Muddy Creek 5K Run

I had an awesome time at the Muddy Creek 5K Run/1M Walk today.  I was so pleased to see one of Wylie’s finest there who always brings a special little smile to my face.  I was happy to see Mayor Hogue and Mr. Raymond Cooper there.  I was thrilled at how well John Onufrieczuk put together this event.  Everyone had an awesome time and the candidates were able to get some face time with the community members.

As promised, I was there and I walked the 1 mile race though I realized that I could have run it.  My running is progressing and off and on as the mood strikes me I add a third block to my path.  I guess I need to get out there and measure it because I think I'm running pretty darn close to a mile now.  Perhaps next year I will be prepared for the 5K, um, er, well then again, perhaps not.

What an excellent event and I hope that anyone who did not participate will consider doing so next year.  Thank you John, you're the BEST!


I discovered quite a few things recently:

  • The Attorney General and I are going to become great pals.
  • There are several other similar sized cities run so much better that Wylie.
  • June bugs can provide hours of entertainment and fun.
  • I really, really dig the person who named me 'Blog Girl' ;) xxoo
  • Councilwoman Kathy Spillyards is the realtor for a rather interesting and controversial piece of land.  
  • I sleep whenever the mood strikes.
  • I'm a lot less socially liberal than I once thought.
  • I could write a book about my neighbors.
  • I think thumb wrestling Former Mayor John Mondy would be sick as tits.
  • Mayor Pro Tem Red Byboth looks vulnerable bouncing around on his lawn mower with a face mask on.
  • "Smack My Bitch Up" by Prodigy needs to be this year's campaign theme song.
  •  I enjoyed keeping Blue Eyes awake until 8:30 with the help of Ballyhoo and Pocahontas :D)))
  • Hypnosis is far more effective than I ever gave it credit.  
  • Candidate Nathan Scott didn't want to tell me who he voted for in the last presidential election.....because he didn't vote at all, at least not in Collin County.

Big Red Clown Nose Peeks from WASAs Cheeks

Why did Wylie Council cross the road?  Because WASA led them by the wanker.  Yes even you can now watch the fun from your office, home, or mobile.  You can now view the City Council meetings at

The City of Wylie should not be in the business of funding nonprofits. If this is a task they wish to perform, then there should be a fund for it built into the City budget and they need to take that request to the citizens for a vote.

I find it absolutely reprehensible that Wylie Mayor Eric Hogue can sit up on his throne and demand that verbal promises made several weeks ago by a developer, be put in writing for the Mariposa low income housing project for 55+. Yet he did not demand any written agreement with WASA regarding their request for money, or as they are known to me today as the Wobbly Asset Sucking Activists, a nonprofit group who has harangued Council every meeting for the past two years to hand them the old City library, and now hand them some taxpayer funds to renovate the thing.

Our Shitty Council did not perform due diligence with regard to the vote taken last night on handing that $13K of precious taxpayer funds to WASA.  In the audience sat two former mayors of Wylie, who represent WASA from their apparent assigned seats in the chamber bowl.  Both know full well the very requirements necessary for our Council to meet their fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayers, and they completely circumvented the system with Mayor Eric Hogue’s assistance, and with the moronic affirmative votes of Mayor Pro Tem Red Byboth, Councilwoman Cathy Spillyards, Councilman Bennie Jones, and Councilman Rick White.  

Council is also guilty of completely circumventing the system by approving to hand over our funds without any written agreement that the funds be used for what they are intended.  No financials were studied.  No checks for liens against the group were made.  No due diligence to protect the taxpayers.  Councilman Goss asked for this to be cut and dried. Well cut and dried is not what taxpayers got.  We got all sorts of misty grey and more smoke than mirrors this time.  Of course the Gang of Five bobbleheads nodded in unison to hand over funds without due diligence and the rest is as they say, history.  Do the former mayors really lead Mayor Hogue and Council around by the nuggies to the point that they lose all cognitive capacity?  Dear God, what a mental image. 

In an insane twist of fate, there sat the WASA Executive Board who refused to hand over their financials to a citizen request and even to the City’s request for this little transaction.  Oh no, WASA told them they didn’t have to. 

