CSCOPE Indoctrination

Suffice to say this image is not only shocking but also highly disturbing on a multitude of levels. 

If you believe the Texan conservative value system makes us above this, think again.  If you do not believe this sort of indoctrination is taking place in your schools, think again.  These are students at Lumberton ISD in Lumberton, Texas proudly wearing the dress of Islam and further perpetuating Sharia Law and its utter disrespect for women.  I cannot begin to express how distasteful this is without writing a litany of expressions that would make even a sailor blush.

This is a lesson plan from CSCOPE.  Silly me, and I thought there was supposed to be a separation of church and state. I know I have had some words of praise in the past about the bowing of heads before school sporting events, and community activities, but in no way am I condoning such an activity as displayed in the photograph above as being acceptable in any school, in any way. 

The bowing of heads enables people to pray according to their own religion, or merely reflect upon an issue that has or is about to affect the whole community.  Such an activity doesn't harm anyone.  It does not indoctrinate those around us to subscribe to any particularities about bowing our heads.  It doesn't force someone who has nothing to reflect upon to bow their heads.  It merely gives us time to gather our thoughts before an outcome.  There is a distinct difference between bowing of heads in silence and parading around wearing controversial symbols.

To allow burqas in school, for example, indicates an acceptance of Sharia Law either directly or indirectly.  The only laws that should govern our schools are those of the United States of America, and not some foreign entity, regardless of their membership. 

I showed this photo to my 19 year old son and his comments hit the nail on the head.  He said that when he was in high school, even if they were doing a lesson plan in a World Religion class on Christianity, students would never bring in a Crucifix and Bible.  In fact, they probably would not be allowed to do so.  What's next?  Will there be makeshift mosques set up in the classroom with kneeling cloths so the male students can pray while the lesser females stand in the back of the room? 

The fact is, students would not be allowed to wear sackcloths and loin cloths and drag a life-size wooden cross across the school campus on their backs without holy hell breaking loose within the community. Not even for sweet Jesus, would I allow my children to participate in such an activity either, whether we were Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, or whatever.  

This show and tell classroom activity of acting out of what is highly offensive to probably 90% of American women, is absolutely unacceptable, completely inappropriate, and downright degrading. 

No surprise here, this is a CSCOPE lesson plan about religious sensitivity.  This has no place in our public schools. Tell you what, I have a great plan for religious sensitivity training; don't allow this propaganda into our schools.  Period.  

Let us be absolutely clear about the ills of CSCOPE. CSCOPE has been so highly guarded, so veiled under a secret cloak, because this is the sort of nonsense they don't want you to know about.