The Unconstitutioning of the United States of America

This week our Constitutional rights have been trampled by a group of lethal bandits who bastardized the Constitution of the United States of America and dramatically overstepped their boundaries.  

The United States of America was created by the States which banded together and tasked the Federal Government with providing for the common defense.  The States did not task the Federal Government with armchair management of State affairs.  The Federal Government only has the power to do that which it was given by those States which created it. This week that ideology created by the Founding Fathers has clearly been revoked.  We have been unconstitutionalized.    

Today we can no longer look to the Constitution as our guide because it was trampled by a group of powdered rogues that should be disrobed, disbarred, and disbanded.  Welcome to the new Post-Constitutional United States.

No Party Here

At last night's Wylie City Council Meeting, Fire Chief Randy Corbin gave a presentation of the state of the Wylie Fire Department.  It was no surprise he pointed out the necessity of two of those monstrous fire trucks called Quints.  

I was in attendance this time last year when he gave relatively the same presentation and argument to City Council.  It is no surprise that Wylie is in need of them, or frankly it shouldn't be because we have had one of some of the equipment since 1992 and Quints since 1996 and 1999.  In fact, it should come as no surprise to anyone that we are in need to two Quints and ultimately three of them when and if we build another fire station down the road.  

The question then is, why is this topic only now reaching a fevered pitch within the City?  Why is the City of Wylie and its citizens stuck with the need to replace 15 and 18 year old equipment with new trucks that average $750K each?  Why are we irresponsibly behind the 8-ball on this?  

Wouldn't it stand to reason that if the City of Wylie knew our equipment was decaying and past its recommended lifespan that we would have taken steps years ago to prepare for and perhaps even save up for the purchase of these things?  I mean, it's not like it is a big surprise that crept up on us or anything.

Now Wylie is stuck with old equipment which is an absolute requirement for saving lives and no way to pay for it.  Despite what I think of Chief Corbin, personally I think he is a big sissy only once removed from pedi- and mani-cures, the Fire Department needs he pointed out are very real indeed.  What has our City Manager Mindy Manson been waiting on?  This is not exactly her first rodeo if you know what I mean.  

Why are we finding ourselves in a position that in order to buy a Quint or two we need to do some serious cutting or worse yet tax increasing?  Shouldn't that have been done years ago?  If the average life for a Quint is 12 years for example, wouldn't you begin your preparations in year 10?  It seems to me that in the heyday that was Wylie massive growth, we should have had the funds pouring from our fingertips in order to pay for the replacement of these trucks, at the very time such replacement was needed.  Rather our City spent money like it was growing on trees and nobody bothered to think much past tomorrow or their own instant gratification.

It appears to me that if the City doesn't cut its budget, will they be coming to citizens asking for us to approve a bond in order to buy the things.  Oh hells no.  In my opinion, the City got us into this mess, the City needs to get us out of it and unfortunately that means they need to make some difficult and probably painful cuts in order to correct the situation we have been forced into through their mismanagement of our tax dollars all these years.  Sadly, this year their solution is to give employee furloughs and cut Police and Fire salaries by 1%. 

The City played the Good Time Charlie until it caught up with them thanks to a down economy.  Sadly, you will never know if a budget is being mismanaged until the economy goes sour and it becomes glaringly obvious.  It seems everyone wants to party but nobody wants to stay and clean up afterwards. 

Sexist Discriminatory Wylie

I really have a difficult time believing that the only community members called to give the invocation in Wylie for any given event and including our Wylie City Council meetings are all men. I don't know about previous mayors but ever since Mayor Eric Hogue has held the seat of Mayor of Wylie, no woman has ever lead a prayer.  Why is that?   Does anyone else find this a bit offensive?  Do you mean to tell me there are no women in Wylie worthy of leading an invocation?  I believe this needs to be looked into. 

The Rub

Here's the rub.  If you hold a position on one of the boards and commissions here in Wylie, and you know something wrong is taking place, wouldn't you speak out about it? If you are watching the City Council meetings take place and are engaged in dialog with some of the leaders, wouldn't you tell others about what you saw or heard?

How would you get the word out to people?  How would you let people know that in Wylie, what you are seeing is not really what you are getting?

Interestingly enough, there are truly only a handful of Wylie's citizens that get this concept.  We are in the know.  We have a gut feeling.  We have heard stories or witnessed some sort of nonsense or other.  If you knew your City was not being run the way it should be, wouldn't you want to improve it? 

As a group of concerned citizens, how on God's green earth do we let people know that their City Council can do better?  Much better, in fact.  

