Park Spark

On the agenda yesterday was the Community Park Improvement Project from 2011 which was brought by Councilwoman Diane Culver and Councilman Bennie Jones.  I just want to point out here that it was conveniently shuffled to last on the agenda by Mayor Eric Hogue who was probably hoping to hide the item from as many prying eyes as he could.  We all know most everyone leaves the long meetings by 8 pm. 

Anywho, it was discovered by Culver on Saturday at the Rededication Ceremony of Community Park that the services we paid for were exactly delivered.  What Culver was concerned about was that the fields are not draining properly, the concrete was removed to run a water line, and PVC piping was lying in open view.  She was concerned that perhaps contractors didn’t know where they were going to put a water line so they had to go back and remove concrete and pour it yet again after the installation.  She was concerned that one of the promises the architectural design firm made was to fix the poor drainage. Finally, she was concerned that the PVC pipe was an eyesore and not what the City and ultimately our tax dollars paid for.   

With a whopping 11 people in view from the camera point, Councilman Bennie Jones asked Jeff Harris from Wylie Parks and Rec to come speak.  Harris stated, “We were late.”  Plain and simple, he stated that this project was supposed to be complete before the ceremonial first pitch was given by Mayor Eric Hogue but that was not to happen.  We were late and Hogue tossed out the ‘ceremonial last pitch’ according to Harris’ son.  Golly I just have to say I love me some Jeff Harris.  I hope we see more of his name in the future because we really need some people on council who know what the hell they are talking about, unlike the babbling baboon Nathan Scott who blub, blub, blubs his way through the meetings.

Goss called up City Manager Mindy Manson and Chris Seely, who works for Teague, Nall, and Perkins, the architectural design firm in charge of this project, and who up until last night also served on the WEDC Board, that is before he got das boot.  When Goss began his question, he asked about the department and Mindy Manson stated loud and clear, “It was a group effort.”  Wow, in my best deep throated monster truck voice……Epiccccc Faaaaiiiiilll! Notice how she was uber quick to jump in and take group effort responsibility for this cluster.  Momma Mindy went immediately into Teflon shield mode and surrounded herself with her posse in some auto pilot mode of protecting her employees, even to her detriment.  Is she trying yet again to protect her employees and lump herself in as part of the group so as to offset any individual culpability for problems.  Seriously, if you were Robert Diaz, Parks and Rec Superintendent and the doo doo was gonna roll uphill, wouldn’t you pop in and out almost daily to make sure our tax dollars are being spent wisely and citizens, along with your employer,  are getting what we contracted and paid for? 

Mayor stated with his usual contrived p-p-p-p- poker face to Seely, “What I see is an unfinished product and things are complete but they are not what they should be. “ He told staff that they are not the professional park builders and that Teague, Nall, and Perkins should have used their expertise to oversee the project despite the fact Manson stated it was a group effort by her department.  So who should have had their hands on the ball then?  Group fail.

According to Councilman Jones, Seely’s firm touted drainage as their specialty.   So let me get this straight, that Seely dude blames the contractor, not a contractor is in site at the meeting, Mindy takes group blame, and Mayor says the designer is to blame.  Is anyone following me on this vicious circle?  So who is holding the bag?  It seems everyone had their Teflon suits on last night.  Really, I want to know, who is gettin’ in trouble for this one?  Oh, not one of Mindy’s minions as long as the Minmay get their way.  You know, it’s sort of like Brangelina, except for us Wylie has Minmay.  The androgynous version both male and female who sort of run the show all at the same time and speak and think for each other. 

So who is going to monitor this ridiculous situation we have been put in?  Mayor wanted to know if the onus falls on Teague, Nall, and Perkins? Seely stated they would, ‘monitor it’.   Um, did they not monitor it the first time?  Seely stated there was onsite inspection per phase completion.  Councilman Goss indicated, “If we are going to have a capital improvement project, that we have someone with specific skills sets to monitor the project.”  He also went on to state that this is the second park we have had problems with our park improvements where our city employee who this falls under should have been on site almost daily.  Yup, he just tossed Parks and Rec Superintendent Robert Diaz under the bus, and rightfully so. 

Well then Weenie Boy Nathan Scott piped in like he thinks he knows what he is talking about and states that the baseball league should be informed of it.  Um, like they weren’t?  He then states that he thinks our boards would be antagonistic toward city staff and toward the contractors if they were included in the talks.  Oh ya, like they antagonize contractors all the time, the doofus.  He said it’s a privilege to sit on the boards.  Really?  OMG, is he a moron or what? 
We didn’t hear not one word from Councilman Rick White or Councilwoman Kathy Spillyard.  Were they asleep?  Oh ya, that’s right, from what I heard, Kathy was indeed asleep on the dais, several times too. 

Councilman Jones told Nathan Scott that he disagreed and that there is nothing antagonistic about contractors presenting updates to the board, that it is simply a responsible action, to toss a favorite word back at Weenie Boy who seems to find himself to be quite responsible even though he was chased down for not paying his child support.  You know, pot, kettle thing….and probably a little too much pot back in the day.

Even Mayor agreed the board needs to be kept informed.  In the end, he tried to save his pal Nathan Scott’s face by admonishing Mindy Manson that should she ever hear of anyone on the boards antagonizing contractors, that she is to tell them right quick.  Um, duh. 

This whole sad situation just proves to me that we have no business awarding bids to Bobby Joe and Bubba our drinking pals who also happen to live in Wylie.