On that board is none other than Council candidate Nathan Scott, who serves as Treasurer for WASA, despite having some past financial and legal matters in Denton County as well as a criminal record in Collin County for striking his wife on the head and in the face.  The man fidgeted in his seat and couldn’t seem to leave his papers, his suit jacket, and his tie alone. Now there’s an upstanding role model for you, and he wants to bring his special interest group WASA along with that nifty hair pomade on to the City Council with him to boot! 

During the meeting, while Culver was talking and admonishing WASA about not turning over their financials, Nathan Scott could be observed flipping through his papers and holding them up.  Was he really wiggling those financials in front of her face as she talked?  I could not believe how unprofessional it was, but then Mrs. Swartz, wife to former Mayor Swartz, AKA head WASA honcho, started yelling at Councilwoman Diane Culver from the audience and I could see just why it is that WASA is supporting Nathan Scott for Council.  They both seem to like that confrontation crap.

To validate Councilwoman Culver's point to the salty Mrs. Swartz, Councilman Goss pointed out that Mayor Hogue sat in a meeting with the WISD Superintendent, and told him he seemed like a nice guy but he wouldn’t trust him with $100M.  Why should taxpayers trust WASA with our $13K, because it’s not spelled out what the funds will be used for?  Wow, that was choice.  The jack wagon yelling from Mrs. Swartz continued on even after Mayor Hogue told her to pipe down several times.  Of course, he continued allowing her to sit in the audience, though he should not have. Had that been a Tea Party member, they most assuredly would have been ejected from the meeting. 

You know, this isn’t about the seniors at all.  This isn’t about anyone not wanting the seniors to have a nice, clean, and safe place to spend their retired days.  This is about our council and staff not doing their job and following any guidelines whatsoever.  Do you think that if the Wylie Acting Group for Children, Yesterday’s Dream Tomorrow’s Promise, Southern Magic, the Dallas-Ft Worth Metro Golden Retriever Club Inc, or my personal favorite Golf Unlimited Inc (all Wylie nonprofits) came and asked for funds, that Mayor Hogue would even give them the time of day?  Would they be required to turn over their financials and also sign an agreement?  You betcha. 

What this whole argument is about is that WASA, under the guise of seniors, and don’t make any mistake that WASA is only comprised of seniors, because they most certainly are not, is being handed taxpayer money by a group of elected dimwits who didn’t have the wherewithal to check WASAs story.  

The reason behind the dimwits' easy abandon with our cash is because they are all each others personal lap dogs.  The whole Mayor, Council, former mayoral, wives, and friends sickening virtual orgy of wallets and tongues, has ended in yet another rule that needs to be added to the Code of Ethics that our council is so reticent to pass. Do I even need to broach here why they are reticent? Well I will anyway, because it makes them accountable to some rules of behavior in an obviously lawless town. 

I can’t help but wonder where that big red clown nose sticking out of WASAs ass came from?  It’s all so fecking senseless and twisted you know, it’s almost comical.

Contingency Fund Going Once, Going Twice...

I’ve been running around doing a few things with my sons tonight, so I didn’t get to attend the city council meeting.  No worries, I will listen on MP3.  There won’t be any surprises though.  I already know the weenies on council will vote to approve the $13K to renovate the old City library which was set aside for the seniors.  Yup, the nonprofit WASA, or as they are known to me today as Wylie’s Aged Scamming Avengers, will get their cold hard cash fresh off the taxpayer's backs. 

I was happy to see from the agenda packet that the alleged $200K our wise and wonderous Mayor Hogue quoted last year as a ballpark to renovate the old library, has been hacked down to a more reasonable $50K.  Go figure it took an engineer rather than someone who works in HR to figure that one out.  Now with this $13K, the donor $25K, and the rest that WASA was able to raise, I would like to think WASA will shut the hell up and leave the taxpayers alone.  Yeah right, like that will happen.

To be honest, I think that chick from Wylie is Hope should beat feet down to city hall and get on the agenda.  Yup, Candy needs a new backpack, well the kiddos she helps do anyway.  Hey, Candy does an absolutely outstanding job and she runs a nonprofit 501(c)(3), why doesn’t she run down there and get her some?  You know, kids, seniors, they are all on the same level.

Nope, nobody needs to tell me, I know how this vote tonight went.  What do you want to bet it was a 5/2 vote with Councilwoman Culver and Councilman Goss voting no.  Why did they vote no you ask?  Well it’s not because they don’t like the seniors or what WASA is trying to do.  It’s because the city doesn’t need to be in the grant business.  Period. 