How do we let them know just how much foolishness is taking place with regard to our taxpayer money, especially when the only newspaper in town writes at the pleasure of the mayor?  Do you have a chance of getting those everyday people informed as long as no real stories are ever printed or as long as no real digging and reporting is taking place?  The citizens of Wylie will continue to be fed those slick taglines that everything is coming up roses in Wylie and as Mayor Eric Hogue says, this is a community of people who are very involved.  

Eh, who says?  We have 43K citizens and only 700-1K routinely come out to vote.  We have 43K citizens and 500 come for a street dance.  We have 43K citizens and 48 come out for a candidate forum.  We have 43K citizens and 200 come out for a 9/11 memorial service.  This is not a community of people who care, its a community of people who are too damn busy.  

Wylie is a community of young families who are so busy with their younguns they simply don't have the time or energy to be involved as part of their "civic duty".  They can barely keep their heads straight with all the soccer games and dance lessons.  The younger generation are leaving it up to the elders to decide, hoping or perhaps guessing they will have the wisdom to guide the City on a path of prosperity.  Yet those 'elders' are all a bunch of good old boys and girls who have held their stranglehold on our tiny government for well over a decade.  

Sadly the goold old boys on our City Council know and capitalize on this.  They capitalize in the form of a well placed newspaper article in the Wylie News telling us there is a $173K shortfall in the budget.  Then we read on and are informed of all the things we need such as shiny new red Quints that race out of the fire stations for every call whether needed or not.  We need a 4th fire station that half of our City Council wants to get a bond approved for the building of it even though we don't need one.  We don't ever read stories that point out the inadequacies of our Rec Center or that our wise Citymeisters opened up that Rec Center which loses money every day it is open.  We aren't informed that the Rec Center was always deigned to lose money. 

We don't get to read how our parks are in dismal shape, even after we paid out the butt for renovations and didn't quite get what we were promised.  We only get a slick pic of the Media Hogue pitching out the first ball at the re-dedication.  Oh it looks all nice and cozy, but in reality the parks look like hell.

The City can hardly handle the renovation of our City Parks, why did we hand them the running of our Rec Center?  In fact I am going to give you an example of why the City should not be in the business of running much of anything.  

Our wise city leaders that run that Rec Center made an error and refunded money to me that they shouldn't have and when I questioned them, they never responded. 
Here is what happened:  I paid a $100 deposit for the classroom for 2 separate days along with the rent of $60 per room per event.  My total outgo was $220.  I used the room for the first event and when the second event came around, I canceled it at the last minute so they could release the room to someone else rather than just not show up because I was not going to use the room after all.  In fact, the contract I signed stated clearly that last minute cancellations would incur a fee of $50.  That means of the $60 I had paid, I would receive only $10 back.  Therefore I should have received back my $100 deposit (because there was no damage and I left the room as clean as I found it) plus the $10.  

When I canceled the 2nd room rental, they told me they would not charge me the $50 fee.  How nice of them.  Do you know I received back a check from the City of Wylie for the full $220. They refunded the $60 I spent and actually used on the first classroom as well.  As soon as I saw their mistake, I wrote to them and asked them how they would like me to return the $60.  Do you know I never received any reply back?  

I ask you: is the City in the business of losing money on this Rec Center?  I can tell you that would I were to rent that same room from say, 24 Hour Fitness, they would have never made that refund error.  In fact, I guarantee 24 Hour Fitness or Gold's Gym could run that Rec Center much more efficiently than the City of Wylie can.  Have you ever watched a government run something successfully?  Just look to Social Security and the US Postal Service for your answer.  In my humble opinion, the City of Wylie needs to get the hell out of the Rec Center business and lease that albatross to someone who knows how to run it and can turn a profit.  

I ask readers how can we possibly get this type of knowledge out to those citizens who don't pay attention, don't vote, don't show up for the forums or are part of the dismal 800 readers of the Wylie News that only receive the slick marketing stories?  

I started this blog hoping to point out that our City leaders can do a much better job than they currently do.  I may not always be right, I try to research what I write about, I have a fair assortment of readers, but with complete apathy in Wylie, how do you get people to pay attention?  

Without attention, we get what we get and what we currently have are a group of 7 people sitting at the dais twice a month making detrimental decisions that will affect our home values and our way of life within the community.  Sadly, I am afraid that it is only when our City leader's policies continue to kill our property values and render selling our homes as useless, will people take notice.  Then it will be too late.  

Was the drop in residential property values the last 3 years enough to get anyone's attention or are they falsely attributing it to the economy?  Sure some of it is the economy but some of it is the enormously high tax rate we have in Wylie, and our Council's decision to ram low-income housing after low-income housing here.  

Get your neighbors, friends, and family involved.  Get them to watch the meetings online routinely so they know what is going on.  It's budget time in Wylie and everyone should be watching.  We can't afford 4 more years of the morons in the White House and we also cannot afford more years of crappy decisions being made by our Wylie City Council. 

