Wanting More

If I had to say one Wylie City Councilmember knocked it out of the ballpark last Tuesday night at their meeting, I would have to say it was Councilman Rick White.  DOH! You say.  Yes I know I am as shocked as my readers.  I’ll admit I have had a true love hate relationship with the man since God took that rib from Adam and created Eve with it. 

At last Tuesday night’s council meeting a work session was held regarding what to do with virtually the last 320 acres left in Wylie.  What to do, what to do.  Of course you know how this whole thing came about.  Mr. Developer, this time Ron Haynes owner of Haynes Development, brought yet another harebrained concoction of a cookie-cutter, box house project to Wylie.  Oczywiście! For those of you who don’t speak Polish, it means ‘of course’.  Let me just point out here that I say ‘of course’ with the most sarcastic slant I can possibly add, just so we are clear on this point.

I ponder if I even really need to tell my readers what was proposed.  I suppose if you barely tried, you would probably be right the first time. Yes, Mr. Haynes proposed slamming 1000 houses at 3 homes per acre on that 320 acres of pristine, virgin, a word Coucilman Goss kept obsessing over, land. 

Now before you get to making your calculations like Councilman Scott did, 1/3 of an acre per home, you have to remember there are setbacks, easements, and other impediments that do not allow the whole 1/3 acre to be used.  What Haynes proposed essential was not just zero lot-line homes, but no-lot line homes that, in the end, would probably look like government housing just like that projects looking thing down Westgate. 

Tossing us what he thought was a bone, Mr. Haynes wanted to perk it up with a couple roundabouts.  Now can you imagine that?  Someone up north got the idea that roundabouts would be uber cool and they put them everywhere in Michigan.  Do you know those death traps are being torn out because they cause so many accidents and backups that people cannot tolerate them?  Oh yes, let’s do put in at least two roundabouts and watch all that traffic that heads down Pleasant Valley make their way around that flipping thing.  I think it might be fun just to take some video for an hour or two.

I have news for these developers who think their quaint ideas will con us into thinking they are providing quality.  We are Texans.  When a Texas mile takes you 20 minutes to drive, we just don’t have time to mess about with ideas like roundabouts and other silliness.  England can keep them; they seem to be civil enough to use them properly.  Here in Texas if we are late for work, we’ll just make a path on over the center circle.  Take a look at the impromptu off-ramps we’ve created off the freeways over the years.  When it takes you over an hour to get to work, who has the time for a freaking game of merry-go-round? 

It is true that Councilwoman Diane Culver, Councilman David Goss, and Mayor Eric Hogue all took turns taking whacks with the stupid stick at Mr. Haynes and their statements were all spot on.  However it was Councilman Rick White who was my hero that night because he said it the most eloquently.  White stated that Wylie doesn’t have, “Move up housing.”  Bam.  There it is.  There stands the ginormous freaking white elephant of Wylie.  There stands the very reason the spouse and I will leave Wylie in a matter of a couple years.  Wylie does not offer any homes worth moving up into. 

As I drive around town, all I see is more of the same ole’ same ole’.  I can tell you who we can thank for that.  We can thank those sitting on City Council back around 2000-2005, you know who you are.  Yes, back in the day of the liquor cabinet and fat anonymous envelope crowd some crap went down that shouldn’t have.  Ordinance changes were tabled indefinitely, people like Rick White were yelling loudly to get those building standards in Wylie bumped up dramatically, in order to pull in a better quality of builder, home, and citizen, and it all fell on fairly deaf ears.  Three quarters of Wylie became filled with a sea of mediocrity we can thank the likes of Fox & Jacobs, Centex, Pulte, Choice, and Grand Homes for.  A sea of ugly grey rooftops with very little change from one to the next.

During this time Mr. Don Herzog worked his magic and appealed to those wanting nicer homes in Wylie.  Sure he stepped it up a bit but he crammed them on postage-sized lots claiming the same words of liberal Councilwoman Kathy Spillyards, “People don’t want yards.”  Um, I don’t think so.  People moved to Wylie to get the country feel which then turned into people moving into Wylie to get cheap, low-end housing.  If I had known back when we first drove through Wylie thirteen years ago, that all this low to mid-end housing was planned, I would never have bought our house. 

When we drove through the little downtown area years ago, we fell in love with the country feel.  We didn’t want our kids going to Plano schools so we sold our house and got here as quickly as we could.  I never dreamed there would be no move up housing available when we were ready for it.  In fact, in 1 ½ years when my youngest graduates high school, I’m ready to seriously downsize, but there is nothing in Wylie that is of the quality that I want and expect.  Personally, I’m looking for that country club feel, not houses crammed on lots so small that I can’t put in my own in-ground pool.  That’s just stupid, and that is what Ron Haynes proposed with Pleasant Valley Road, damn near a main thoroughfare, going right through it all. 