Actually, I’m thinking I’m going to form me a 501(c)(3) called Wylie for Children of Sexual Deviants.  I think those kids need a little leg up, don’t you?  I think we’ll come on down and pimp our nonprofit at every meeting until we get some of that contingency fund that Wylie's City Council seems to be happy to pass out to nonprofits.  What?  You are horrified?  At what, might I ask?  Since the city just set precedence that they will fund nonprofits, how can they discriminate? 

Oh my, don’t even get me started on that word.  HEAVENS!  Discriminate!  Great, now I’ll get P&Zs Ramona Kopchenko stabbing her finger toward my face, calling me ‘Ms. Tea Party’, and telling me that I can’t use that word because to discriminate means it is “against a protected class.”  Oh brother (insert big eyeball rolley here).  Well evidently she thinks that because she is black, that she owns that word but I have a newsflash:  Webster's Dictionary.  Capisce?  Yup, if my nonprofit heads down there to City Hall, do you think Council will approve handing us matching funds if I rustle up a private donor?  Oh hells no.  So the city has set precedence and going forward they will favor certain groups over others then?  As I said, Candy from Wylie is Hope needs to hop on down there and I’ll even back her request up.

Yes, I have only lovely thoughts of our Council tonight because I know when I listen to the MP3, my predictions will be correct.  They are nothing if not consistent.


Surely we cannot be the only family in Wylie to have a Senior graduating from Wylie High School and a Senior graduating from Wylie East High School, can we?  Yes, my son will be graduating from WHS on June 2nd at 2:30 pm and his cousin will be graduating from WEHS at 6 pm. 

It seems there is a bit of a conflict however and it is drama the seniors, who should be celebrating, could most certainly do without.  My niece has been told that she must be on the school bus headed for her graduation at a specific time, which would precipitate her missing her cousin’s graduation earlier in the day.  Conflict? Yes, let me rephrase.  My niece was told she MUST be on the bus.  Scary.

The whole day seems pretty cut and dried, my niece and her family will make their way to the Allen Event Center for my son’s commencement ceremony and we will all stay for hers.  As an Honors student, I’m sure she can be trusted to meet the bus as it arrives because she will already be there.  Sure, it will be a long day for all of us, but I wouldn’t miss it for anything.  I bet my niece wouldn’t want to miss her cousin’s graduation for anything either.

I realize this is the first graduating class from Wylie East High School, but are we really the only family that is affected by this strange twist of fate?  Surely we will not be the only family in the future.  Letters have been sent to the principal of WEHS and I suspect he will have to make an exception regarding the bus edict, because I am pretty certain he doesn't want to hear from me about the matter. 

Yes, the first born grandchild will graduate first in the day and the second born grandchild will graduate second.  Somehow the stars were aligned when the graduation schedule was conceived and what better karma could anyone starting their new lives ask for?

The Bond Girls

Once again I’ve heard from some teachers that reside in Wylie that they have been told to vote yes for this $21M Bond package in May.  Nice.  Nothing like a little coercion of a captive audience, huh?  I find this tactic appalling and so reminiscent of how Dr. Fuller gripped the helm.  Did our trustees and administration not learn anything since those days of multiple bond free-for-alls? 

It wouldn’t be such a sore spot for me were it not for that damned turf.  As far as I’m concerned, the trustees can just shove that turf up their collective asses.  I mean, why come at taxpayers for something we perceive as frivolous?  You know, it’s all about perception.  There are a lot of taxpayers in Wylie who don’t give a fart in a windstorm about sports, turf, and locker rooms.  So rather than give the taxpayers a break and lower our taxes, our wonderfully wise superintendent and his bond girls would rather suck up the spare change left over from refinancing the previous bonds, and pour it into a new bond.  Oh sure, our taxes won’t go up, but they won’t go down either.  I simply must ask why?

I pulled out my 2011 tax statement.  Of the $4398.85 total tax bill, a whopping $2423.82 goes to WISD.  Seriously?  More than half.  Wouldn’t you think the Shitty Council and the Board of Thrustees would get together on this one thing and realize they are both tapping the same taxpayer back pocket?  We’re getting bent over annually and their getting turf.  Nice.