Goin' Green

Like you, I just got home from a long day at work and decided I had better check my email.  Normally I try to check it at lunch but today I had lunch with our CPA so I was a tad indisposed with my shrimp basket at Rockfish.  I suppose that is one of the perks in working with a rep firm.  We get to eat out a lot, oh and we get to expense it when we do, too. Suffice to say both my Corporate AmEx card and my waistline get a workout at times.

When I opened up my email I had this waiting for me from that fount of wisdom called Wylie ISD: 

Wylie ISD Community News
Thursday, 21, 2012
Special Edition
Beginning with the 2012-2013 school year, Wylie ISD is going “green” with its district calendar. Get your advanced, printable copy today by going to the district website or clicking here. You can download it, save it and print as many or as often as needed. In addition, all elementary campuses will have the calendar printed on their “take home” folders.

Now can I just stop everyone here and point out the definition of goin’ green?  Cuz I am fairly confident it doesn’t mean passing the buck to those poor people known as the sucker parents.  According to the website We Can Live Green, “Going green is defined as 'The social phenomenon describing individuals who use their consumer voice to increase sustainability and decrease their impact on the environment.'” ( 

Interestingly enough, it doesn’t mean to, “Print as many or as often as needed.” I nearly lost a lung laughing over that one.  Um ya.  For those of you who didn’t get it yet I will paraphrase.  They meant to say that they are going green with this year’s district calendar, as long as it’s your paper being wasted and not theirs.  Oh no they di-n’t. 

I am left scratching my head.  Honestly.  Did they really force the word “print” in the blip above to reinforce how “green” they are or to reinforce that the parents need to waste their own paper and print the thing which completely negates any real “green” effect in the end, doesn’t it?  Especially if I decide to take their advice and print it often.  I wonder, can I wallpaper my gameroom with it?  Hey, now there’s an idea.

I gather about now you are probably wondering exactly what was the first thing I did with that calendar?  Well of course I printed the little effer….twice.  Suffice to say, I need to go plant another tree now to help make up for the additional carbon footprint I just took up. 

Fugly Budget

Yup, it’s budget time, and is it any wonder that according to the Wylie News article published today, that Wylie City Manager Mindy Manson and her merry minions are reporting a budget shortfall of $173K.  Well just shut the front door.  Am I surprised at this perfectly timed report?  Nope. 

Do yourself a little favor and head online to the City of Wylie website.  Mosey on over to the finance department and take a gander or two at the budgets of last- and this year.  It looks to me like some fuzzy math has taken place in this year’s stab at the budget.  A few things shuffled here and there forcing a shortfall.  $173K is a drop in the bucket if you really think about it long and hard.  I could have told you all this was coming though, so let’s review a little history and make a few minute revelations.

This time last year, Mayor Eric Hogue and City Manger Mindy Manson, or MayMin as I like to call them, whined like sissies that we should spend rainy day funds to give the employees a 2% bonus.  Now remember back, after killing off a few brain cells with a beer or two I know it’s hard, how Mayor refused to call it a bonus, rather calling it a one-time incentive payment, or some such abstract nonsense.  You see, he didn’t want it called a bonus because he didn’t want the taxpayers of Wylie to vomit all over that idea. 

The word-smithing took place and we called Mayor to the carpet on it.  Not only did we call him to the carpet on the smoke and mirrors play on words, we called Mayor to the carpet on using rainy day funds to pay the bonus.  I don’t know what silly twit thought that was a good idea, but it wasn’t.  We discovered this only after Mindy Manson was forced to get an independent auditor opinion on our rainy day fund, and the truth finally came out.  The fact is the verbiage for a rainy day fund is that it is to be used for emergencies, and a bonus clearly is not.  It was also proven what percentage of our total budget should remain in the rainy day fund in order for our bond rating to remain healthy.  They planned to draw it down over the next several years to less than 19% and the auditor claimed we needed to keep it somewhere around 25%, memory don’t fail me now. 

Suffice to say, MayMin, the two headed monster, decided they would get Finance Director Linda Bantz to come up there and offer up the sacrificial lamb, so to speak.  She offered up the contingency fund, which is a fund for unexpected expenses not planned for in the budget.  Well I guess you could look at it last year as a sort of discretionary pot at the pleasure of MinMay and they continued to take hit after hit on that pot (damn I hope it was some good stuff), even doling out funds to a non-profit who begged for money.  This nonprofit was granted the cash and because they are pals of MinMay, they were not required to turn over their financials.  In fact no citizen has seen those financials as of this writing, interestingly enough. 