I don’t know about you but I don’t want that.  OK, so I can move to a small home in Wylie and get a few more kitchen upgrades, but I’ve already upgraded quite a bit in my home so that’s not a huge draw to keep me here.  I could move to a home that backs to a wooded area, but I already planted a veritable forest in my backyard and my gardens are to die for, so that's not a huge draw to remain in Wylie either.  To be honest, I have fallen in love with Canyon Creek in Richardson, with its pristine golf course, beautiful and unique homes with character, and still room for a pool in my back yard.  If you have ever eaten at Marcus Café, had a cone at Sweet Firefly, and strolled through Beyond the Door, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.  It is a level of quality that Wylie does not offer.  Canyon Creek has smaller homes in it, which are perfect for me to downsize, yet we are also considering the Preston and Park area in Plano.

Preston and Park offers stores I love such as William Sonoma, Trader Joes and restaurants galore.  It is everything Wylie should have been, rather we got Target, Ross, and Rosa’s Café.  When I moved to Wylie in 2001, I expected City Leaders to share my vision.  They had oodles of beautiful land at their fingertips and a lake to boot!  They could have created anything they chose.  They could have gone more upscale and also kept the country feel.  There is nothing wrong with custom homes on country lots, oh and they do sell contrary to what Realtor Spillyards will tell you; someone’s buying them. Um, people with money.

Wylie does not have move up housing and I would bet my bottom dollar that nearly everyone who sold a house in Wylie left because it would have been a phenomenal waste of money with real-estate fees, and loan origination fees to move from one vanilla house to yet another in Wylie.  There is no tangible gain. This is why I agree with Councilman Rick White’s statement wholeheartedly.   Now I fear 320 acres is a little too little and a little too late. It certainly won’t be enough to keep me here and I am uninterested in moving to home sites built on or near former dumps.  All I can hope is that for all that Wylie got wrong, that our current Council continue to recognize this, and get right what little land is left available for the righting.

With the right support, such as supporting the Downtown Merchants Association, by fixing the no-alcohol issue downtown because the churches have us by the nuggies, and by encouraging and supporting upscale small businesses to open, Wylie could be another downtown Plano or downtown McKinney.  By supporting the lakes and working to create an upscale area around them like Rockwall, Wylie could really possibly make the grade.  It just takes some leaders with vision and I hope our City Council has finally figured that out.

More to Follow

Lord have mercy.  The stars were aligned tonight and my favorite Wylie shakers and movers, AKA Mr. and Mrs. Tapp, were on tap at the Wylie City Council meeting.  Golly, I sure do love those people.

Imagine if you will, how Choya's words on what sort of citizen Wylie ought to be luring left a good sting as they slapped some sense into the room.  I couldn't help but cheer for Choya and the lovely and artistic Alexis.  Wow, wow, wow, wowee, I do declare they merely repeated some things that a lot of the more active Wylieites have been thinking but thought was too politically incorrect to say aloud.  Good on them.

Tonight's Council meeting is sure to bring forth a couple good blog posts and maybe a giggle or two from me because I am never short on words, so stay tuned......

Tidbits from TXun

I made a post the other day on my Facebook page and some of my liberal pals from the old high school days came out to spread their wisdom.  They couldn’t help but stumble all over themselves spewing the usual rhetoric they have been programmed with by the Obama tramp camp.  The only one worth a mention here went so far as to state we should take the elderly and make pate out of them and spread them on a cracker.  Retard. 

I decided to make a blog post of little tidbits from TXun; prose to live by.

Tidbits from TXun

  • Only weak minded people whine about what they think they deserve and strong minded people go out there and get them some.
  • Stop self-prescribing yourself so damned many meds.  How the heck can dumping chemicals in your body be a good thing?
  • There’s big business in churches.   Just count how many there are in Wylie alone. Now ponder that one a little deeper.
  • Put on your big boy pants and get a job and stop expecting someone to hand you one.
  • If you don’t like the wealthy, go get a job from a poor person and let me know how that works out for you.
  • There is nothing nastier than a woman with a ciggy stuck between her fake nails and arm dangling out of the car as she is driving down the street.  You look like a tramp.
  • Stop buying into all that diet garbage.  Get your butt out there and exercise every day and stop putting crappy food in your mouth in large quantities. Duh.
  • Ladies, if you only get a man because you can fit into a teensy mini skirt or because you have big boobs peeking out from your tiny tank top, neither one of you are worth having.
  • Get off your dead ass and exercise and maybe some of your health problems and prescription dependencies will go away.
  • Crap in, crap out. Turn off all the nonintellect crap like Desperate Housewives, Honey Boo Boo, The Bachelor, and Jersey Shore some time and go read a book because the choices you are feeding your brain with are making you stupid. 
  • If you want the cost of prescriptions to go down, stop buying them and see how fast prices drop.
  • Shut off the TV, computers, and mobiles and spend some time with your kids sharing your morals and values, childhood stories, religious ideology, political views, etc.
  • Stop buying all that cheap crap from China that nobody needs and ends up in the landfills anyway.
  • Dress for the position you want, not the one you have.
  • Stop smoking.  Everyone who doesn’t smoke thinks you look like an idiot for killing yourself with those cancer sticks.
  • If you’re talking then you’re not listening.
  • Stop driving like a total ass, you are just not that important.

