Seely Seatable

Yee haw cowboy!  I popped in on the city council meeting because yet again, our lovely on demand video was more like 'in the off position'.  I attempted to watch the Wylie City Council meeting but as expected, the video was turned off for the vote I wanted to watch. 

I got to City Hall just in time to hear our City Council voting on Boards and Commissions and I stepped in for the biggie, the one I was waiting for.  I stepped in to watch the vote for the Wylie Economic Development Corporation Board or WEDC.  It appears that Chris Seely was up on the chopping block and God Almighty, Praised Be, the curtains tore from the great temples, the Red Sea parted, fish jumped into the nets, and water turned to wine, Seely was voted off in favor of Demond Dawkins.  Will wonders never cease.

You remember Demond Dawkins, he is the stellar man who is President of Viewpoint Bank locally and who served on Wylie's Advocates for Senior Activities (WASA) also lovingly known to me as We Are Smart Asses.  Dawkins served as Treasurer before WASA kicked him off in favor of the man arrested for beating up his wife, the man who had to be chased by Denton County Court system in order to get him to pay his child support, the man who lied about voting in the last election, the man with documented anger management issues according to the Collin County Court system, Councilman Nathan Scott. 

I am so happy to see Mr. Dawkins appointed to the WEDC Board instead of Chris Seely.  I always felt there was a huge conflict of interest when everything that opened for bidding by the Wylie Parks and Rec board was bid on by Mr. Seely's architectural design firm.  I often watched in wonderment as Seely's employer always seemed to make it into the list of finalists for park development.  In fact it always appeared that his firm was handed some sort of gimme in order to give them a little something something.  

It's a bad, bad plan to allow so much fraternization among the boards and their businesses and their pals, and then to pass it under our City Council's noses where they can vote to approve just about anything involving their church pals.  OK, so I embellish slightly but you get the general gist of just how business is conducted here in Wylie.  You lick my backside, I'll lick yours.

Congratulations to Demond Dawkins for unseating the unseatable.  I hope you eventually  consider running for City Council because you will have my undying support and vote.  We need more class up there and tag, you're it.