Vote Ted Cruz

I voted today, how about you?  

I exercised my civic duty and voted for all those candidates that I felt would do a good job for we the people.  

Do I care to tell readers who I voted for?  Not particularly but I will in the instance of the US Senate race because I have grave concerns about the quality of one of the candidate's character.

Last September, some local political groups sponsored a candidate forum.  All of the candidates were invited to attend but the David Dewhurst camp told us that he didn't have to show up for any events.  Their premise was that because he had raised so much money, it seems he would rather spend it in advertising.  Suffice to say, Dewhurst has shown up for very few debates during this election cycle.  He thought he would win without trying.  The runoff was a surprise to him and rather his supporters have spent inordinate amounts of cash on a very personal, televised smear campaign in order to finish the job.

Now I can't say that those nasty ads belong to Dewhurst, because they are not officially 'endorsed' by him.  But let's be honest about this, when people spend money on your behalf, they can be persuaded, to put it nicely, to do things or not do things.  Had Dewhurst been offended by the nasty ads being splayed about by supporters in his mud-slinging camp, he would have had those ads pulled.  Just give me a big fat freaking break if you think the attack ads are not supported by Dewhurst.  These ads take absolutely tenuous past interactions and attempt to weave them into some sort of illicit reality. 

That said, I don't care for Dewhurst because he clearly feels he will be able to swing in and buy the votes.  In my mind, this represents the same old arrogance that has existed in Washington DC for decades.  This prevailing attitude is the very essence that I want evaporated from our Federal Government.  

Conversely, we have a candidate that is the people's candidate.  He has more supporters than Dewhurst.  In fact, Dewhurst is being propelled forward by roughly 3000 very wealthy supporters in Texas.  Cruz has supporters in every one of the 50 states.  Cruz's support is far reaching.  

When a candidate is being thrust upon the voters by a relatively small, elite group of people, I would caution voters to consider who that candidate is beholden to.  It certainly won't be we the people.

If you want to read the facts regarding the fabrications being spewn across the television airwaves, you can read up here:

It is clear that David Dewhurst is out of touch with the real working class and will bring his elitist ideals with him.    These are the reasons why I voted for Ted Cruz.