The Gold Medal Finalists

While the US Women’s Gymnastics team was having the night of their lives on television last night, another sort of Olympic event was taking place right here in Wylie, Texas.  Just as our gymnasts rocked the world winning the Team Gold Medal, our City Council completed for hours in this event called Budget, and when the dust settled they came out victorious.

Though not set in stone yet, our Council displayed teamwork that we haven’t seen, well, probably ever and they finally hammered out a budget everyone can be proud of.  In the end, the citizens won a small victory with a 1 cent tax decrease and the City of Wylie’s major needs have been met.   

It took a lot of hours and some serious pushing, prodding, and shaming from citizens, but it would appear to date that this team called Council got the job done by working hand in hand with staff and ultimately landed on the podium.   

Congratulations to the Wylie City Council on the Gold Medal they earned at last night’s budget meeting performance.  In the end, the people won, and we deserve it.