Fast forward to election time.  Fast forward to the befuddling Nathan Bubba Scott who ran on some sort of nonsensical platform of mature, professional and responsible leadership, and he couldn’t have used four words that define him less.  The man is immature, he beat up his wife and was arrested for it and had her write a letter to the editor of the newspaper explaining how it was her fault rather than take the blame for his own actions;  unprofessional, he lied about voting in the last presidential election and lost his cool at the candidate forum; irresponsible, he has been chased down by the court system for not paying child support, and he has a difficult time holding down a job; and a follower, at his first meeting he wanted to table a vote for Mayor Pro Tem until Mayor Hogue could make it back into town and, “make a responsible decision” for them.  The man is not a leader, he is an absolute baffling buffoon. 

Indeedy do, this bubba changed his platform midway through the election and told prospective voters that he wanted to lower taxes.  He did this because taxpayer after taxpayer complained about how high our taxes are.  We are the highest in the land by the way.  Um in other words, Bubba lied to voters.  Big surprise there and people like former Mayor Pro Tem Red Byboth and current Councilman Rick White would like you to believe that’s just plain politics and lying, stealing, and cheating for it is perfectly acceptable, even though it is not. 

In all reality, what Bubba Scott wants and has talked about for months, is to bring forth a bond for the 4th fire station, which is not needed because we do not actually have enough citizens, at 200 housing starts a year for the past handful of years, to warrant it.  It will ultimately increase our taxes, should a vote for bond pass, in order to pay for the thing.  

Scott is an absolute abject failure in the coveted responsible leadership role he so wanted people to believe he could fill.  In fact, I don’t believe he has ever held a role of leadership, nor much in the way of any tangible responsibility.  Well that is until the morons in Wylie voted him in office and placed him on the board of that ghastly group of agers known as WASA, Wylie’s Advocates for Senior Activities.  That group is nothing more than a political action committee seeking to get one of their own on council so they could suck more funds out of the taxpayers, and they were successful weren’t they?

This brings us to today.  I knew MinMay would begin their woe is me campaign to the slimy Wylie News in order to begin the fear mongering necessary to get citizens on board with the idea of a tax increase.  Oh, they will put off the Quints, a permanent raise for employees, and a 4th fire station another year but this time next year you can bet your butt those items will hit the budget, and they would have their unscrupulous tax increase to cover it all as well.  But of course, sympathy and fear mongering will be their ticket.  It was their ticket in rending the useless rubbish called Nathan Scott to the board.  They took advantage of a group of illiterate, simpletons that reside here in Wylie and pushed them into voting for a lie.

MinMay’s plan is simple.  Rather than use the income we had previously in a wise and thrifty manner, your City Council spent like they were Michael freaking Jackson in his later gluttonous years.  There was always that little adage they could fall back upon where they were not a for-profit entity.  I beg to differ.  They were, and should have always been mindful of our taxpayer dollars, and to include and consider as part of this mindfulness future expenditures years in advance.  Sadly, they did not.  They spent and hoped for forgiveness later.  Did they not know they were going to need new Quints in the future for the fire stations?  Of course they did, but they would rather spend and worry about it later.  In the best John Stossel I can muster, give me a break.  Mindy, as a person you are really a peach but as a City Manager, I believe Wylie has far outgrown you and toots, it’s time for you to be fired.  No hard feelings. 

You know, every other community around us has cut back, but for some reason Wylie refuses to do so.  We just have to put on the July Jubilee for a couple hundred people who show up out of 43K citizens.  We just have to keep staff levels the same.  Heaven forbid we do any real cutting of expenditures.    Sam Satterwhite’s salary  and total annual compensation are well North of this alleged $173K shortfall, why doesn’t he take his additional compensation and move it to the WEDCs balance sheet, instead of sucking the cash from the city along with the 1 cent of every tax dollar that heads into the WEDCs coffers.    Hells, his salary alone would cover the shortfall.  Then again, hows about letting go of some of the dead weight on staff?  Has anyone bothered to think of that?  I could name a few people, but I won’t publicly because I see no reason to berate a few employees at this point, and because MinMay know full well who they are fiercely protecting.  With growth in Wylie at a virtual standstill, I doubt we need quite as many staff members as we did, say 6 years ago, rather we continue to refuse the idea of letting go.  I have a difficult time believing there is no dead weight on staff.  There is ALWAYS dead weight.  Oh no, we want to hold fast to some sort of unrealistic ideal that we will be the only community that did not lay people off when times were tough.  Isn’t that what Mayor touted during the last budget season?  Heavens, perish the thought.  Just think of the feather in his cap as he attempts to run for some higher office. 

Sadly, we have nothing to look forward to except a group of seven individuals with varying levels of intelligence and education who are going to tackle this fugly budget.  I can only hope they seek the advice of someone other than Mindy Manson and Mayor Eric Hogue who seem to be leading us woefully astray.