Hows about you give us a little tax break?  Oh, of course there is that little thing we voted for back in the heyday.  Yes, the very pièce de résistance our trustees hold over our heads.  Our dumb asses voted to approve a tax increases up to a certain amount.  While they have never increased our taxes to that number, we handed them carte blanche to do it any time they feel like.  Yup, we were fat and happy just like our school board was back in the days of jobs, low gas prices, increasing home values, and growth of personal wealth.  Those were the days, weren’t they?

Nobody anticipated the dramatic change that would unfold several years after we handed our trustees a blank check.  Our home values are dipping, gas prices are soaring and the job and stock markets are just now starting to budge, although I suspect it will be short-lived should Obama get another stab at our pocketbooks. 

Because of the coercion tactic I’ve been told about and because I’m sick to death of our ISD ramming bond after bond at us, I am telling everyone I know to vote no on the bond package.   Trustees were told last time to break the items out yet they still pulled a sly mix and match in order to get the crap they really wanted done, ie. their precious sports accoutrement.  Here we are again, staring at a bond proposal and they still did not break the items out.  Isn’t it high time our trustees break down these bonds by actual use rather than the mish mash they keep handing us?  What are they so afraid of?  Are they afraid that the voters will indeed turn down their turf?  It is pretty likely.  What is wrong with allowing citizens a line item veto?  Oh yes, then the Prima Donnas don’t get what they want.  Well then there’s that.

I think voters want Wylie East to be finished out.  I think citizens are sick to death of hearing the whining that has taken place since that monstrosity was borne through some shady land deals years ago.  I think voters want the science labs outfitted properly.  I think voters want the students to have awesome learning conditions.  Because of this, I think the bond has a good chance of passing despite the fact that every voter I talk to doesn’t give an ice cube in hell about the turf and locker rooms.  I suppose that’s just how it goes when our trustees refuse to listen to the taxpayers and let us vote by line item.

I suspect when all is said and done and the votes are tallied, the 300 or so citizens in Wylie who bother to come out and vote will likely pass the thing. It’s incredible the voter apathy in this city.  Yes, Wylie East will get their sports on and all will be right in the world again.

WASA Matta You, Hey

When I first contacted WASA about asking for their financials, which they have refused to turn over to me on unfounded grounds (and that will be dealt with at the State level), I mentioned that I would be happy to make a donation to them.  I have thought that stance through a bit and honestly, I don’t feel comfortable handing them my money at the moment.  I am concerned at what WASA really stands for and I would really prefer to give money directly to the seniors and circumvent WASA altogether.

The more I study WASA, the more I see them as a small steering committee.  A non-profit 501(c)(3) designed to take anyone at any age into membership and solicit funds.  Inadvertently they also appear to help thrust people onto city council too.  You see how that works?  If they are successful in getting a candidate on city council, that is one person under their wing that will push for their issues. Recusing oneself from votes doesn’t mean that conversations have not taken place prior.  It’s not like it hasn’t been done before by council members.  Sounds a bit like a Political Action Committee, doesn’t it?

WASA is in the business to collect members and funds and even though they are asking the city for funds greater than $10K, they are still refusing to open their records to a public request.   Wouldn’t you think that if you were asking the city for money, you would want the utmost of transparency?  Wouldn’t you pay the utmost detail to attention and attempt to get everyone on board with the idea of fundraising?  Would you purposely close your books and deny the documents presented to you which clearly show you are required to show your books?  Personally, I think a formal investigation into their business practices should be undertaken. 

That said, do I think they should be handed taxpayer funds when they won’t let a taxpayer look at their books?  Hells no.  Will they be handed their precious $13K in taxpayer dollars by our ever fiscally irresponsible city council?  Yes, of course they will because as usual, the majority sitting up there don’t have a clue how to say the word ‘No’.  Like those silly bobble-heads you see on car dashboards, their heads bobble up and down in a unison approval to their personal city pets.  It’s a disgusting spectacle to watch 4 people gang up and make their collective will the ‘law’ in Wylie just cuz they can, oh and it’s always the same damn four people. 

