Grad Gaff

Just read that piece of printed rubbish called the Wylie News today.  There was an article all about the graduations that took place last Saturday at the Allen Event Center.  More particularly the stories were about the 'Alpha' class of Wylie East.  Suffice to say, I am not surprised the newspaper did not print all the news that was noteworthy.

The paper left out a major bonehead remark made in error by our illustrious new Superintendent Dr. David Vinson.  Yup, the man who reminds me of Dr. Evil from Austin Powers forgot what school was graduating and announced them as Wylie High to which he received a round of boos and hisses from the graduates and the attendees.  He later corrected himself at another spot in his speech after telling them to hold on and that he would fix it. 

It really was a slap to Wylie East students who, for four years, have been driven to create a completely separate identity from Wylie High and to have such a misspeak slap them so, was just terrible and a sting that can never be taken back or fixed.  They will always remember that smear on their day. 

I realize slip ups can happen to everyone but this one was a magnitude 10 which was surprisingly left out of the watered down Wylie News article.  Gee no surprise there.