Freaking Sunshine

Is anyone else out there as sick as I am about this presidential election?  I mean, talk about the most lackluster people to vote for; two men totally out of touch with the American people.  Seriously, could the selection be worse? I think I would have liked Ross Perot more, would he were to run.  Blah!

Will they even bother debating?  I wonder.  In all likelihood our liberal, scum-sucking media moderators would only bring ever so riveting questions about gay marriage, and amnesty for illegal children.  The bizarreness of this whole political season has really only left us stupefied.  

Our CPA came to visit us at work today and he about lost his temper when he saw how much the bank was charging in interest per day on a small line of credit.  He got the brilliant idea to figure out what the interest would be on the US debt.  He came up with a figure that is incomprehensible. Sadly, our fearless leaders would rather like to worry about freaking gay marriage.  

You know, I have a bff from high school who is as gay as they come and to be honest, I don't give a flying fig if she could get married or not right now.  Dear God, don't we have bigger problems to worry about than to kowtow to a small percentage of the American population?  What the hell have we done to our children and their children with this debt?

I don't have the answer, but I wish I did.  I suppose if I pretended to have the answer I could run for president like everyone else.  I can say with certainty that the policies of the last 3 1/3 years aren't working so I will not be voting for Obama.  

Today I am just a little freaking ray of sunshine, aren't I? 

Realization of the Week

Last night at the family gathering before the New Yorkers leave town, the 11 of us started to count how many beers we have had out of the book, 1001 Beers You Must Drink Before You Die
Sadly, we made it up to page 400 and have only had 21. Evidently we are going to live forever.

Park Spark

On the agenda yesterday was the Community Park Improvement Project from 2011 which was brought by Councilwoman Diane Culver and Councilman Bennie Jones.  I just want to point out here that it was conveniently shuffled to last on the agenda by Mayor Eric Hogue who was probably hoping to hide the item from as many prying eyes as he could.  We all know most everyone leaves the long meetings by 8 pm. 

Anywho, it was discovered by Culver on Saturday at the Rededication Ceremony of Community Park that the services we paid for were exactly delivered.  What Culver was concerned about was that the fields are not draining properly, the concrete was removed to run a water line, and PVC piping was lying in open view.  She was concerned that perhaps contractors didn’t know where they were going to put a water line so they had to go back and remove concrete and pour it yet again after the installation.  She was concerned that one of the promises the architectural design firm made was to fix the poor drainage. Finally, she was concerned that the PVC pipe was an eyesore and not what the City and ultimately our tax dollars paid for.   

With a whopping 11 people in view from the camera point, Councilman Bennie Jones asked Jeff Harris from Wylie Parks and Rec to come speak.  Harris stated, “We were late.”  Plain and simple, he stated that this project was supposed to be complete before the ceremonial first pitch was given by Mayor Eric Hogue but that was not to happen.  We were late and Hogue tossed out the ‘ceremonial last pitch’ according to Harris’ son.  Golly I just have to say I love me some Jeff Harris.  I hope we see more of his name in the future because we really need some people on council who know what the hell they are talking about, unlike the babbling baboon Nathan Scott who blub, blub, blubs his way through the meetings.

Goss called up City Manager Mindy Manson and Chris Seely, who works for Teague, Nall, and Perkins, the architectural design firm in charge of this project, and who up until last night also served on the WEDC Board, that is before he got das boot.  When Goss began his question, he asked about the department and Mindy Manson stated loud and clear, “It was a group effort.”  Wow, in my best deep throated monster truck voice……Epiccccc Faaaaiiiiilll! Notice how she was uber quick to jump in and take group effort responsibility for this cluster.  Momma Mindy went immediately into Teflon shield mode and surrounded herself with her posse in some auto pilot mode of protecting her employees, even to her detriment.  Is she trying yet again to protect her employees and lump herself in as part of the group so as to offset any individual culpability for problems.  Seriously, if you were Robert Diaz, Parks and Rec Superintendent and the doo doo was gonna roll uphill, wouldn’t you pop in and out almost daily to make sure our tax dollars are being spent wisely and citizens, along with your employer,  are getting what we contracted and paid for? 

Mayor stated with his usual contrived p-p-p-p- poker face to Seely, “What I see is an unfinished product and things are complete but they are not what they should be. “ He told staff that they are not the professional park builders and that Teague, Nall, and Perkins should have used their expertise to oversee the project despite the fact Manson stated it was a group effort by her department.  So who should have had their hands on the ball then?  Group fail.

