Freaking Sunshine

Is anyone else out there as sick as I am about this presidential election?  I mean, talk about the most lackluster people to vote for; two men totally out of touch with the American people.  Seriously, could the selection be worse? I think I would have liked Ross Perot more, would he were to run.  Blah!

Will they even bother debating?  I wonder.  In all likelihood our liberal, scum-sucking media moderators would only bring ever so riveting questions about gay marriage, and amnesty for illegal children.  The bizarreness of this whole political season has really only left us stupefied.  

Our CPA came to visit us at work today and he about lost his temper when he saw how much the bank was charging in interest per day on a small line of credit.  He got the brilliant idea to figure out what the interest would be on the US debt.  He came up with a figure that is incomprehensible. Sadly, our fearless leaders would rather like to worry about freaking gay marriage.  

You know, I have a bff from high school who is as gay as they come and to be honest, I don't give a flying fig if she could get married or not right now.  Dear God, don't we have bigger problems to worry about than to kowtow to a small percentage of the American population?  What the hell have we done to our children and their children with this debt?

I don't have the answer, but I wish I did.  I suppose if I pretended to have the answer I could run for president like everyone else.  I can say with certainty that the policies of the last 3 1/3 years aren't working so I will not be voting for Obama.  

Today I am just a little freaking ray of sunshine, aren't I?