoli’s tonight, I’m sure the A-List of Good Old Boys ebbed and flowed in like the sea and I’m sure all of the mayors were in attendance and giddy with delight that they got their little man in and they can continue on with their liberal spend and tax ways.  I’m certain all of the good old boys are aflutter with the pitter patter of their tiny hearts.    

I wonder will people ask, in the general scheme of things does it all really matter?  Indeed.  We have only this Council full of 4 tax and spend idiots to blame for our steadily reducing home values because they purposely keep our tax rate ridiculously inflated, and they continue to welcome low-income housing to Wylie, which will do nothing for our future home values.  I couldn’t sell my house now if I wanted to in order to get out of this wasteland of Good Old Boys and the prurient, scum they prop into the council seats.  Oh and since we are examining the sort of people that Wylie’s leaders embrace, Kris Segrest’s home value also plummeted from a high of $195K two short years ago, to $173K.  You have to wonder why these people cling to their Good Old Boy leaders who are steering their home values so wrong.   

I’m sort of thinking that putting the house up for rent and making it Section 8 might fit right in with the wasteland environment our leaders are creating here in Wylie and tonight thankfully we have only added one of their pals to the list rather than two.