According to Councilman Jones, Seely’s firm touted drainage as their specialty.   So let me get this straight, that Seely dude blames the contractor, not a contractor is in site at the meeting, Mindy takes group blame, and Mayor says the designer is to blame.  Is anyone following me on this vicious circle?  So who is holding the bag?  It seems everyone had their Teflon suits on last night.  Really, I want to know, who is gettin’ in trouble for this one?  Oh, not one of Mindy’s minions as long as the Minmay get their way.  You know, it’s sort of like Brangelina, except for us Wylie has Minmay.  The androgynous version both male and female who sort of run the show all at the same time and speak and think for each other. 

So who is going to monitor this ridiculous situation we have been put in?  Mayor wanted to know if the onus falls on Teague, Nall, and Perkins? Seely stated they would, ‘monitor it’.   Um, did they not monitor it the first time?  Seely stated there was onsite inspection per phase completion.  Councilman Goss indicated, “If we are going to have a capital improvement project, that we have someone with specific skills sets to monitor the project.”  He also went on to state that this is the second park we have had problems with our park improvements where our city employee who this falls under should have been on site almost daily.  Yup, he just tossed Parks and Rec Superintendent Robert Diaz under the bus, and rightfully so. 

Well then Weenie Boy Nathan Scott piped in like he thinks he knows what he is talking about and states that the baseball league should be informed of it.  Um, like they weren’t?  He then states that he thinks our boards would be antagonistic toward city staff and toward the contractors if they were included in the talks.  Oh ya, like they antagonize contractors all the time, the doofus.  He said it’s a privilege to sit on the boards.  Really?  OMG, is he a moron or what? 
We didn’t hear not one word from Councilman Rick White or Councilwoman Kathy Spillyard.  Were they asleep?  Oh ya, that’s right, from what I heard, Kathy was indeed asleep on the dais, several times too. 

Councilman Jones told Nathan Scott that he disagreed and that there is nothing antagonistic about contractors presenting updates to the board, that it is simply a responsible action, to toss a favorite word back at Weenie Boy who seems to find himself to be quite responsible even though he was chased down for not paying his child support.  You know, pot, kettle thing….and probably a little too much pot back in the day.

Even Mayor agreed the board needs to be kept informed.  In the end, he tried to save his pal Nathan Scott’s face by admonishing Mindy Manson that should she ever hear of anyone on the boards antagonizing contractors, that she is to tell them right quick.  Um, duh. 

This whole sad situation just proves to me that we have no business awarding bids to Bobby Joe and Bubba our drinking pals who also happen to live in Wylie. 

Seely Seatable

Yee haw cowboy!  I popped in on the city council meeting because yet again, our lovely on demand video was more like 'in the off position'.  I attempted to watch the Wylie City Council meeting but as expected, the video was turned off for the vote I wanted to watch. 

I got to City Hall just in time to hear our City Council voting on Boards and Commissions and I stepped in for the biggie, the one I was waiting for.  I stepped in to watch the vote for the Wylie Economic Development Corporation Board or WEDC.  It appears that Chris Seely was up on the chopping block and God Almighty, Praised Be, the curtains tore from the great temples, the Red Sea parted, fish jumped into the nets, and water turned to wine, Seely was voted off in favor of Demond Dawkins.  Will wonders never cease.

You remember Demond Dawkins, he is the stellar man who is President of Viewpoint Bank locally and who served on Wylie's Advocates for Senior Activities (WASA) also lovingly known to me as We Are Smart Asses.  Dawkins served as Treasurer before WASA kicked him off in favor of the man arrested for beating up his wife, the man who had to be chased by Denton County Court system in order to get him to pay his child support, the man who lied about voting in the last election, the man with documented anger management issues according to the Collin County Court system, Councilman Nathan Scott. 

I am so happy to see Mr. Dawkins appointed to the WEDC Board instead of Chris Seely.  I always felt there was a huge conflict of interest when everything that opened for bidding by the Wylie Parks and Rec board was bid on by Mr. Seely's architectural design firm.  I often watched in wonderment as Seely's employer always seemed to make it into the list of finalists for park development.  In fact it always appeared that his firm was handed some sort of gimme in order to give them a little something something.  

It's a bad, bad plan to allow so much fraternization among the boards and their businesses and their pals, and then to pass it under our City Council's noses where they can vote to approve just about anything involving their church pals.  OK, so I embellish slightly but you get the general gist of just how business is conducted here in Wylie.  You lick my backside, I'll lick yours.

Congratulations to Demond Dawkins for unseating the unseatable.  I hope you eventually  consider running for City Council because you will have my undying support and vote.  We need more class up there and tag, you're it.

Grad Gaff

Just read that piece of printed rubbish called the Wylie News today.  There was an article all about the graduations that took place last Saturday at the Allen Event Center.  More particularly the stories were about the 'Alpha' class of Wylie East.  Suffice to say, I am not surprised the newspaper did not print all the news that was noteworthy.

