Happy Independence Day!

On this day that represents the ultimate freedom, my wish is that Americans wake up and take a keen interest in their country again beyond the simple country music that makes our chests puff out, beyond the eloquent anthem that gives us goosebumps, and beyond the colorful pyrotechnics overhead.  Feeling proud to be an American is admirable, but not as important as acting proud.  

I challenge every reader of this blog and every member of the 43,000 citizens in Wylie to become involved in our little community, not just emotionally but physically as well by attending meetings, watching them on the internet and cable TV, writing to your Council and asking them questions, voting, and getting to know your community leaders.

When Wylie's 760 same old voters become 17,600 voters, only then will we have true freedom.  

On that note, I wish you a happy and safe Independence Day and renewed interest in the decisions which shape our Wylie way of life.