I am concerned that the city has handed exclusive use of this old library to the seniors because WASA seems to have a stranglehold on the whole thing and the shenanigans of harassing council at every meeting to give them funds, give them support, give them a building, give them something, anything.  It will continue on.  Will this $13K council is sure to approve 5/7 on Tuesday going to shut them the hell up?  Oh hells no.  Rest assured, same time next year they will be back asking for next year’s budgeted contingency funds and Linda Bantz will stand up there and say they ‘found’ money yet again.  I don’t feel bad for WASA, I feel bad for the seniors who are getting a bad rap from a group of what appear to be bullies.  WASA’s reach has the ability to control who is even defined as a senior at the new center.  They hope to expand the senior center to include 55+ individuals.  What is to stop them from welcoming the Garland, Mesquite or even Sachse seniors?  Will Wylie’s taxpayers be paying for a building that not only welcomes Wylie’s seniors but also other community seniors?  Horrors. 

For all the good the seniors and WASA can do, there is a flip side to that coin and I am hard pressed to turn my coins over to them at the moment until some of these questions are answered.

Secret Black and Cloistered Flight

Isn’t it important to fully vet the people we are voting for?  As true as that statement is, sometimes in that process you get more than you asked for.  Since my own personal informant sent me some documents on Wylie City Council Candidate Nathan Scott, I have had to do a little soul searching.  Do I personally want Catherine Butschek to win over Nathan Scott because she is the better candidate so I would stoop so low as to report an individual’s arrest record?  Or do I support her because I feel vehemently about a family violence arrest and I feel the public would feel the same way also? I really had to assess that statement and I believe I released those documents because the public has the right to know so they make an informed decision at the polls.  Upon further introspection, I am not the one who did something wrong and the arrest is not a reflection upon me, it is a reflection upon Mr. Scott.  I believe in my heart of hearts that the majority of citizens in Wylie will agree with me that they have a right to know this information before they set out to vote for city council in May. 

That said, I realize nobody is perfect.  There are some issues in the vetting process of a candidate I can overlook and some things that I simply cannot ignore.  Traffic tickets, awe shucks no biggie.  Who doesn’t have lead foot at times?  Who doesn’t forget to get their car inspected at least once?  People can have financial issues and credit problems any time in their life, even more so now in this new economy we are forced to get used to.  Small and large catastrophes happen and I cannot fault anyone for those.  Really, who doesn’t make a mistake or two in this game called life? 

I realize there are also some people who are predestined to have some really bad karma.  The ever present Job in them just brings one comedy of errors after another.  Honestly, I don’t fault them either.  I do however have to apply some thought processes to larger problems that people bring upon themselves for lack of good judgment.  Is one arrest record a big deal when it only resulted in a misdemeanor? I guess it depends on what the arrest was for.  Is being arrested for family violence only once such a bad thing because it has not been repeated? I would say that nobody deserves to have a hand raised to them; not the gay man leaving a bar, not a child whining in the store, and not the moron at the baseball game who keeps razzing your team.  Nobody.

Conversely, just because an arrest for family violence did not result in a felony, does that make it OK then? Is it just a little hiccup that should be overlooked?  No, I think it just makes it a first offense and when I apply my personal pinch factor to it, it is not something I can personally ignore.  These are some really big questions I have to ask myself and ask my readers to consider.  Every woman I have talked to so far about Nathan Scott’s arrest for family violence has agreed that this is not someone they can support because that one incident alone is unacceptable.

I have talked to a lot of women through the years and surprisingly, women are very willing to talk about past abuse and their abusers.  It happens far more than anyone cares to recognize.  I am guilty of unfairly applying my own standards and prejudices to others situations.  I admit that I’ve looked at women who are living in a shelter with their kids and it is difficult not to want to assign blame to them for the choices they made that ultimately landed them there.  We are all only human.

As I’ve talked to some of the men I know about this family violence incident in Nathan Scott’s past, I have been shocked at a few of the responses.  I can't believe that despite knowing this information, some of the men I've talked to actually sympathize with him and still want to meet him and hear his platform anyway.  I am absolutely flabbergasted and to be brutally honest, as a woman I find that stance highly insulting.  He caused bodily harm to an individual in his house and was arrested for it.  He doesn’t get a second look from me.  On top of that, he has another child that he has not recognized on his website and it appears from the Denton County Court records that he has attempted to flee from his responsibility to that child, because his wages were garnished for child support.  When I couple this incident with the family violence arrest, I have completely written him off.  As a woman, I find both of those offenses inexcusable.