Problems solved.

Rinse, Lather, Repeat

As a general rule, I don’t care to speak about the toileting habits of others but there seems to be such a recurring theme lately that it warrants some attention.

Some time ago I was warned off shaking the hand of any of the men on council by an anonymous informant.  Actually I was warned off more than once by more than one person.  It seems there is a man on council who shakes after he shakes, so to speak. OK, OK, so what’s the big deal?  Well, other than it makes me spit up in my mouth every time I see a woman come out of the stall and walk out the door or just barely rinse her hands, it’s a filthy practice.  I don’t want to get queasy even pondering what they touched that others touched after them.  Guess my germaphobia is showing.

The persistence of strange toileting habits started when I was working at my old job.  It seems we had what I dubbed as the Serial Pisser.  Someone was taking a leak in the elevators.  Now when I say leak I should really indicate that it was more like Niagara Falls.   Thankfully, I took the stairs.

I remember that ill-fated day when our Vice President of Human Resources forwarded a letter from the building management that someone was soiling our elevators and they would get to the bottom of it.  The pisser immediately became the butt of our office jokes.  Every day one of the elevators was being fumigated and the other one soiled.  With those odds, we figured it wouldn’t be too difficult to figure out who it was.  I mean, there were only 5 floors so how hard could it be?

Now wouldn’t you think the first thing they would do is install security cameras?  Nope. Rather, they had maintenance check the elevators 4 times a day to which the report would be made that the pisser strikes again.  Evidently the individual sprayed the handrails, the walls and the floor.  At this point half of the office was leaning toward an individual who has a medical problem and the other half thought it was a former employee getting back at their old employer.

Among management, there was talk that perhaps it was a woman because as my sexist ex-boss stated, only a woman would be crafty enough to do such a thing.  A group of us pondered how it got on the walls and handrail then we tossed that notion aside knowing a woman wouldn’t bother capturing it in a cup in order to pour it on walls up high and foil guesses at the offender gender.  Instead, a group of women decided that it had to be a man because only a man would continue to enter filth only to spread more filth.  Um, I’m wondering if those ladies ever watched an episode of Hoarders.

Three or four months after it started, maintenance caught the individual only to find that it was a delivery man who was in the building several times a day.  Nobody knows why he was doing it.  Just plain ornery I guess.

With that dilemma solved, I had hoped to put those nasty images behind.  After all, this was a very nice office building with marble floors and fancy art on the walls.  Yet more bizarre toileting habits followed me to my new place of employment. 

More times than I care to recall, I walked in to the ladies room only to find a turd floating in the toilet with nary a piece of TP joining it.  Who, I wondered, could possibly be so hard-core as to squat and run?  Lord have mercy, are they completely hands off? 

This has gone on for many months and I think I finally solved the mystery today.  As I entered the powder room, a woman I’ve seen before was departing.  Picture this: hard, brown grandma shoes with hose, a skirt or pants, and hair pulled harshly into a bun.  From that description one might think she is a little old lady but that is not the case.  This woman looks barely out of college.  In fact, she appears to be a bit ROTC in the way she marches down hard with her heels on the ground and caries her smile-less face scrubbed clean of any makeup.  After I passed her, I then passed the offending stall and there was that lone poop.  Jesus, Lord, is she so hard core that she believes toilet paper is for sissies?  Thank God I don’t have to do her laundry.

I don’t claim to be perfect, and there are some things that really should be left unmentioned, however I really have to wonder if there is something to be said for that Freudian classification called Anal Retentive because it would appear that some people have not been properly socialized when it comes to their human waste.  

Say it with me.....rinse, lather, repeat.

Do Our Eyes Deceive Us?

Do my eyes deceive me?  Can it be true?  Does that cover photo on the Wylie News dated September 12, 2012 really contain a photo of "City staff and elected officials" only to depict a shorts sporting Red Byboth?  

