CSCOPE Call Taking Place Tonight

Join the conversation on CSCOPE tonight being hosted by Women on the Wall:

CSCOPE is getting national scrutiny, as it rightfully should because it requires teachers to provide lesson plans that are contrary to what is generally accepted information within the United States.  

Some lesson plans suggest that the Boston Tea Party was a terrorist act and that terrorists who commit crimes are to be called freedom fighters and not terrorists.  The material is a beacon of liberal ideology.  What's next?  Will the holocaust be called an unusually long detainment?  

The principles taught in this curriculum go against conservative values and frankly, against common sense.  Sadly, this curriculum was never approved by the Texas State Board of Education yet has been purchased by over 80% of the districts in Texas.  

To see if your school district is listed on the wall of shame, you can find the list here:

Sadly, Wylie ISD trustees agreed to make the exorbitant purchase of this curriculum before it was fully vetted.  I'm not sure why because Allen, Plano, Lovejoy, McKinney, Richardson, and Frisco have not purchased it, just to name a few. 

The news story about CSCOPE below might make the hair stand up on the back of your neck:

Additionally Megyn Kelly covered a story on the girls who were told to wear burqas in this Lumberton, Texas school and who were told they must refer to terrorists as freedom fighters.  It should be no surprise to anyone that Lumberton ISD is on the list of CSCOPE districts:

Finally, an interview of April LaBlanc, a mother whose daughter was one of the girls made to wear a burqa was aired last night by Gretta Van Susteren however I could not locate the video yet.  

I understand that people are vilifying the teacher who gave this lesson but the mother made it clear that even the teacher was skeptical of having to call terrorists 'freedom fighters'.  It was clear to viewers that the teacher was uncomfortable with the lesson.  Amen to whomever took that now infamous photo of the young girls standing in burqas in a public school and made sure it went viral on Facebook.   

The mother also relayed a story about a boy in that class who asked what the men who flew the airplanes into the World Trade Center in NYC on September 11th should be called.  The teacher indicated that they were now supposed to be called freedom fighters.  It was made clear that the teacher did not care for the lesson but was required to do it.  

What have we come to when we allow our school districts to purchase millions of dollars worth of curriculum which has not been properly vetted by the State Board of Education or even the parents.  What have we come to when we allow our girls to wear the garb  that places women behind men in importance, which is a hallmark of Sharia Law?

Perhaps it is time for every district that purchased this material to begin justifying to the parents why.  Perhaps Wylie ISD should request their money back because I believe they were sold a bag of contraband.