Goin' Green

Like you, I just got home from a long day at work and decided I had better check my email.  Normally I try to check it at lunch but today I had lunch with our CPA so I was a tad indisposed with my shrimp basket at Rockfish.  I suppose that is one of the perks in working with a rep firm.  We get to eat out a lot, oh and we get to expense it when we do, too. Suffice to say both my Corporate AmEx card and my waistline get a workout at times.

When I opened up my email I had this waiting for me from that fount of wisdom called Wylie ISD: 

Wylie ISD Community News
Thursday, 21, 2012
Special Edition
Beginning with the 2012-2013 school year, Wylie ISD is going “green” with its district calendar. Get your advanced, printable copy today by going to the district website or clicking here. You can download it, save it and print as many or as often as needed. In addition, all elementary campuses will have the calendar printed on their “take home” folders.

Now can I just stop everyone here and point out the definition of goin’ green?  Cuz I am fairly confident it doesn’t mean passing the buck to those poor people known as the sucker parents.  According to the website We Can Live Green, “Going green is defined as 'The social phenomenon describing individuals who use their consumer voice to increase sustainability and decrease their impact on the environment.'” (https://www.wecanlivegreen.com/greenliving/goinggreen.html) 

Interestingly enough, it doesn’t mean to, “Print as many or as often as needed.” I nearly lost a lung laughing over that one.  Um ya.  For those of you who didn’t get it yet I will paraphrase.  They meant to say that they are going green with this year’s district calendar, as long as it’s your paper being wasted and not theirs.  Oh no they di-n’t. 

I am left scratching my head.  Honestly.  Did they really force the word “print” in the blip above to reinforce how “green” they are or to reinforce that the parents need to waste their own paper and print the thing which completely negates any real “green” effect in the end, doesn’t it?  Especially if I decide to take their advice and print it often.  I wonder, can I wallpaper my gameroom with it?  Hey, now there’s an idea.

I gather about now you are probably wondering exactly what was the first thing I did with that calendar?  Well of course I printed the little effer….twice.  Suffice to say, I need to go plant another tree now to help make up for the additional carbon footprint I just took up.