Most of the men I’ve talked to think that any man that hits his wife or others out of anger is a coward.  Yet some men state that they can see how it could happen.  They can see how a man could just snap.  OK, I know women can be absolutely overbearing bitches at times, but I still don’t think that gives anyone an excuse to hit.  I always tell the story of a young couple shopping at Target and she told her husband to go pick up some cheese and he came back with Swiss cheese, and she started yelling at him and insulting him even calling him stupid.  Over cheese?  Really?  I wanted to slap the bitch myself, but you know what?  You just don’t do it.  That little thing called a conscience is supposed to stop you from doing that. Personally I walk away and shake it off.  That is exactly what that husband did too.  He walked away.

Do I think a gay man should be beat up because he mistakenly hit on a straight man at a bar? Do I think the ass-clown at the game needs a sucker punch because he is insulting all the fans sitting around him in the stands?  Do I think a child needs to be beat for breaking an antique urn?  Do I think a woman needs to be slapped for making a mistake no matter how large or small?  In a word, no.  Nobody deserves to be a punching bag. 

So I am utterly dumbfounded at the statement from these men who sympathetically say they can see a man snap.  As women who bear children and raise them, there are moments of complete despair when an infant is screaming and crying and nothing we do consoles them and in that split second we just want it to stop, but our brain says walk away.  Do men have a shorter snapping point?  I like to hope not, but those that I talked to seem to have greater sympathy for those who have snapped.  As a woman, I simply cannot accept that.  I will not accept it from a woman who kills her kids in that split second insanity and I will not accept it from a man who harms another.

If a person has a teensy brush with the law, it doesn’t prove anything.  One incident is not a series of incidents make. A ticket or two doesn’t really prove irresponsibility.  It proves we are human.  So what is my point in this blog post then?  Why is this assault thing such a sticking point?

What makes me question responsibility and is worth another look at an individual are worse offenses or combinations of legal brushstrokes over time.  Worse issues are especially telling because they show a person’s true colors when nobody is looking.  It is especially telling when there is a history of various legal problems that fit together and form a pattern.   I see a pattern in Mr. Scott’s past and though I feel for his plight and I see he wants to improve his position, I personally don’t see that he is a good fit for our council needs at the moment.  I think he needs more time to get his own life in order before he attempts to sort out Wylie’s citizens’ lives.

As you can see, had my informant not contacted me with this information, probably nobody would have known about it.  Normally I don’t go out seeking information on people.  I don’t care to be intrusive, though it would be nothing to hire a private investigator and pay them in cash so as not to have it traced back.  Gee, I’ve heard that’s been done before and others in the city may do that but that’s just not how I personally roll.  Had this information not been emailed to me, I most certainly never would have thought to go seek it out.  My reason for that is because everyone has a couple skeletons in their closet.  To be fair to Mr. Scott, when I was on the Collin County Court website I checked out the names of all council members, candidates, and a few other city officials.  Several people had a few things but really, there was nothing that caused me great concern. Well, except for those detailed in this blog post.  I could no longer ignore this issue which was placed on my virtual doorstep, though I tried to for a few days.  I could no longer ignore it because I felt it was a disservice to the citizens of Wylie for me to hold the key to some information that has the potential to change their support and ultimately their vote.  It would have changed my support of a candidate no matter who that candidate was.     

The City of Wylie does not need any more controversy.  We have had white powder delivered to the schools, beating death trials, a man murdered in his house, a police officer accused of child pornography, and two city employees resign over pornographic photos.  Honestly, we need don’t need another controversy.  Is Catherine Butschek a perfect being and the most ideal candidate for that seat against Nathan Scott?  No, but I have fully vetted her and find that she has some ideas in which I can support and she does not have any legal records that cause me concern.  I also recognize that she will be one of 7 should she make it on council and if I don’t like her then, next year there will be 2 more seats up for election. 

I know that there will be some people who simply no vote that seat because they would rather not deal with it, but they must remember that a no vote is a yes vote because they are handing their decision over to the will of others.  Allowing others to make that decision for you is a cop out. 

Armchair Politician

I keep being told about these stories of armchair politicians.  The ones who call people into their office and open up the liquor cabinet and then proceed to woo their new prey with their amazing stories and feats.  That same old story has been told over and over again by men and women all over Wylie.  New pals enter the picture, are fed a little alcohol, patted on the fanny and lobbed toward a board or council.  I can name a dozen current and past city players at least who have been hand selected for that gauntlet.  Once the new crony gets elected or appointed, the good old boys lean on them to let their will be done.  Sounds almost biblical, doesn’t it?    

