God Smacked

Below is a letter sent to the parents of Wylie High School students from the new principal, Virdie Montgomery.  To be honest, this letter has me more than a tad concerned about the direction of Wylie ISD.  

It is one thing for a blogger such as myself to write in the vernacular and slang up our posts, however it is completely disconcerting to see the principal of Wylie High School do it in an official letter.  In my humble opinion, it looks like something my 13 year old would have typed, with his feet, while wearing combat boots, and THIS from a college graduate with  Master's Degree? 

You can read more about Mr. Montgomery here:  http://www.wylienews.com/articles/templates/news.asp?articleid=4043&zoneid=4

I am certain I will be vilified for pointing out how unprofessional this letter appears, and I'm sure Mr. Montgomery is a truly decent man, though I have not meet him, but somehow reading his musings leaves me concerned that perhaps he is not sending quite the right message to the community.  

Not only is the composition of the letter an issue, but it also contains Superintendent David Vinson's name stamped on the letterhead as well.  As a parent of a Junior attending Wylie High School, this letter is incredibly and undeniably embarrassing to me.  Can you imagine the principal of Highland Park sending out such a letter to the parents?  Holy hell would break loose.

I realize people make errors and heaven knows I make plenty of typos in my own musings, but this letter is from a high level school administrator and is wrought with not only grammatical errors, but composition better left to his personal Facebook page.  

I highlighted some of my personal favorite passages below, but you be the judge:


David Vinson, Ph.D.                                                                                                  Virdie Montgomery Superintendent                                                                                                           Principal                    


Dear WHS Stakeholders,

            I guess I will start off this letter as virtually every principal in the state of Texas is doing at present with the obligatory “I hope you have had a spectacular summer” and go ahead and add the “but, it is time to get in the frame of mind to come back to school” line as well.  I really do dislike just doing what everyone else is doing, but those words so seem to be most appropriate.  I personally just wish we had school all year long.  We could just take all the Fridays off during the year and have long weekends all year long.  That would take us up to the end of July and then we could take a week off the first of August to recharge our emotions and just start the next year.  Seniors would have a little time to go to Europe or something like that before they started college and I think it would work just fine.  I even think teachers would stay where they are teaching and not move around so much.  Those long summers get people anxious and the influences around them make them do weird things.  Oh, well….we can all dream.  I know there are flaws in my plan and I am just thinking out loud.  But here we are!  Ready to begin the 2012-2013 School Year!
            I am really excited to begin this year and to get kids back in the building.  I love being around kids and watching them grow as people and seeing them be successful.  They have energy about them that I feed off of and to see them grow over a period of time into mature and caring individuals is a rush.  I see kids that are developing their skills and interests that will inspire themselves to pick that spot in the world where they will make a difference.  They are unique and they motivate me.  I see them handle adversity and I see them strive to make a mark in the world.  I believe the country is in good hands and these young people will likely do a better job of managing it than we ever could.  I have faith in them and long to be someone in their lives that is positive and someone they can trust and know that I am in this for them.  With that said there are some things about the start of school that I wanted to get out there with this letter.  There will be some things that are a little different from last year that we want to get a head start on by letting you know of them as best we can.  I do apologize already for the length of this letter.  I am very wordy when I begin something like this and my wife always tells me to cut the thing down.  She is likely right, but this is who I am and I really like to do this so I will just ask that you bear with me on this character flaw.  I look at these two paragraphs already that you have worked through and I see that I really haven’t told you anything yet that you need to know.  I get that, but man I have had fun writing this so far.
            The dates have now officially been set to have students come up to school to get ID badges made and for those that have need of parking.  Those dates will also be for setting up Family Access, Off Campus Lunch Forms (seniors only), and gathering other information that you might need.  Below is the schedule for these mentioned items.

Wednesday, August 15th – 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (Closed from noon to 1:00 p.m.)

Seniors and Freshmen  - ID Badges – Family Access –
Seniors – Parking – Off Campus Lunch Forms

Thursday, August 16th - 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (Closed from noon to 1:00 p.m.)