The paper left out a major bonehead remark made in error by our illustrious new Superintendent Dr. David Vinson.  Yup, the man who reminds me of Dr. Evil from Austin Powers forgot what school was graduating and announced them as Wylie High to which he received a round of boos and hisses from the graduates and the attendees.  He later corrected himself at another spot in his speech after telling them to hold on and that he would fix it. 

It really was a slap to Wylie East students who, for four years, have been driven to create a completely separate identity from Wylie High and to have such a misspeak slap them so, was just terrible and a sting that can never be taken back or fixed.  They will always remember that smear on their day. 

I realize slip ups can happen to everyone but this one was a magnitude 10 which was surprisingly left out of the watered down Wylie News article.  Gee no surprise there.

Graduation Bee Bop

This is a painful post to be sure.  It is painful because it is about someone I consider to be a friend, but I have to make it because I agree with the sentiment.

Picture this, there I sat in the Allen Event Center in a crappy back row for my niece's graduation.  We were mighty proud of her as she graduated in the top 10% of her class with honors out the wazoo.  We were disheartened though, because the seats were less than stellar.  In fact, they were pretty crappy especially considering that there were row upon row much closer that were empty.  I don't know who passed these seats out to the students, but the back was packed and the sides closer up were empty.  The seats were so bad they made me thankful we had awesome seats for my own son's graduation, but I digress.

Because the seats were so crappy, I spent my time watching the video screen overhead.  About half way through the procession of graduates as they appeared on stage to be handed the very thing they coveted for the last 12 years, I receive the following text from a good friend:

"Watching East's graduation. What's with Barbara Goss and other board members hugging on kids? They didn't do that in the other graduation. I know she's your friend but that looked kind of unprofessional coming from a school board member and the other ones too."

I can tell you this friend who wrote to me isn't involved in any of the political antics I write about in my blog, in fact I'm not sure she even votes to be honest, and I'm pretty sure she has never gone to a council meeting unless she was forced to for something with her kids.  The simple fact is, my friend was right in that it looked really tacky.

Now I love Barbara Goss with a passion, but when I saw Joe Stooksberry and Barbara running up there to hand out diplomas to their special pals, I was really flabbergasted.  In my opinion, a specific pomp and circumstance should be adhered to just for a certain fluidity of the event.  It was awkward at best to have people cutting in as Stacy Gooch was attempting to hand out diplomas.  The kiss and cry even stopped the flow at times.  Simply put, it looked Podunk.

Now I can vehemently avow that I am not a fan of Stacy Gooch.  A good friend of mine once told me that when he looks at her, he imagines her hopping in a Toyota Four Runner and popping in a tape of some sort of tampon rock. Despite that rather descriptive image, she is after all the President of the Board of Education for WISD and because of that, she deserves a certain amount of respect.  In my opinion, it was a bit disrespectful to her for people to keep bobbing in and out of the line, hugging and kissing the graduates and even grabbing diplomas off the stack to hand out instead of her.  Can you imagine Gooch standing up there feeling a tad jaded by the whole chaotic scene? I mean, she has earned the right to be the one to pass them out.  She was voted President by her peers.  Do they disrespect her that much?

Am I thrilled that Gooch was the one to hand my own son his diploma earlier in the evening instead of my friend Goss?  Hells no, because I think Gooch is a tosser who is only in it for her real estate business, but it is what it is and it wasn't what it should have been with all the bee bopping around on stage.  

Did Trustee Goss run at top speed across the stage that whole evening just because certain students wanted HER to be the ONE?  Well I get it, but it was still highly unprofessional.  All one need to do is watch the video of the graduation to see what I mean. It was so distracting as I watched it on the large, overhead screen that I kept looking at the stage in wonderment.  If I were an East parent who bought that DVD, I would be a bit miffed at how chaotic it appeared on film.  In the overhead all I could see were heads bobbing in and out and you had no idea who was passing what out.

Think about it.  How ridiculous would it look if Trustee Westhora kept running up there along with Trustees Goss, Goff, Herzog, Leggett, and Stooksberry just because they felt THEY should be the ones to pass out the diploma to their special little peep?  What a total cluster that would be with people running at top speed across the stage, tripping over each other.  Can we say stooges?

Conversely, how do the graduates feel who didn't get such a special privilege?  The rotating cast of characters was totally inappropriate no matter how you slice it.

I can only hope that in the future, a rule is made so that we don't have future graduations looking like the running of the bulls as this one did.

Now I know this won't be my most popular post among readers because Goss is highly popular in town.  But I must call a spade a spade and I will not pretend that it was OK just because she is my friend.  Just my three cents worth thanks to inflation.