I got to thinking about this.  Just so there are no surprises, because we already know how the armchairs roll, their game is old.  I’m going to show my hand, I will run for council.  You see, I’m banking on the armchair politicians to scramble in a sort of Laurel and Hardy effort over the next year as they attempt to dig someone out from under one of their rocks.  I imagine them all atwitter because that woman is going to run.  They still have been unsuccessful in figuring me out.  They won’t know which end is up, will I run, won’t I run?  Yeah, that’s some fun shit right there.  Politics Detroit style.  Yes, I grew up under the tutelage of Mayor Coleman Young.  Hells if I get on council, I’ll start getting every new building in Wylie named after me.  I can just see it now… name in lights. 

It’s all fun and games my dear readers.  After all, politics in Wylie seem to be nothing more than a big game of poker where the smoke drifts in and out of the mirrors on the wall and there is always some master puppeteer with their hand up the backside of someone, working the mouthpiece.  Because of this, I think I should file for Place 1, Councilman David Goss’ seat.  You see, two can play that armchair politician game and I’ve been doing it from the keyboard and a big-ass touch screen but I can do it as a candidate too.  I won’t even have to leave my screen except to file. 

This time next year I think I should run against Councilman Goss and God willing, he will run too.  Yes, two conservatives for the same seat.  Won’t it be fun when the good old armchair politicians ante up one of their liberal pals to run against us?  I mean, who in their right mind will make it a 4 way race?  But what fun if they did!  All the better, we’ll play that old game of odds I learned all too well in my college probability class.  We’ll find another conservative or two to run as well.  Yes! Yes! Yes!  Damn it’s almost as good as sex just thinking about it.  It will force a runoff and my Wylie conservative friends, that is the best thing you could hope for because the odds will be stacked against the liberals and it will almost guarantee a conservative in the runoff.  Ah yes, I can just see it now.  Councilman Goss will slip easily back into his seat and it won’t matter an ant hill or two what Councilwoman Kathy Spillyards does with her seat.  See how politics are played in Wylie?   Hey, I learned from the best.

Timed Test

Normally I am never in a position to do this because we are outright polar opposites with regard to the decisions council makes, but today I have to give a huge-ass ROCK ON and name tag to Wylie City Councilman Rick White and Mayor Pro Tem Red Byboth.  At the last council meeting, I thought their comments on the request for a timer to keep citizen comments in line, was spot on. 

Personally I hate the idea of a clock or timer.  I understand the need for a 3 minute rule, but as Rick White so poignantly stated he was opposed to it because, “We’re here to listen to the people.”  He went on to say that they are often nervous and it can be intimidating. 

Proving that point was the citizen speaker who had come to council during citizen non-agenda participation and was visibly an audibly shaken.  It took her a little while to get to a point where she could speak as she battled a bad case of nerves.  Time wasted were a clock ticking down.

I’ve been there.  I remember the first time I addressed council.  I told them I was nervous but most of them ignored that statement, rather focusing on the fact I introduced myself as a Wylie Tea Party member.  Once I said that, they only heard, “She’s an effing biatch” in their brains.  My message was lost on them after that.  However despite that, I know what it is like to be so nervous you have a difficult time gaining your composure. 

In my opinion, White is right.  The stalling and time it takes until a citizen can move beyond it is wasted time and a 3 minute clock is only going to stifle the real message in those cases.  White said it was “Rude and the timer is like a guillotine, when your time is up, it’s up and we are done with you.”  I have to agree with that assessment.  After all, we elected the Council and Mayor and we expect to be able to have our voices heard.  Often when I’ve composed something to address Council, I have to leave out some pertinent information so as to hit my points within the allotted 3 minutes.  I am especially cognizant of this because I am positive I will be one of the unlucky ones told to wrap it up right at 3 minutes because I am not one of Council’s pets.

Councilwoman Spillyards was for consistency but opposed to the City purchasing any equipment.  Oh for God’s sake, I hope the City doesn’t go out and buy stuff because that is just ludicrous.