Sophomores and Juniors – ID Badges – Family Access – Parking
Seniors who missed Wednesday can come as well.

Friday, August 17th – 8:00 a.m. – Noon

Any student who missed their day can come during this time.

            That is the basic schedule and I am sure we can get information you need anytime with a call or visit if that is all that is needed.  The big thing is to get as many ID badges made as possible before school starts.  They use them first day for lunch and other identity needs at school.  I am highlighting specific information below that you will need to know as school begins.  I know this cannot be all inclusive but here are things we know that get asked about extensively. 


All students must have a badge.  They are used for identifying purposes and we are asking each student to have it with them at all times.  We are not going to make them have it visible or that it be a part of the dress code, but it is important that they have it and be able to present it upon request. 

Students must be in dress code for the picture on the badge.  They will not be allowed to have their picture made if not in all aspects of the dress code including the shirt in the picture, hair color and facial piercings. 

Dress Code:

An updated version of the dress code for 2012-2013 is located on the WISD website.


Parking will be considerably different from the past.  Students will purchase a parking sticker to park at WHS.  It will have a number and it will match a number on the parking lot.  This spot will be their spot for the year.  They may come in groups and purchase parking spots close together.  They may paint their spot.  We are asking that they paint a primer before adding the colors and scenes to the spot.  All painting of course must be school appropriate.  The same will be true for the teachers.  There will be teacher parking in the front and 20 spots in the back.  Teachers may paint their spots as well.  It is expected that students park in their spot upon arrival at school each day.  They should leave their car once parked and come into the building.

In order to obtain the parking spot the student must have proof of insurance, a driver’s license and $35 dollars.  Checks need to be made out to WHS.

We are asking parents to drop off students and pick up students in the back of the building in the student parking area.  We are trying to create more exits for students leaving the parking area at the close of school.  We are now staging the busses in the front of the building and there will be no place for parents to pick up students there.  We are asking that parents form a line in the back and pull forward as space avails itself.  This should allow quicker access to exits from the back parking lot.  Please remember though that one of the things we do in society that there is something inherently wrong with is that we put hundreds of 16-18 year old drivers in close confinement with cars.  So, be careful out there!  They are used to it, but you may not be.


Now this is the one that I know you are not going to like too much, but I am going to go ahead and get this out there.  You need to know that 3 of our 5 administrators from last year are new and we have diligently been working hard to get ready for school and we want things to be as accurate as possible.  In order not to send out inaccurate information and get the kids and perhaps parents in a tizzy about things we are not going to post schedules this year.  It is amazing….I can actually hear the groaning, weeping and gnashing of teeth with that sentence being read.  I am sorry, but we will have their schedules first day when they arrive.  We will have class meetings throughout the day and correct mistakes on schedules as quickly as we can.  We really think there will be less by having the extra time to prepare.  Thank you for your understanding and patience as we prepare for this event.

            There is likely other stuff I ought to put here, but this is already too long and most of you quit reading as soon as you saw who it was from.  To those of you who are still reading; thanks for sticking with me and pat yourself on the back for having the fortitude to complete this task.  You Are Awesome!  If you still have questions just let me know and I will do my best to answer them.  I hope you have a great day!  We are getting close!  AHMO!

                                                            May God bless,

Is he freaking for real?  Texas Tech and Sul State University should be absolutely ashamed of themselves for graduating someone with a Bachelor's and then a Master's that writes at an eighth grade level.  The tragic part of this letter is that it is not the first one I have received from him.  When I received the first email several weeks ago I thought it was a joke.  In fact, this letter came as an email attachment titled, "Summer Letter for school opening stuff".  The reason I find this tragic is that nobody has stepped up to tell Mr. Montgomery that he truly needs to let one of the English teachers proof his emails before he sends them.   This is not a freaking Facebook page; this is the education of our students and I take this matter serious, as I suspect many of my readers do.

I hope these emails are not a precursor to a completely befuddling experience for the students attending that high school.  Will someone, anyone do him a favor by reaching out to him? 

Today, it is highly likely that I leave you as God smacked as I am.