A Lesson in Gettin' Down

Below is yet another fine example of the dumbing down of American society.

Though the video is definitely funny, and God knows Jimmy Fallon is an absolutely brilliant talent, I cannot help but bristle at this image.  

Perhaps I find it annoying like a tiny metal splinter that you cannot see to remove, because it is the First Lady of the United States of America performing it.  Had it been some other entertainer I would have thought nothing of it. We cannot stop pop culture, nor would we want to.

Yet lookie here, this is our presidential family who are the entertainers on television.  We have never had such a casual atmosphere before, not barring President Bill Clinton's saxophone stint and even then I bristled.  

For crying out loud, this is the First Lady of the greatest nation on earth, the nation which all nations aspire to be.  OK, I get it.  I know it's part of her Let's Move campaign, but it's all just so, well, just so ghetto for the highest office on earth.

Here is yet another mannerism that is all too unpresidential.

Can you imagine the former First Lady Nancy Reagan exhibiting this behavior back in the day?  Can you imagine Hillary Clinton behaving in this manner?  Not possible.  Perhaps breeding has something to do with it.  

When I think of a First Lady and the President of the United States of America, it conjures up the utmost of respect and idolization.  It provides me with the idea that these people are above the normal fray.  At least these are my expectations of the responsible positions we have bestowed upon them.  

I don't care to see the First Lady, any First Lady looking like a low class hoochie mama.


Perhaps it is my age or even wisdom showing, but I cannot help but feel that the people of the world would have greater respect for the leaders of the free world that possess the ultimate in class, manners, and professionalism.  Then again, perhaps this video displays in graphic detail why Barack Obama was elected for yet another astounding term in office, despite the fact he is woefully inept and his policies have placed us precariously on the verge of economic collapse. 

This is the ideal I have held so strongly of what First Ladies should look like.


I expect to see the ultimate in class.  Sadly, that idea has taken a large lump on the head.

I believe that this video displays the epitome of what Americans want out of their leaders.  What the people want and need are leaders who make them feel like they are not below them.  There is something a bit humanizing in watching Michelle Obama gettin' down, as if you could step up on that stage along side her and be welcomed into the party atmosphere.

As distasteful as this image is to me, like it or not, the utter silliness is probably the wave of the future and conservatives will simply have to embrace this new casual mentality if they wish to succeed in removing the socialist stranglehold currently shadowing this country.