Mayor Pro Tem Red Byboth stated that people go over the 3 minutes, “not that often and it is not that encumbering on us.  We can deal with it.”  He feels that the responsibility should be shouldered by Mayor Hogue who is the spokesperson for the City and that fact should be, “adequate in this situation.”   Referring to lines of people coming to speak to council, he stated that Dallas and Plano were bigger but we don’t have that here in Wylie. In my opinion, he’s right.  Rick White stated that we don’t often have lines of people come address council and that when it does happen, “It’s our job.”  He is also right.

Normally I agree with the Wylie conservatives but this time I am opposed.  The only comeback that the conservatives on council had was to invoke ‘consistency’.  I get that and all, but 3 minutes is not always enough time to get a full point across.  Council knows this because interestingly, they have allowed other citizens address them longer than the 3 minutes. Does council pick and choose who makes the extra clock time?  Absolutely.

All in all at the end of all this ridiculous dribble, I found it to be an absolute waste of a work session.  Damn them, it was a waste of my makeup and some hairspray too.  When all was said and done, Byboth and White stated they didn’t want a clock to keep citizens timely and the rest of council said they did.  Sheesh.  I suppose we’ll be getting assigned seats in the audience next.   Sign me up for row ‘F’ Seat 1.  Yeah, you can pretty much guess why.

Comments Received on Candidates

Each time I posted my questions to the Wylie City Council candidates, I also sent an email to the Wylie Tea Party members with the same information I posted here.  I received some interesting replies and have compiled the comments here:

Nathan Scott
1)Definitely liberal. Sounds to me like Nathan Scott has plans to continue growing the city budget and taxing the heck out of the working stiff – a lot like the federal government is doing.  I’d heard that our property taxes were actually supposed to go DOWN this year, is that still true and do you know by what percentage?  Of course, it won’t matter anyway if the newest liberal wins Red’s seat. 

2)Good grief, Wylie is a magnet for dysfunctional candidates. And another one bites the dust.

3)Sounds like we're not voting for Mr. Scott huh.

4)Now I got no clue who I am voting for... Nathan it rubs me wrong that he has his hand out for WASA. Not to mention I personally think his website misleads his experience in the financial world.

 5) (Received verbally) It sounds to me that when he won't tell anyone who he voted for, he wants to play both sides depending on who he is talking to at the time. How can you trust that?

Catherine Butschek
 1)I can support this candidate.......................

2)She's got my vote!!!

3)She has our vote and our time.  How would we contact her?

4)Good support all the way.

5)Catherine Butschek is GREAT!!! known her long time, she and her family have tried to do so much to make Wylie "BETTER" over the past 20 years.............this is wonderful that she is even putting herself out there once again to do some good
 for this poor unethical local govt we have here, along with the crazy her.

6)Right now I lean towards her only b/c of Nathan's issues. (removed misc. comments not relevant to the candidate)    In regards to Catherine, she thinks Bennie is doing a great job. He is a damn liberal. Her stance on the code of ethics is 100% politician... As long as it is fair and legal. I read between the lines we need one unless Mindy and the city attorney say it is a bad idea.

Gilbert Tamez
1)So we have Bennie, who we know voted for obama, and will ultimately do so again.  And we have Gilbert, who flat-out claims the mantle of Dems. Once again, voting for the lesser of two evils.  Not to mention, I see a lot of soft answers in here from Gilbert and also see the socialist/big government attitude.

2)Voted for Obama because his parents were Dems....what a moron...he can't think for himself, yet he wants to run for City way!

3)If he voted for Obama in the past election, he will definitely not get my vote on anything. Sorry, if that's the best we have to choose from then I will sit this one out. I just can't support the liberal side.

4)Thanks for the information. Very informative. Since this guy voted for Obama and still plans to again - he does not get it and is part and parcel what is wrong with this country. Thanks again. Keep up the good work.

5)So he will STILL vote Democrat in the next Presidential election????????????????????

Bennie Jones
1)Sorry, can't support this candidate either.....................too liberal.

2)He voted for Obama he's off my list. Plain znd simple.  What if anything is the Wylie tea party doing about agenda 21 ?

3)I just don't trust Bennie with funding for his WYC. Frankly is just bothers me it is needed. If ur gonna be tapping the ass, you need to accept responsibility...

4)So we have Bennie, who we know voted for obama, and will ultimately do so again.  And we have Gilbert, who flat-out claims the mantle of Dems. Once again, voting for the lesser of two evils.  (repeated from Gilbert’s section because it pertains to both)