Simple Simon Says

The Letter to the Editor of the Wylie News today was so simple, so short, yet spoke a thousand words in such a small statement.  Wylie resident Becky Keck wrote a letter regarding a new sculpture for Community Park.  Keck stated, “I was just wondering why we are getting a sculpture in the park when we don’t even have: (i) a flag pole to fly our American flag; (ii) score boards for the baseball fields; and (iii) covers for the spectator seats???”

I don’t know Ms. Keck but I want to give her a hug and a big sloppy kiss right about now because she just proved to me that cogent thought actually does exist in Wylie. This woman is clearly of her right mind and is wondering publicly why we need a frivolous piece of art to perty up our parks over something that should be a bottom-line requirement such as our own American flag.  I mean, do you know anything more beautiful than the ole’ Stars and Stripes?

Ms. Keck, I will tell you the only answer I can come up with after studying our City.  I believe it is because we have a group of bleeding heart liberals on the Wylie City Council who have padded the Boards and Commissions with equally flamboyant liberals that cannot stop themselves from bringing their personal pet projects with them, all while the other members bobble their heads in unison. 

Form over function.  Beauty over the beast.  Councilwoman Spillyards and her art buddies push for art to the Parks & Rec Board and they group nod the art all the way up to council.  Did you know Spillyards has favored putting up a piece of art in front of the utility building and also next to the animal shelter near Founders Park just to make it beauteous?  It’s a public works building.  It’s an animal shelter.  It ain’t pretty and even putting Michelangelo's David in front won’t make the buildings any more palatable.  Um, well.  David.  Damn.  OK, I still go with no on this one. 

Parks and Rec were tasked with bringing our parks up to par and after thousands of dollars have been spent, they are still lagging behind.  I can understand putting up art when all our other needs have been met, but we are facing a budget nightmare presented by City Manager Mindy Manson who has proposed cutting our fire and police pays by 1%, and also doling out 5 furlough days to all City employees.  Do we really need that art now?

Simple Simon says, “Spend, spend, spend.”  Everyday citizens are saying, “Use common sense.”