Dais of Our Lives

I just took a gander at my Facebook account and caught this little ditty posted by The Wylie News:

Suspicious Letter Causes City Hall Evacuation

Date: Tuesday, June 05, 2012
Wylie Police received a call about 8 a.m. Tuesday, June 5, regarding a suspicious package/letter that had been left on the dais in council chambers at Wylie City Hall. According to Det. Venece Perepiczka of WPD, the letter was not addressed.

Officers reviewed surveillance tape of the entrance to city hall and saw a man entering the facility at approximately 7:30 a.m. "The male walked directly into the council chambers and placed the letter on the desk," she said. "He then walked out of the building."

Officers and city employees reviewed the tape and recognized the man as someone who has expressed "anti-government opinions in an agressive manner" and had expressed displeasure toward police and other government officials. "Taking everything into consideration, all precautions were taken," Perepiczka said. "City Hall was evacuated, and hazmat units from the city of Garland were requested."

Hazmat officers checked the envelope and determined it was clear of any hazardous material.

The contents of the letter are being reviewed for any possible criminal charges, police officials said.

Business at Wylie City Hall was interrupted from 8:15 a.m. until the "all clear" was given at 10:15 a.m.

"There were no arrests made at this time; however, the investigation is ongoing," Perepiczka said.

OMG, can I just insert an eyeball roll here?  I mean WTF?  Are our city leaders such freaking pantywaists that they are afraid of a letter being delivered by a person who they guess doesn't like them? Could it be the guy who delivered it is correct in whatever assertions I assume he made in his envelope?  I mean, every day that passes shows the citizens what sort of people are running our City, and let me tell you they ain't the brightest crayons in the box.   

The article alleges this person has expressed anti-government opinions in an aggressive manner. Seriously?  I would like to know who made that official assessment at City Hall?  Who at City Hall could state with any semblance of proof, that this individual has threatened them to the point they have to call in the police for 'aggressiveness'?  Can anti-government statements truly be aggressive?  Are anti-police statements truly a menace to society?  Let us look at an example: if I call our council members weenies, is that some sort of tacit proof that I have expressed any kind of aggressive anti-government opinion?  I think someone probably needs to pull out Webster's Dictionary about now, and get all sorts of real.

I am about to pee myself laughing at the stupidity of it all, especially calling in a hazmat team. Aggressive assertions, now there is a new crime.  LOL!!!  Guess I would be the ring-leader because I express some brutally honest opinions about our city leaders nearly every week and I even have quite a few fans for doing so. I get it now, this must be why the po po sit behind me at the meetings.  Do I need to wonder if they are going to investigate me when I drop off my water bill in a plain, unaddressed envelope at the entrance drop box, because I'm too damn cheap to put a stamp on it, and because I tossed the reply envelope in error?  Lord have mercy I'll be on camera, and they know who I am.  Should I be worried?  Maybe I should send some flowers and a strip-o-gram up there and really sit back and enjoy the action.  How about a box of candy at the holidays?  Now this could really be fun. What morons do we look like to all of North Texas?  Honestly. 

The police get to waste their time examining a letter deemed free of hazardous materials in order to determine if a crime has been committed by an individual who is probably expressing his right to free speech.  I hope the guy called them all something really good.  You know, something really titillating.  Personally a few names come to mind.

But seriously folks. I have no idea what was written in this alleged letter or who delivered it but I can say this as the truth; I have written these bozos emails to which they don't reply back - ever.  I have gone to meeting after meeting and addressed them to which they thumb their noses at me, or worse yet stare me down and give me the eff you look.  I have had conversations with them to which they vote the opposite way of what they indicated they would as they fed me lies.  After witnessing this crappy behavior for nearly a year, I felt compelled to start a blog to point out how childish their behavior is in order to get their attention, yet it would appear to the casual observer they still don't get it.  

Could it be this guy thought the only way to get a response from our lackluster council, who are continually devoid of any real professionalism, was to hand deliver a letter? Hahahaha.  This is really choice, especially if we find out the letter was really nothing at all and they are simply paranoid because they know citizens are getting sick to death of their childish antics on the dais (loosly defined as wood throne the demi-Gods sit at for those of you who don't know).

So let me see, someone in City Hall is afraid of an outspoken guy, but they aren't afraid of a man they helped get elected who beat his wife up and was arrested for it, oh and had to take anger management classes, oh and who burst out in a fit of anger at the candidate forum?  Well there's some real logic for you.

Our City just keeps getting better and better all the time.  Now if they would just turn on channel 41 again, maybe someone would step up and create a soap opera called Dais of Our Lives.