I mean really, doesn't he know he is not on the City Council any longer?  Apparently he still is in some form or another, as he stands next to his favorite dangling chad, Councilwoman Kathy Spillyards.  

Is this merely a precursor to the next election season?  Will we watch a kinder gentler version of the stout red man kiss babies and smile for the camera in his golf shorts?  Will we be treated to mild mannered words through clenched teeth as he vies for yet another seat on council?  Councilman David Goss has made no bones about not running again, so there is one seat that sounds pretty available to me.   

Councilwoman Kathy Spillyards is up for election as well.  One can't help but wonder if she will step aside and make way for the gruesome twosome Former Mayor Pro Tem Byboth and his Bobsey Twin, Former Councilman Carter Porter.  Can you imagine those two balding knuckleheads running for council, trying really hard to kiss the girls and not make them cry? Horrors!

I suppose we will have to wait and find out if my predictions are true.  Only 6 more months until Packet Day.  Awesomeness.   I can hardly wait. 

Dog is God Spelled Backwards

Yesterday's Wylie News post online about the murder of dogs in Wylie is terribly disturbing on so many levels.  I mean, who in their right mind would destroy an innocent animal in such a hideous way? Dogs are such loving creatures, always wanting to please.  Master first; their needs last.  They are all loving, as I suppose God intended.  

How could you shoot at or stab an animal that was probably wagging their little behinds in excitement to see someone, anyone at O'dark One Hundred?  Did the sick bastard(s) climb the fence and do it?  Did they call the dogs over, do their heinous deed, and then toss them back like a piece of rubbish?  What the hell is wrong with people's brains anyway?

I cannot imagine a good enough reason to kill 3 Chihuahuas and do God knows what to the other two, the sick F&@k.  I've even tried to ponder the reasons why someone would want to harm 5 dogs in someone's backyard in the middle of the night.  Perhaps they were yipping like a bunch of squeaky toys?  Our neighbor has a Chihuahua or two in their yard at times.  I'll admit, their weird sounding bark irritates the beejeebers out of me as I enjoy a coffee or glass of wine on the patio, but I hardly want to hurt the little guys.  I'm not going to lie to you, it's more like I would rather march on over, and ask the owners if they are missing an intelligent quotient or ten.  How could a few squeaks possibly lead to a slaughter though?

What if they were making such a nuisance of themselves?  I can see getting irritated at incessant barking dogs.  One of our neighbors let their dogs bark for hours on end in their backyard.  This nonsense went on for months.  We would wake up to it, eat to it, garden to it, fall asleep to it.  I secretly wished their owner all sorts of ill will. I called and emailed animal control so many times I think they installed a hotline especially for me.  The dogs would be most active when the kiddos were walking or riding to school in the mornings and of course, animal control was closed.  Out of desperation after a month of Animal Control making their way out to the house during business hours only to find nothing going on,  one of the animal control employees told me to call the police if it happened again after hours.  

One morning the dogs were really going at it.  I looked out the front window only to find that I could actually see those barking dogs from a bedroom window.  Two streets over, there stood a German Shepherd and another Blue Heeler type mix emitting a cacophony of seriously irritating barks I swear from lungs the size of King Kong's.  Next to them in the driveway working on his jeep was their owner, an elderly man.  I can only conclude he was either deaf, completely self-centered not caring how much he was disturbing his neighbors, or more likely just a total nimwit.  

It was 7:00am so I called the police while standing on my front stoop so they could hear the barking in the background.  I explained the situation with months of Animal Control visits.  Do you know those dogs never barked again after that little po po visit?  I hope the ticket was a real whopper.  I hope he had to remortgage his house to pay for it.....or I hope the copper clubbed the man about the head and shoulders for being such a moron at the very least.

There is no way those dogs made the noise I described above.  Was it a neighbor who knew the dogs would be there?  Could it be the dogs were menacing and someone acted in self-defense?  I know there have been times when my husband and I were walking our dogs at night and have been accosted by a mean, snarly Black Lab a half dozen blocks over.  We started carrying pepper spray after that and I have always hoped we didn't have to use it so I never found myself peppered by the wind. Even if the Chihuahuas were completely menacing, you could probably just blow on them and they would fall over, the little pipsqueaks. 

Perhaps it is some freak then, one that only comes out at night?   I really want to know, because if Wylie has some freak that comes out at night and performs such sick acts as killing innocent animals rooting around the yard, then Wylie really has a problem on their hands.

When I told my sons about the dog murder situation and asked them to stand with our own dogs as they make their business, my oldest son stated, "The police may not find whoever did that but God surely will."  So apropos, so apropos.