Dais of Our Lives

I just took a gander at my Facebook account and caught this little ditty posted by The Wylie News:

Suspicious Letter Causes City Hall Evacuation

Date: Tuesday, June 05, 2012
Wylie Police received a call about 8 a.m. Tuesday, June 5, regarding a suspicious package/letter that had been left on the dais in council chambers at Wylie City Hall. According to Det. Venece Perepiczka of WPD, the letter was not addressed.

Officers reviewed surveillance tape of the entrance to city hall and saw a man entering the facility at approximately 7:30 a.m. "The male walked directly into the council chambers and placed the letter on the desk," she said. "He then walked out of the building."

Officers and city employees reviewed the tape and recognized the man as someone who has expressed "anti-government opinions in an agressive manner" and had expressed displeasure toward police and other government officials. "Taking everything into consideration, all precautions were taken," Perepiczka said. "City Hall was evacuated, and hazmat units from the city of Garland were requested."

Hazmat officers checked the envelope and determined it was clear of any hazardous material.

The contents of the letter are being reviewed for any possible criminal charges, police officials said.

Business at Wylie City Hall was interrupted from 8:15 a.m. until the "all clear" was given at 10:15 a.m.

"There were no arrests made at this time; however, the investigation is ongoing," Perepiczka said.

OMG, can I just insert an eyeball roll here?  I mean WTF?  Are our city leaders such freaking pantywaists that they are afraid of a letter being delivered by a person who they guess doesn't like them? Could it be the guy who delivered it is correct in whatever assertions I assume he made in his envelope?  I mean, every day that passes shows the citizens what sort of people are running our City, and let me tell you they ain't the brightest crayons in the box.   

The article alleges this person has expressed anti-government opinions in an aggressive manner. Seriously?  I would like to know who made that official assessment at City Hall?  Who at City Hall could state with any semblance of proof, that this individual has threatened them to the point they have to call in the police for 'aggressiveness'?  Can anti-government statements truly be aggressive?  Are anti-police statements truly a menace to society?  Let us look at an example: if I call our council members weenies, is that some sort of tacit proof that I have expressed any kind of aggressive anti-government opinion?  I think someone probably needs to pull out Webster's Dictionary about now, and get all sorts of real.

I am about to pee myself laughing at the stupidity of it all, especially calling in a hazmat team. Aggressive assertions, now there is a new crime.  LOL!!!  Guess I would be the ring-leader because I express some brutally honest opinions about our city leaders nearly every week and I even have quite a few fans for doing so. I get it now, this must be why the po po sit behind me at the meetings.  Do I need to wonder if they are going to investigate me when I drop off my water bill in a plain, unaddressed envelope at the entrance drop box, because I'm too damn cheap to put a stamp on it, and because I tossed the reply envelope in error?  Lord have mercy I'll be on camera, and they know who I am.  Should I be worried?  Maybe I should send some flowers and a strip-o-gram up there and really sit back and enjoy the action.  How about a box of candy at the holidays?  Now this could really be fun. What morons do we look like to all of North Texas?  Honestly. 

The police get to waste their time examining a letter deemed free of hazardous materials in order to determine if a crime has been committed by an individual who is probably expressing his right to free speech.  I hope the guy called them all something really good.  You know, something really titillating.  Personally a few names come to mind.

But seriously folks. I have no idea what was written in this alleged letter or who delivered it but I can say this as the truth; I have written these bozos emails to which they don't reply back - ever.  I have gone to meeting after meeting and addressed them to which they thumb their noses at me, or worse yet stare me down and give me the eff you look.  I have had conversations with them to which they vote the opposite way of what they indicated they would as they fed me lies.  After witnessing this crappy behavior for nearly a year, I felt compelled to start a blog to point out how childish their behavior is in order to get their attention, yet it would appear to the casual observer they still don't get it.  

Could it be this guy thought the only way to get a response from our lackluster council, who are continually devoid of any real professionalism, was to hand deliver a letter? Hahahaha.  This is really choice, especially if we find out the letter was really nothing at all and they are simply paranoid because they know citizens are getting sick to death of their childish antics on the dais (loosly defined as wood throne the demi-Gods sit at for those of you who don't know).

So let me see, someone in City Hall is afraid of an outspoken guy, but they aren't afraid of a man they helped get elected who beat his wife up and was arrested for it, oh and had to take anger management classes, oh and who burst out in a fit of anger at the candidate forum?  Well there's some real logic for you.

Our City just keeps getting better and better all the time.  Now if they would just turn on channel 41 again, maybe someone would step up and create a soap opera called Dais of Our Lives.

Holding Hands

In 1998 I held my son's hand as I walked him to his first day of school.  Yesterday I held my son's hand as I walked him out of the auditorium after his graduation.  Thank you son for indulging me.  You rock.