Erasing a Mark

Interestingly enough, I received a phone call today from the new Wylie High School Principal, Virdie Montgomery.  He seemed to have no trouble finding out who TXun is and obtaining my phone number.  Gee I wonder who gave him the 411.

It seems that Mr. Montgomery wanted to speak about my blog post from last weekend.  He wanted to explain why he wrote in the fashion he did, and he did actually apologize.  He said he did not want to embarrass the community, but he also padded his ego by stating that he heard from at least 50 people who said they enjoyed his letter.  In the end, his philosophy is that he is who he is and he isn't going to change.  Certainly he won’t change for one little blogging gal. 

Now I don't want to put out the fire with gasoline here, but I still hold fast to my assertion that the casualness of his emails is inappropriate and sending the wrong message about Wylieites. I caution that for every 50 people that Mr. Montgomery received accolades from; there were at least 50 who did not appreciate it and were left wondering WTF.  He won't know this because they will simply ignore it and laugh at those old rednecks in Wylie.  

I can certainly appreciate Mr. Montgomery's sense of humor.  I can also appreciate his need to reach out to the students who will relish his casual demeanor, and I even understand he has a difficult job.  However I still cannot accept official correspondence that makes me feel as though the IQ level of the bulk of Wylie’s parents is a whopping 70.  

When I read the offending letter to my sons and husband, they were honestly aghast.  The tone is not something we have ever received from the likes of former Dodd Principal, Scott Winn.  We never received anything so casual from Davis Intermediate Principal, Barbara Rudolph.  Though I chuckled at the grammar in a few of McMillan’s Principal, Mr. Peters' emails, they still upheld a certain level of decorum. 

Then again, perhaps I'm just a snob and the level of professionalism among Wylie's leaders is leaving me feeling a tad tainted, a bit dirty, and definitely embarrassed. I have a difficult time believing that everyone found the letter acceptable, for if they did then it is absolutely time for me to leave Wylie for I have completely outgrown Wylie’s mentality by leaps and bounds. From the level of intelligence of all of my Wylie friends, I have a difficult time believing that. 

I don’t mind a little levity in correspondence, but frankly, I’m just too damn busy to read the inane ramblings of someone who is attempting to speak at some fictitious level of fan appreciation or perceived parental intelligence or combination thereof.  As a leader in the community and a leader of a great school, I ask that Mr. Montgomery carefully consider the image and tone he is setting for all of Wylie ISD.  Once it is written, it cannot easily be erased.