CSCOPE Thought Infiltration

I was able to locate the interview with Gretta Van Susteren that I mentioned yesterday in my blog post about CSCOPE.

I believed it was important to see the mother's comments about the teacher because I thought the teacher was being wrongly vilified. 

Clearly the principal of the school has bought into the CSCOPE plan at Lumberton ISD and he wholeheartedly supports the lesson plan.  I cannot pretend to understand the teacher's plight, but I would suspect that if you are under contract to teach at a particular district, then you agree to use their curriculum as well.  If that is the case, it seems this teacher had no choice but to mouth the words even though she may not have believed in the sentiment.  Or did she?

I pride myself on being a curious observer and active researcher.  I wonder who exactly took that photo and posted it on Facebook?  Was it the teacher who hoped the world would see it and question what was taking place?  Was it a student that had the courage and testicular fortitude to show others what they deemed was an injustice taking place? Was it an accident predestined by fate to cause viewers to truly assess the impact this activity would have on the future brains of our society?

I had been commiserating with the teacher until I found this article which delves a little deeper into the classroom discussion the day that photo was taken.  This lesson plan was just plain wrong, wrong, wrong. 

From my understanding, one of the precepts about CSCOPE is that it is a curriculum designed to enhance classroom lessons, not replace them.  Ultimately it is up to the teacher which parts of the curriculum they will use.   At least this is what is being presented by Wylie ISD.  Yet I bristle at the fact that countless lessons just like this one which teaches that terrorists should be called freedom fighters exist in this insipid curriculum.

This teacher did not have to present burqas for female students to don.  Nor did the teacher need to enforce the idea that democracy is wrong and glorify terrorists by calling them freedom fighters. The teacher did a complete disservice to the women who are forced into wearing burqas and ignored the countless women who fight against those oppressive laws.  Finally, this teacher should never have addressed the burqa as a fashion accessory.  

This teacher should be fired, or at least made to go live amongst her favored Islamists and forever wear a burqa for fear of imprisonment or worse yet punishment.  I wonder, did she present in the lesson plan what happens to the unwitting woman who appears in public without her burqa?  That she may have acid thrown upon her face or may even be beheaded?  A burqa as fashion accessory is like a brown paper envelope is to a pornographic magazine in the mailbox.  Give me a break.

I wonder, is this what we have to look forward to in the Wylie High School and Wylie East High School World Geography classes? Lesson plans that sugar coat or even embrace Sharia Law? Lesson plans that degrade the females in the classroom by forcing them to accept burqs as a fashion statement?  This was not a lesson on cultural sensitivity, this was a lesson designed to brainwash students with radical progressivism and revisionism by a group of liberal educators that sympathize with the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda as well as other terrorists in the world.  These are clearly liberals who do not believe in democracy and have found a way to change the direction of the United States by infiltrating our students' thought processes. Nothing good can come from this, nothing.